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Hello! For all of those who are interested, Operation-Requiem will be holding an art contest!!! Anyone is welcome to participate :heart:

:star: Contest Info
  • You do not need to be a member of this group to enter the contest. However, we do encourage you to watch the group for future updates! (:
:star: Themes
  • Your artwork must be of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and must be in some way related to one of the three themes: Despair, Hope, and Victory.
  • There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each theme!
:star: Rules
  • Your artwork must be new and created after November 3, 2013. Please refrain from submitting previously created artwork not specifically created for this contest.
  • You are allowed to enter one piece in every theme category from the themes-- however, you can only win once.
  • One image cannot be submitted to multiple categories.
  • Please make the entries 8.5’’ x 11’’, 300 dpi.
  • Contest results are decided by judges based on skill and originality.
  • Please read the FAQ for more information on what is and what is not allowed. 
:star: Submission
  • Once you complete your artwork, please submit it to our gallery folder operation-requiem.deviantart.c…
  • Please mention in the art description: your title of the piece and the theme you chose.
  • Please also mention that your piece is a contest entry for the charity project
:star: Prizes
  • 3rd place winners will receive one set of the limited edition extras from the Silver Tier (see details below).

  • 2nd place winners will receive one set of the limited edition extras from the Gold Tier (see details below).
  • 1st place winners will receive one set of the limited edition extras from the Platinum Tier (see details below).
All winners will also receive a set of bookmarks (:
Prize donations are more than welcome!

:star: Limited Edition Pack Details

We will be making limited accessories, and you can be the first to receive these items even before preorders are out! In total, we will be making:
  • set of 5 postcards
  • set of 5 buttons
  • set of 5 acrylic charms
from artists participating in the artbook!

What will each tier consist of?
  • Silver Tier :: random 2 postcards from the limited edition pool, 2 random buttons from the limited edition pool, 1 random acrylic charm
  • Gold Tier :: 4 postcards of your choosing, 3 buttons of your choosing, 2 acrylic charms of your choosing
  • Platinum Tier :: whole set of 5 postcards, the whole set of 5 buttons, DA feature, 5 acrylic charms

:star: Contest Judging
Judging criteriums will be added soon!

Select few will be featured in the artbook and will get their own copy of the artbook. :)

 :star: :star: :star: Artist Masterlist for the Artbook. :star: :star: :star:

If you have any other questions, or are interested in contributing to the prize pool, please leave a comment below. 

DEADLINE IS December 3 December 31st. GOOD LUCK!

© 2013 - 2021 kazutera
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Mother-Of-Pandas's avatar
What happened to the contest?
kazutera's avatar
I made a new journal here: stating that I am currently contacting the judges. Results should be out in a week at most. (:
Mother-Of-Pandas's avatar
forgottenpantaloons's avatar
screamssss I'm really hyped up for this and there's only 5 days left OMFG 
kazutera's avatar
hahaha =w= good luck~ :heart:
Valyrien's avatar
Can the entry be in landscape format instead of vertical?

kazutera's avatar
Your entry can be in landscape format as long as it's A4 size (:
Valyrien's avatar
Awesome thanks!
Yumicchie's avatar
I'm totally participating!!! ੭•̀ω•́)੭

I have one question, though: Is it possible to submit the illustration to deviantART resized and with a watermark; and send it to you in A4 size without watermark if it gets featured in the book? Thank you!
kazutera's avatar
For your illustration to be submitted as a contest entry you do not need to keep in A4 size, but the judges must be able to see the full work. You can also put a watermark on your work if needed as long as the watermark is not too distracting. (:
Yumicchie's avatar
Alright, thank you for answering!! ^p^//
Ludozerkaa's avatar
I'd like to join~ :3
kazutera's avatar
TaroLemon's avatar
I would love to participate, can I still join?
kazutera's avatar
Of course! Deadline is December 3rd (:
Akiocha's avatar
so does the rules for the invited artists apply to us? as in to we only enter in a preview and link a stash to you guys? or just enter the full copy
kazutera's avatar
Only the invited artists need to enter the preview and link to ^^
The FAQ is listed mostly so that contest applicants can get an idea of what they are and are not allowed to draw for the contest (:
Akiocha's avatar
got it thanks!
ChloeHavengaarde's avatar
"Select few will be featured in the artbook and will get their own copy of the artbook."

So, Who will get their own copy of the artbook all the 15?? And, if that person will get an artbook, what about shipping fees?
*interested on joining for the artbook*
kazutera's avatar
There will be prizes for the winners but if the judges are extremely impressed with the work, they will also be features in the artbook as well. This also goes for artists who did not win but still produced quality work. If preorders are favorable, we will try to cover shipping fees ourselves :D
Vyndicare's avatar
I would love to join!

Quick question, is there a specific number of winners? Or is it just who you think should have their artwork in the art book?
kazutera's avatar
There are 9 winners for the contest. The artists that will be put into the artbook will be selected from among the entries. For example, there may be 9 winners but 15 pieces that we feel belong in the artbook. On the other hand, we may also decide on only 5 entries for the artbook. :)
Vyndicare's avatar
Oh ok :) also, in the entry do you want us to explain how the drawing relates to a theme or do you just want us to list what theme it's supposed to represent?
kazutera's avatar
You can if you want but it's not required (:
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