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Chasing Twilight

By Kazzi-Kins
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I love the Lati twins. I love MY Lati twins even more, beause mine are shiiiiiiiiny. n______n

I've been playing the new Pokemon Pearl, I swear I have never been this addicted to a game. It's so much fun being able to play it with people around the world, you never get bored. ;P I'm shiny collecting, shiny Pokemon are so coooool. :giggle:

Finally managed to finish something decent in the little bit of spare time I had tonight, the Lati's have barely any anatomy so they're pretty easy to draw. :giggle: I shaded a lot heavier then normal, I kinda like how it's come out.

Pokemon © Nintendo... And Warner Bros... I think. o.O
Art © Me. :D
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ParticleSoupHobbyist General Artist
i heart the lati@s. they are os adorable! i havent seen the shiny versions of them yet, until now
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Thanks! :aww: I'd never had a shiny anything until diamond/pearl, WiFi trading is the best. :D
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good composition. and the background is well done. nice job :D
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Thankyou very much! :aww:
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JiayiHobbyist General Artist
Ooh....pretty piece! I like ho the Latios is holding the moon up. :D I always loved those two. <3
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They're such cute little legendaries. :aww: Thankyou! :D
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*o* shiny!

i have two shinies on diamond. a staraptor and an unown. fwahar.
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I have loads of them, can thank Wifi for that one. :D I looove trading online.
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i've never traded online. a couple of my friends have the game too tho, we can trade between ourselves ^^ plus i have some - ok... lots - of the older games so i can trade legendaries off them.
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I never traded with anyone before wifi, none of my friends liked the games. ^^; That's why I'm so addicted now!
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none of my friends did. until i met :iconferotton: and :iconroundededge: who turned out to be almost as addicted as me. they didn't own any games before diamond/pearl, whereas i have... *counts fingers* 11.

o_O didn't realise i had that many. sad, really.

but pokemon still pwns :D
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OooOoooohh *w*

I think they look very cute in this! The lines are so crisp and flawless! The shading could be a bit more stronger, since they're in a dark background, but the star lighting is perfect! Nicely done on that! :highfive:

I like the backgound too :giggle: Reminds me of a soft sunset ready for night..I love those moments :heart: The stars and moon are uber cute too, keep it up! :highfive: :hug:
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Shiny Latias...is yellow, not orange and you forgot to color their triangles.
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She's a yellowey orange... And I remembered their triangles after I'd already uploaded it. (I'd already had to go back and fill in their eyes.)
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ahaha they are so cute!! ^___^ Is one holding the moon...? cos thats pretty cool...
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I love how their feet look like they've just been superglued on to their bottoms:P

Not being a Pokeperson I don't think I can crit your anatomy etc but I do like the colours, purple-ink-orange always looks pretty:) Perhaps to make it look more twilight-ish, add a yellow/gold screen?

More Kazzi pics! We like skeetches too ya know ^_^
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The lati's don't really have anatomy. They're sort of like... floating blobs. xD Latios is a more streamlined blob, and Latas is a more compact blob.

Gotta love pokemon for it's sheer simplicity!!
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What kind of Pokemon am I? No doubt that I'm a blob ^^;

Blobs rock. Draw more blobs :poke:
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Oooh this is soo pretty *_* I love the colors, and the stars and everything in the background.
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Shiny latis? How? o.o

I wish I had a shiny latias...

I love you way you've coloured + shaded it, 'specially the background.

I dun really have any critiques, sorry.
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Trading forums. :D It's so cool, there are people who can clone your rare pokes, and on the one I go to there is one guy who gives away uber cool pokemon to anyone!! I traded for these two. n_____n
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I love the colors in this. It makes me just wanna huggle them. Very cute.

I have Pokemon Diamond, and I agree that it is very, very addicting. xD
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Well... I take it to uni with me. Every day.

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khengHobbyist Digital Artist
heya kazzy, great to see some new work from you! i guess you been pretty busy lateley

How is the new pokemon? i havent really been up to date since red and blue heh
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