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SnKxReader-things u really need to think of
A/n G'day lads and lasses, this story is semi crack I guess?
If u have realised I haven't been really writing much on here -plus my other stories if u read them, that my friend is because of a thing called school... But don't worry, within 3 weeks I get a MONTH off school YAY for me!! I will possibly be able to write more (hopefully).
I have been spending less time on Wattpad and more time on an app (which I think I'm a little addicted to now lol) call Amino.
Anyway enough of me ranting, u probably already stopped reading but enjoy.
Readers POV
I was sitting at a table in the Mess Hall, with my hands intwine with each other propping my head up by my chin. My eyes where slightly wide staring off into the distance unblinking. I wasn't staring at anything in particular, just staring off in outer space as people will call it. My mind was running wild with things you wouldn't really think off until someone says it out loud and you
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Band!Jean X Band!Reader -She Hates Me
A/n D'day lads and lasses, first Jean story I did😱😜 I do not own this song, (play when I say).EVERY single time I listen to this song, (Song-She Hates Me) I for some reason think of this, so, I thought I would make a one shot out of it. Enjoy!😁
Jean Kirstein was in front of a large crowd with his band members behind him on stage, which had; Armin Alert on base, Connie Springer on drums, (Y/n) (L/n) as lead guitarist, Marco Bott as second guitarist and back up singer and finally Jean Kirstein as the lead singer.
"Is everyone having a good time?" He spoke into the mic, making the crowd cheer.
"Well I'm glad to hear... *chuckles* we have one last song to play tonight before we leave, it's our latest song, so ENJOY!"
"Yo, (N/n), if you would." He said while pointing his finger and giving you a devilish smile.
*play song*
Met a girl, thought she was grand
Fell in love, found out first hand
Went well for a w
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 2 2
Levi X Tall!Reader
A/n G'day lad and lasses here's another story hope you enjoy this shot story I put together (it's not really short) Its probably crap...
Tall, was understatement for (Y/n) (L/n) she was literally a GIANT in the scouts! Ok maybe over exaggerating a bit, but she was really really tall, she was taller then Mike for crying out loud! and the man is 6'5, she was at least an two or three inches taller then him.(A/n so basically you like 2 meters something up to you) Being Tall does have its ups and downs, like cleaning can be very easy sometimes or OF course getting things off the shelves 'was impossible'- note the sarcasm, and other things but... You would always hit your head...mostly on the door frames ' Dammit! There are tall people in this world too you know!' Oh but that was nothing, she would contently bump into people because she simply didn't see them most of the time, trip over things, because of her tallness she became kinda c
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 8 15
Black butler by KAZZASullivan27 Black butler :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 5 0 Tokyo Ghoul pen drawing by KAZZASullivan27 Tokyo Ghoul pen drawing :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 7 0 SnK/AoT Mike pen by KAZZASullivan27 SnK/AoT Mike pen :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 9 4 SnK/AoT realistic? by KAZZASullivan27 SnK/AoT realistic? :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 5 0 SnK/AoT Titan  by KAZZASullivan27 SnK/AoT Titan :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 6 0 SnK/AoT  by KAZZASullivan27 SnK/AoT :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 2 0
Levi X Dying!Reader - I need a doctor
A/n G'Day lads and lasses I hope you enjoy this story. This is probably very OOC for Levi but it's for this story. Listen to the song while reading (I need a doctor) enjoy~
'I'm about to lose my mind
You've been gone for so long
I'm running out of time
I need a doctor
Call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
To bring me back to life'
" Doctor we need you now!"A nurse says "Stand back! And nurse get him out!" "What?! No! She's my fiancé! I can't just leave her in this state!" "Please Mr. Ackerman you need to wait out here until the doctor says it's ok." The nurse rushed him out and quickly went back in the room to help.
' I Told the world one day, I would pay it back say it on tape, and lay it, record it So that one day I could play it back, But I don't even
know if I believe it When I'm saying that
Doubt start in' to creep in, every
Day it's just so grey and black. Hope,
I just need a rah of that 'Cause no one sees my vision when
I play it for 'em, they just say it's whack
But the
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 5 4
This 'so called hero' (SnK Levi X deadpool reader)
A/n G'day lad and lasses😁 hope you are enjoying this story. Anyway let's get on with the story. Last chapter of DP's story😱😜
Chapter 6: Deadpool's story p5
I was dangling on the edge of the ship, slowly pooling myself up. When I finally got up I was laying on my back breathing heavily "Motherfucker.." I look to the side seeing Francis walking to my sister in a machine (the same machine I was in). I get up and start making my way to them."Motherfucker should have worn his brown pants." I mumble to myself."You were right, really is my colour." "(Y/n)?" "Don't worry, Bub... I'mma get you out of that shit-box." "What better way to crawl back inside that head of yours?" "Oh, you never left." "But you did Bitch!" "Ah, deep breath, darling. Oh, wait. Wrong choice of words." The fucker pressed a button, making (S/n) oxygen low, coursing her to gasp and chock.
"I hope they blocked pain to your every last nerve.'Cause I'mma go looking!'" The British dick w
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 5 0
This 'so called hero' (SnK Levi X Deadpool reader)
A/n G'day lad and lasses, how are you guys? Good I hope😁 me on the other hand ... Nope forking school again😠😫😩😖😜 I hate school but I love my school. Any here's the next chapter hope you enjoy (again sorry for the lil late chapter). Oh! One more thing hopefully this chapter or the next would be the end for Deadpool's story sooo then I can start writing stuff about attack on Titan, Levi/Reader😁
Chapter 5: Deadpool's story p4
End of flashback
Reader POV
< later >
"We're here." One of the guys say in the truck, I pop up from the garbage truck "Sorry about bleeding in all your garbage." I say while climbing out the truck waving my left non existing hand "Seltzer water and lemon for blood. Whoo! Some kinds of anger can't be managed...*grabbing a towel on a car in front of my house* like the kind where your year-long plan *raps towel around my left 'hand'* ends with the WRONG GUY GETTING DISMEMBERED! That said, when it comes time to lick
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 4 0
Tokyo Ghoul Jason pen drawing by KAZZASullivan27 Tokyo Ghoul Jason pen drawing :iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 3 0
This 'so called hero' (SnK Levi X Deadpool reader)
A/n G'Day lad and lasses sorry for the lil wait (my mum took my iPad)...and yeah enjoy~
Chapter 4: Deadpool's story p3
Readers POV
I was on a wheelie bed been getting pushed by two guys into different directions to a room, the place looked like it was underground some where. " Miss (L/n). Nothing warms my heart more than a change of someone else's. You finally hit 'fuck it'." Agent Smith said. " Just promise, you do right by me. So I can do right for someone else." " Of course." " And please don't make the super suit green. Or animated!"
I was looking around while still being pushed. I heard people screaming in agony and people who looked messed up. We walked past one patient and her back was covered in spikes, I man was strapped to a bed bleeding from his head.
We finally stop "This place seems sanitary.*the men lift me up and put me on another bed* My first request is warmer hands. Oh! And Jesus a warmer table." I was now been strapped to the bed by the two men." We should
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 5 0
This 'so called hero' (SnK Levi X deadpool reader)
A/n G'day lad and lasses, how are you all? Love that photo. I have another SnK short story if you guys wanna go read it, requests are up for story's for me to do. I don't know if I can edit this on DA if I can then I'm just to stupid to know how.Hope you enjoy this chapter~
Chapter 3: Deadpool's story p2
Reader POV
I had just finished buying the (F/f) for my sister and I.
As I walked through our apartment door, yes my sister lives with me, anyway I as walked in I was meet with a bone crashing hug 'Why does she like hugs so much?:) she's cute I love her' "What you get?!" 'Ok I take it back she only cares about the food...-_-' "What know 'HI (Y/n)! How was your day?'" "Oh sorry Hi! How was your day?" She say sarcastically ' She definitely gets her smart mouth from me😂' "OH IT WAS TERRIBLE!" I say being as dramatic as I can "Well, what food did you get and continue." " What did you think I got?" I say giving her the food "YES!" " Anyway...*tells her what happen*"
"So basically Wea
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 4 0
This 'so called hero' (SnK Levi X deadpool reader)
A/n G'day lad and lasses😁, hope you enjoy this chapter share with your friends and comment what other story's I should write or whatever, this story is also on my Wattpad (p.s it's probably better to read it on Wattpad because it have vids and the writing is different so you know what I'm on about) now on the the story~
Readers POV
"Ok I changed my mind I'm not Telling everything about my life, like my past for example because you don't need to know least for now. I'm simply just going to say what has happen in the past couple of years."
Readers POV
I was sitting up on a bridge drawing waiting for a certain car below me to drive past.
"Oh, hi there, I bet you are all wondering why I'm up here, well I would tell you but you see I have to go now because I have places to be, a face to fix and ohhh bad people to kill."
Third person POV
With that said deadpool looked up a head seeing the car, waiting for the perfect moment, she pin dropped down with her arms out smas
:iconkazzasullivan27:KAZZASullivan27 4 3


The Walk Of Shame [Levi | Reader | Modern AU!]
Oh, God.
It was basically the first thought to settle into your mind upon your grand awakening. Your memories of the previous night were torn up and what was there was blurry and vague - a side-effect all the consumed alcohol had caused your poor being. However, two things you knew for sure - the reason you were here and who you were with.
For a month you'd been knee-deep in depression and self-pity talks, only smiling around your friends and sometimes collagues. The reason for that was your cheater of a boyfriend, who had been going off behind your back fucking other women for god knows how long. It later turned out to have been the last two months of your relationship. It broke your heart because you had actually thought for once you'd found the one. Naively enough, you considered the one before that for your chosen by god significant other as well. And the one before before that. Well, as a whole, you spent the first twenty-seven years of your life in search of the per
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 57 16
Colorful -- {Levi/F.Reader} Soulmate AU
Soulmate AU: where you can't see colors until you meet eyes with your soulmate.
“I was so shocked when it happened! I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
You couldn’t quite get it. You never did. And you thought you never will. It was simply beyond you.
You had to admit you never had much imagination. The people around you seemed to have much more creative and imaginative minds.
You knew well why. They were different. Well… to be more correct, you were different.
Of course, it’s not like you were the only one with this type of problem. You knew many had it. The difference was that ‘many’ could only be considered that if put in a small countryside town. Compared to the world… Well, ‘many’ was about some thousands of people, of which you knew none. You never met someone with your condition, and thought you never will.
After all, your condition implied that there was out there at least one more individual in the same s
:iconizahi:izahi 327 56
Letters from the Dead: Levi Ackerman
You were gone.
After all these years of the two of you beating the odds, becoming known as your respective titles, finally taking back Shiganshina, you died from an illness. An illness that you kept secret from everybody except Hanji.
"Levi, talk to me."
And Shitty Glasses refuses to let him grieve in peace.
"I know you're in there, Levi. Don't make me order you to open the door."
He scoffed and finally lifted himself up from his desk to answer the damn door. When he had, he saw Hanji standing there, her own face just as grief stricken by the latest turn of events. But his eyes zeroed in on what was in her hands. There, in _____'s handwriting, was an envelope with his name.
"She left one for everybody in a box that she kept in the bottom drawer of her desk."
Hanji placed the envelope within his hands and made her way out to the others since the rest of the squad had yet to find out. Levi called after her before she could get too far and looked her in the eye as he said, "Thank you."
:iconsorasgirl0123:SorasGirl0123 14 2
Don't Go. [Child!Levi x Thug!Reader] Part 1/3
(A/N): This story for you and Levi has a mother and son relationship, not romantical :( sorry! Just to let you know! ^_^
*Levi POV*
I watched my mother... breathing unevenly as I blanketed her with a thin white blanket, just enough to cover her body and leave her face exposed to me.
She looked at me with a worried expression, but then she smiled, curving her lips upwards. It was an expression I have seen many times from her, but I have never been able to understand it most of the time in situations like this.
"I'm sorry Levi... I failed to take care of you like I said I would..." I heard her speak, her voice was shaky and dry as I noticed her lips quivering.
"I'm a horrible mother..." She said, water formed in her eyes as it rolled down her cheek, it made my heart drop when she was in a state like this. I hated to see her cry, it was just too painful to see...
"Come here son..." she spoke, I complied and stood beside the bed, hovering over mother as her arms wriggled pain
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 92 24
I Need Your Comfort... - [Levi x Reader]
It was another grim night. Another night of dealing with his emotions. Another night of overthinking the dark thoughts that lingered in his mind.
How long has it been now...since his former comrades were killed by the Female Titan? One month? Two months?
It's been that long and their corporal could still never get over the death of his comrades, his friends. Seeing their corpses in such a brutal manner with their eyes that no longer held life, remembering the horrific scent of deadly iron, remembering how they were dismembered and smothered in their own crimson liquid. Those horrible moments will never leave him, though he wish they were gone.
He didn't want to remember. He didn't want to suffer anymore. He didn't want to lose anymore of those he cares about. He didn't want to handle this alone no more.
He needed someone to hold him, someone who can comfort him, someone he could share his emotions, problems and thoughts with. Someone he could trust and someone where he can make
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 111 10
Levi x Reader I Need You Now
|modern au|

Dear recipient,

    Congratulations! You are the winner of our No Name Sweepstakes. By subscribing to our 'No Name News' package, you were automatically submitted  for our drawing. You may choose one of the following prizes:
lunch w/ the banddinner date w/ the lead singer$5000 
Enclosed is an envelope with the return address of our corporation. Please fill out the attached form along with your preference of the prizes.
Lovingly yours,
No Name's Agent & Promoter
Mr. Smith
    There's no way this isn't a scam. This is way too good to be true! They probably want my credit card information and that's a slippery slot that leads to identity theft! But I would love to go on a date with the lead singer. L-san. He's every woman's dream, or at least he's my dream. It wouldn't hurt to at least read through the form. Let's see; name, prize preference, phone number, general information
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 37 20
Reiner x Reader Clowns
    I sat next to Bertolt in the dining hall and noticed he looked a bit nervous. He's sweating a lot. That's a stupid thought, he's always sweating.
    "Hey Bertl, where's Reiner? I've never seen you two apart," I said as I sat across from him.
    "Uh, well, you see- the thing about that is-" Bertolt seemed preoccupied with something outside the window. "I gotta go!" he got up and ran.
What a strange boy.
At that moment a group of female cadets ran into the dining hall screaming. They each ran to their respective squad leaders.
    "Squad leader! There's a clown out by the stables!" They each said.
    "Interesting," Hanji smiled and tented her fingers.
Mike nodded and did nothing more.
    "What the fuck do you want me to do about it?" Levi scoffed.
    The group of girls was ultimately ignored. But of course being the nosy little shit that I am, according to Captain Levi, I went out to investigate. Why? Wel
:iconmrs-braginski:Mrs-Braginski 9 5
Insanity [Levi | Reader | Modern AU! | Drabble]
(Y/N) spun the key in its hole and it clicked, closing him inside of the warm, food-filled space of the room on the other side of the door. Truly, she felt like puking, but now was not the right time. She had to get out of the building.
Note: the tightly secured building that was somehow now locked from the outside.
(Y/N)'s (h/c) hair fell from behind her ears when she tossed the key under the fridge in the far end of the kitchen and as she made her way out of the room, she could hear the harsh impact of Levi's shoulder with the metal door behind her back along his hysteric screams. She tried not to listen,
("(Y/N), you stupid bitch, if you take away my son I will kill you I swear!")
but they kept echoing inside her ears like the little voices she'd been hearing for the past few months during their stay. And just like those little voices, his words
("I so hate that I married you, you filthy slut, I would've been better off dead instead! And I assure you, you will be if
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 15 6
Kids P3 (Levi x reader | Modern AU!)
Fandom: Attack On Titan/ Shingeki No Kyojin
Reader-insert: Female
Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes
(y/n) was walking out of the University, carrying Levi in one arm while he was hugging her neck and playing with her hair. They were heading to the car park where hers and Levi's shared car was parked in.
"Are we going home?" Levi asked her.
"Yes, we are. But first, we need to go to the mall and buy you some clothes," She said smiling and pecking his little nose.
When they arrived at their car, (y/n) slipped her free hand inside of her jacket pocket and picked up her car keys. Every morning Levi was the one who drove to College, and in the evenings (y/n) drove them back home.
Then, she unlocked the car and opened the backseat door and placed Levi on the seat and proceeded to put the seatbelt on him. When she finished, (y/n) opened the driver's door, got inside and put the seatbelt on. She started the car and then she drove to the mall.
:iconvenulus:Venulus 110 59
Kids P2 (Levi x reader | Modern AU!)
Fandom: Attack On Titan/ Shingeki No Kyojin
Reader-insert: Female
Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

“Come with me, we’ll go to my office so you can play there, okay?” Erwin picked both of them up and carried them to his office. Once in there, he put the children down on his couch and proceeded to call her assistant on the phone on his desk.
“Yes, sir. What do you need?”
“Rico, could you please bring two sandwiches and two cups of chocolate milk -with a straw on each one- to my office, please?”
“Right away, sir.”
After a little while, Rico came in with the items on a tray and set it on Erwin’s desk.
“Who are they?”
“They are—”
“Wait. Are those Levi and Hanji?” She interrupted him.
“Yes, they are,” Erwin sighed.
“What happened?” She asked raising an eyebrow.
“We don’t know yet.”
:iconvenulus:Venulus 102 27
Kids P1 (Levi x reader | Modern AU!)
Fandom: Attack On Titan/ Shingeki No Kyojin
Reader-insert: Female
Warning: Cursing
Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

“Who is responsible for this, brats?” Demanded Professor Levi Ackerman to his students.
“P-professor Hanji told us to do it, sir.” Said Jean Kirchstein, one of his least favourite students.
“That shitty four eyes, I’m gonna kill her!”
“We are r-really sorry, Professor Ackerman.” Said Eren, the annoying brat as Levi used to call him.
“Save it, brat. I don’t fucking care.” Levi was furious. His students dirtied his immaculate desk as a prank and Hanji was behind all that.
“Listen here, you brats! You are all going to clean my desk and this whole classroom until I can see my reflection on the floor, windows and even on my desk.”
“So that means we don’t have classes today?” Connie, his least brillian
:iconvenulus:Venulus 127 44
Protected {Titan!Eren x Young!Reader}
    You wailed, not knowing what else to do anymore. Your Father and Mother had taken off with your older sister and had left you behind. The titans had gotten past the gate, and soon enough one of them was going to find you.
    You refused to move, huddled up in an alley way sobbing. How could your family leave behind one of their own children? Even though they always favored your perfect older sister, you thought they still loved you. Apparently, you were wrong.
    Large footsteps approached you, and you held your breath, choking back sobs. A large eye appeared at the end of the alley way, and you screamed. Standing up, you turned and ran out of the alley. You were now exposed, out in the open. You spun in a frantic circle, searching for safety though you were sure no place was safe anymore. You turned and saw a large titan headed for you, grinning madly. Gasping, you turned and tried to out-run the monster, but you knew it would catch u
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 1,010 217
Snk: Various x Tall!Busty!Naive!Reader [Hugs]
    It was a nice, peaceful morning in the Survey Corps. You had just gotten up, and you walked toward the mess hall with a smile on your face. You just so happened to be (Name) (Last Name), the most sweetest, most oblivious person in the entire regiment. You were also tall, taller than most. The only person who was taller than you was Bertholdt, unless you count the few centimeters Commander Erwin had on you. You didn't care if the guys flirted with you, you thought they were being nice. You were the only girl who didn't reject the male's advances or slap them, so they all liked you, especially because of your breasts. Even though you were naïve, you could fight and kill titans with impressive skill, and you could work with your teammates with virtually no talking. Sometimes, the Survey Corps wondered just how far you could go in this world.
    You pushed open the doors to the mess hall, greeting the room with a cheery, "Good morning, everyone!" Man
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 710 194
SnK: Various x Reader HighschoolAU! [Crazy Class]
    You walked down the halls of your school, pushing past the swarm of people. You didn't bother apologizing when you bumped into anyone, you just focused on getting to your next class, which you dreaded.
    You generally liked the teacher; Mr. Smith, and the subject; History, but it was your annoying classmates that you couldn't stand.
    Jean and Eren, the two hot-headed boys that argued over stupid things. Connie, Sasha, and Reiner, the annoying jokers. Mikasa, Levi, Annie, and Ymir, the quiet, colder ones. Armin, Marco, Bertholdt, and Christa, the sweet ones who you liked. Finally, to top it all off, Mr. Smith's crazy assistant, Hanji.
    You sighed as you walked into the chaotic room. You took your normal seat between Armin and Marco in the back, Bertholdt on the other side of the freckled boy and Christa next to Armin. You smiled at the four, who sent you all an apologetic
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 139 42
Levi x Sleepy!Reader [Nap Time Is All The Time]
You were a well known soldier within the Survey Corps. People knew you for your amazing skill as a Squad Leader, but what they knew you best by was your tendancy to always be tired.
You got enough sleep at night, yeah, and you were always on time for everything, you were just always sleepy. You could take a nap anywhere; in your office, in the mess hall, in the stables, in a tree, you had even fallen asleep hanging by your 3DMG once. Eren politely woke you up that time, smiling sheepishly at you.
It wasn't your fault you were always drowsy; it was a part of you. Everyone knew it, too. Some just didn't like to accept it.
Like Levi.
He would always get frustrated when you were half alseep during training, or snoring quietly while your plate of food sat next to your head. He wanted you to be strong like the rest of the soldiers, and even though you had impeccable skill and always did what you were asked, the black haired male couldn't stop being annoyed by your constant sleepiness.
He cou
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 218 89
Insane!Reader x SNK Various [Sanity is Overrated]
Your friends stared at you as you sat, well, more like vibrated, on the other side of the thick glass. You stared at them with blank, wide eyes and small, dilated pupils. They all gazed at you, concern on their faces. You suddenly smiled widely, creepily, and the speaker picked up your shaky voice.
    "I had a pun about insanity," You began quietly. "But I lost it."
    No one laughed.
    They all just stared at you worriedly. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Marco, Connie, Sasha, Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, Erwin, Hanji, and even Levi were there. You were surprised they were all allowed to see you. Your messed up mind couldn't linger on it for long, though.
    You shrugged off their silence, jerking your neck when you twitched. Your hair was messy and your clothes were wrinkled and stretched with loose threads.
    What had happened?
    Stress, pain, death happened. What's worse is that they were all
:iconhusky-bear:Husky-Bear 107 27


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