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One Piece x. Fairy tail Foot Worshipping

Nami getting her feet worshipped by Ultear! People always compare these two animes which is better lol jk Thanks for the spectacular commission by Kantarella
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Omg that licking
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DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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Very sexy XD
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Its a nice drawing, is the artist who made this one Deviantart?
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Woohooooo! Haven't seen OP or FT but them gals make one sweet eye candy here in my favorite pass time Woohooooo! 
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Ultear and Erza are the best FT girls la in love 
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Yes they are my two favorite girls!
I believe you mean Ultear is, but Erza has to be one of the lowest due to how bad the writing around her is. I mean the last few chapters with her jus showed how bad it is. Not to mention how Erza physically, mentally, and sexually abuses her friends for pitiful reasons. Not to mention her design is stilen from several other characters.
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Here we go again with DragonCanaLove ... 
You forgot to add "Mary Sue" and others stuffs like that ... 
Honestly don't know who that is....but if you think just one person dislikes Erza you may want to check message boards, and the chapter comments after these last few chapters.
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Don't get me wrong Erza does have a lot of ass pulls and there BS but she's still one of the best FT girls IMO also she is half Dragon so technically she "should" be able to do a lot of Stuff other Mages cannot do! Just saying!
Your entitled to your opinion, though since she was never said to be half dragon and that's merely speculation that doesn't make much difference in the series and I dunno I prefer the original character design over Erza, I mean Mitsuru Kirijo is the original design. Erza is still a bad character, her attitude with how she physically and mentally abuses her friends, and then sexually harassed and abused her friends in the christmas special because she was jealous doesn't seem like a good character to me.
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Yeah I am but its pretty likely she's half dragon since her mother was turning into a dragon before she was conceived and Mitsuru Kirijo debut the same year so you really cannot say That's her original design there are so many characters from anime/games that look alike. Also dude her attitude is because of the Japanese culture dude look at Nami from One piece besides being scared all the time she still beats on Luffy and everyone else besides Robin and Copper! That's just a human nature too jealousy, sexual harassment. She got a dominant personality and is a strong character in the series so everyone that is weaker then her is afraid of her think about who is besides Natsu is strong and afraid of her Lexas no, gildarts no Makarov no jellal no plus none of the bad guys are afraid of her. She don't abused them all she does is hits them Just like every other anime character there's always one like that! :)
Except she's not that's all your thinking, never was it shown that Dragon Slayer is heridtary it has to be taught or implanted. ou coming up with your idea doesn't make it so. Erza is full human otherwise she'd know DS magic and have to have a seed therefore she isn't. Until Mashima says she is Dragon she is not she's human, and you saying it won't make it true and it's just an excuse for the bullshit writing around such a piss ugly character.

Lol quite some time, yeah but if you look Mashima seems to steal everything from everyone even his plots and characters are taken from other series.

Lol it has nothing to do with japanese culture. So in japan women sexually harass their friends out of jealousy? I highly doubt so dude lol. 

Except Sexual harassment is a crime, and to even defend it is just so pitiful lol Erza is an abuser nothing less lol defend it how you wish but defending that is just sad. I'd hate to be your friend, you must hit all your friends then sexually abuse them then just blame it on culture.

To bad she does it more and goes so far to do it if they don't do what she says, if she truly loved her friends she wouldn't do that to them. 

Erza is a hypocrite and a piece of shit character just learn it man, you defending her is just sad. Lol so many better characters in FT but Erza, Lucy and Natsu are just so horrible that it's sad. I feel bad for you
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Exactly when you see how Eileen was a bad ass, even Zeref was impressed by the Eileen powers, it say a lot Wink/Razz 
Such mother, such daughter Nod 
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yaaaas, perfect! F2U Tattletail Icon
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Lucky Ultear getting to worship Namis feet.
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Godammit, you're proabably the amazingest foot worship artist actually here in DA, and better, you're evolving! Congratz!
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I would lick Nami's feet myself 😍

Btw, any chance you could get commissions for girls from an anime called "Shokugeki no Soma?" Those girls deserve attention!
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Yes we all would lol and I need to start watching Shokugeki no Soma I've heard a lot of great things about it!
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