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Kazimir Lee Iskander
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My Bio
I've been a freelance animator in Minneapolis for some time now, but now circumstance and nostalgia have collaborated on bringing me back home. The bus dropped me outside my ramshackle family cottage with peeling white paint after hours of driving, with the pussy willow still the colour of irish moss and the old tire swing creaking in the wind. Except I don't live in small-town Louisiana, so just imagine that, but with gleaming international airport terminals, roaring smog-choked freeways, tourist traps, and seasons of crippling bureaucracy. The weather is awesome in Malaysia, and the air is full of insects that want my blood.
I'm interested in Lacanian psychoanalysis, marxism, and anything that offers a workable alternative to capitalism. I try to trip on acid once or twice every year to re-evaluate where I am in relation to the precipice. I want to be an uncaring picaresque, and have a John Waters mustache, to be well-read and much-loved. I want to tumble downhill with all my friends and know it's okay before we hit the bottom. I love puns and I always try to end on a joke, so I feel badly that I couldn't fit one in here. And I've got a Moominpappa tattoo.

Favourite Visual Artist
everett peck, egon schiele, piet mondrian, gustav klimt, darwyn cooke, kandinsky
Favourite Movies
children of men, o brother where art thou, the ninth gate, belleville rendezvous, dr. strangelove
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
johnny cash, ELO, The Decemberists, aztec camera
Favourite Writers
ted hughes, f. scott fitzgerald, william blake, daniel denett
Favourite Games
silent hills, grim fandango, half life 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
WACOM graphics tablet, pen and paper, watercolours
Other Interests
animating, poetry, drawing, movies, comics, reading, insulting, meditating
It's an unimaginably long time since I made the decision to abandon, err, tastefully bow out from deviant art. I've graduated, and I work freelance now, hoping to apply to grad school at some point, and spend every couple of months a year in some sort of back-packing/couch surfing adventure, which I can normally afford. nothing fancy. But I'll be goddamned if I don't miss having a thriving, bumping, pulsing sometimes even tumorous community of artists to alternately critique, blindly praise, or rabidly attack my art. Blogs are great to direct clients too, but you don't quite get the same wide eyed, stay-up-late, pizza fuelled feedback you do
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  now i have a blog on which i can post movies and opinions yah and that is where most of my stuff will be posted from now on, i hope. i have had enough of deviantart, but not of the wonderful people and artists i have met here. please remember me as a terrible pervert. http://kazrocks.blogspot.com/
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 It's been some time since I updated my online gallery, and there are a couple of very valid reasons for that. The first is that I have lost my leg to a time-phantom. It turns out these elusive monsters are quite common in Midwestern America, and will frequently pull themselves out of time-tunnels and injure unsuspecting Asians, before performing some unrealistic feat of strength, such as punching a horse-drawn carriage two inches from where it was.    I have also begun working a small internship with none other than Nickelodeon, animating a short children's fantasy, which may or may not be aired, but which I am nonetheless quite pleased w
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Wrote a poem one of your works inspired a while back, please tell me what you think. :D
Den Englehardt
woo-hoo! I found ya! *watches*
Hey, Minneapolis, alright! Used to live up there too.

Great style, love your gallery.
I need new art from you.

Great gallery, you have there
thanks, phalanx.