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If anyone is reading this, then they would know that I've been inactive for a while other than answering questions for Operation-Requiem and posting the occasional fanart. I don't usually do journals for my own Deviantart page, but I'll make a special exception because I really need a break from answering emails and I realize some people have been asking questions directly through Deviantart.

Axent Wear! Woo! I have the honor of helping out with the crowfunding campaign, so if you have any questions or concerns, I'll probably be the one answering them all. Most of the questions have been pretty polite and direct, so I actually have a great time answering them. Please make sure to read the FAQ first before asking, however. It's a bit tiring to think of how many of the same questions I've been having to answer that have already been answered through the FAQ or through Google. If I get any angry emails about how outrageous the 2k and 10k backer rewards are, I probably won't reply. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform, not an online shop. Literally all of the extra funds go into improving the quality of our headphones. Those tiers are to give special rewards for fans who wish to help fund our project even more. But if you do have a genuine question or concern, I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I enjoy those. (:
Bkwrq1sispexxmafxajw by kazutera <--Lookit my dumb face hurr hurr. I was sweating like crazy during the photoshoot.
(Photo credits to Helen Han. How are you such an amazing photographer?!)

Also, on a different note, I'd like to post my wishlist for :iconsantas-harem: and save the trouble of creating another journal. Thanks for inviting me~ 

For this Secret Santa, I'd like to have a drawing of my OCs. 

Project Reality

Ethan by kazuteraEthan Boss by kazutera<--(lookit me! I have a staff! I'm so cool, hurrdurr)

Ethan- He's a recruitable character from a rhythm game I made in a class in which the recruitable characters fall in love with the main character despite gender. In the real world, he's sullen, and generally timid towards others, which gets him a lot of harassment from other workers at the main character's publishing company.When the main character meets Ethan in the dream world, his personality is more arrogant and antagonistic as he is a boss level. Upon beating him, if the main character recruits him, his real world self will become more friendly to the main character, ultimately becoming obsessed to an insane level. If you draw him, I'd like it if you also draw him with as a couple with either of my main character versions(male or female).
Mc-male by kazutera-Male Main Character Mc-female by kazutera-Female Main Character

If for some reason you are morally against depicting my precious OC's, then I'd also be happy with a drawing of one of my older OC's. (:

Project Untitled
Cillian- He's one of the main characters of a universe I'm developing. You can find out more about him here

Thank you for reading. 

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