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Their Desired Future by Kazushin14 Their Desired Future :iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 2 0 Requiem Verse: Yoshimiya Kazuki by Kazushin14 Requiem Verse: Yoshimiya Kazuki :iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 6 0
Xerox Inception: Target V part III (END)
Target V:  Life of a normal student pt. 2
Part III
Thinking back now, Rin looked at her still-bleeding thumb and wondered when she cut herself. Only to realize when swinging the dagger, the blade was still sharp enough to cut her thumb and her thoughts to invocate into her blood...
This was terrible, if anyone noticed a Sky flame was within the mixture of that blast, her secret would be—
“Are you listening, Sawada Rin?!” Matsusashi’s voice yelled to gain her attention back from her daze—
Rin at once kneeled and bowed her head, leaving everyone in shock of her actions.
“I truly apologize for this unforgivable mistake I’ve made, Matsusashi-sama-sensei!” With no time wasted, she apologized.
Flabbergasted by the sudden actions, Matsusashi blabbered out. “Y-Y-Y-You... W-What devilish p
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Xerox Inception: Target V part II
Target V:  Life of a normal student pt. 2
Part II
Minutes after Matsusashi had told them, colorful flames lit the room. Each student excited at the outcome of their flames and skills. The image they made became a reality! 
Some still trying on how to create their own combat skills or even how to activate their generator, confused and clueless at what went wrong. 
A bright Rain flame taking shape of the bow formed on Rein’s hand, much to her surprise. Her eyes sparkled as she thanked Rin. “Thank you very much, Rin-kun.” The Shadow shook her head as a reply. 
“Check this out, you two!” Turning their head around, a broadsword shape formed out of the Lightning flame generated from Jin’s gloves. Both Rein and Rin surprised and amazed by how fast he could forge out just weapon with Dying Will flame after
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 2 0
KHR Xerox Inception bio: Sasagawa Hizashi
Name: Sasagawa Hizashi 
Kanji name: 笹川 陽射
Birthday: 10th August 
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese
Famigila: Vongola
Appearance: Hizashi had gained similar look from his father while having his mother hair color of short black hair with center parting fringe, a notable appearance would be his black-yellow visor, which revealed his blind black eyes when removed.
Height: 1.74m
Personality: Like his father, Hizashi shares a passion of love for martial arts and would often used every chance to train. Though he doesn't have much of his father's hotheadedness but does get angry easily if anyone accuses Ienari to be capable of killing someone heartlessly, firmly believing of the Ienari he used to know and care before of the lost of memories.
Hizashi has more of his mother's thoughtfulness and observant nature due to his heightened nature, allowing him to detect if a person is lying or hidden
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Xerox Inception: Target V part I

Target V: Life of a normal student pt. 2
Part I

As the lecture for uses of Ino had started, Ino also known as the Artificial Dying Will and a technology developed by the Vongola Famiglia. 
Matsusashi took out a simple metal rod and inserted a red liquid capsule into the end.  
Once done, Matsusashi continued the explanation. “The Ino generator is a device that allows processing your resolution from your thoughts to your Will. It will take shapes of what you wished, in a single moment.
“It can help you generate flame's stability of an average C-Rank ring. Also, it helps speed up the invocation of your Will into the reality. Inside the generator is where the capsule of the fuel stored. 
“Each bottle contained your blood that's taken as a sample and cloned 100% that matches your own. This was thanks to Vongola famigila's technology has given. 
“Now, everyone takes the turn to queue
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KHR Xerox Inception bio: Ishihara Toshihiro
Name: Ishihara Toshihiro
Kanji: 石原 年宏
Age: 16
Nationality: Half-Italian/Japanese
Famigila: Vongola Famigila
Height: 1.73m
Appearance: Toshihiro is a slender but slightly well-built man, with messy, blond hair. The right side of his hair is slicked to the back. He has narrowed green eyes, giving him a normally-fierce expression. His hair is pinned at the side which formed the symbol of 'XI'. In his school uniform, he usually wears the school blazer, green shirt that matches his arcobaleno course. But regardless in which attire, he often wears a custom-made moss-green rubber gloves.
Personality: Toshihiro could be described as the opposite thing of a Mafia where people will never assume that he is the Yakuza Boss of Ishihara. He is smart where his IQ is 120 and has a good behavior on class, very kind with everyone and normally helps people in need. He is also very honest and would never accept an unf
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 1 0
Requiem Verse: Verse 1-3
Verse 1-3
Late evening in the office building basement, which was converted into a Muse training center. 
Kazuki and Yukiko had evaded the rest of the party while the rest still celebrating above them. 
Though Rika had left earlier in the evening once seeing that there were lesser Euterpe men standing outside the building.
Despite it was a welcome back party for him, Kazuki felt the need to take care of more important things. The important things being enhancement of the black microphone Seimei and the twins wielded known as S.A.S.S.
The S.A.S.S., known as Stimme Amplification Sound System, a weapon developed in combat against the Krach. It took the form of a black microphone when unused. But combining with the power of Stimme, it changed to a weapon based on one’s Stimme.
Each S.A.S.S. had their own configuration for four different Stimme and seven Elemental powers. The four Stimme being the speed: Flink, the defense: Stahlig, the offense: St
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 1 0
KHR Xerox Inception: Ishihara Toshihiro by Kazushin14 KHR Xerox Inception: Ishihara Toshihiro :iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 4 0
Xerox Inception: Target IV part III
Target IV: Life of a normal student pt. 1
Part III
“Hm? A-Ah my apologies, I was just thinking about my Master, Rein-dono.” Rin snapped out of her thoughts and apologized with a lie to cover. It was dangerous to let her guard off even if it’s before her school lesson started.
A confused look showed on Rin’s face at Rin’s apology, she wondered. “Your Master? Ah, do you mean your younger twin brother, Rin-kun?”
Shook her head, Rin corrected. “He is my adoptive younger brother to be exact, Rein-dono. I'm born in April while my Master born in November.”
“So its truth then...” As Chiharu nodded at what Rin had confirmed, she bombed onto her question next. “When were you adopted into the Decimo’s family? Wouldn’t that make you the next heir in line as well?”
As to her expectation, the same question was asked too many times so Rin replied. “I was taken in my Mast
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 1 0
January Inking 2018 by Kazushin14 January Inking 2018 :iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 3 0 Eye Tutorial in Paint Tool SAI by Kazushin14 Eye Tutorial in Paint Tool SAI :iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 8 0
Xerox Inception: Target IV part II
Target IV: Life of a normal student pt. 1
Part II
Down the stairs and to the left, the silent hallway echoed a pair of footsteps traveling to their destination. While Shiku was facing forward, Rin turned behind for a last glance to make sure her Master headed back to his class.
Seeing that no familiar traces of his figure, Rin sighed to herself and faced back speak “I truly apologize for my Master’s behavior, Yukigami-dono. He doesn’t behave like this always...”
“No need for the apology, Rin-kun.” Shaking his head, Yukigami turned to her with a polite smile as he assured “I understand. Mafia bosses are humans too, they got days when they are in a bad mood. Also, no need for the formalities... Shiku is fine.”
Nodding to accept his reassurance and request, Rin then asked “Then.... Shiku-dono must have served in a high position for your Boss, no?”
“No, I’m a freelance Mercenary
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 5 0
Xerox Inception: Target IV part I
Target IV: Life of a normal student pt. 1
Part I
“Of all students in my class I’ve ever seen.... You are the most incompetent student in my class!”
The combat room was covered in black from the earlier big explosion. 
Rin’s face stayed emotionless while her teacher, Matsusashi yelled at her. 
She was not bothered by the surrounding conversations, much less Matsusashi's lecture.
The Shadow remained calm as she examined the surroundings in the classroom, sighing a relief as no one got hurt by the mess she had made.
“Are you even listening, Sawada Rin?!” Matsusashi growled, getting agitated by the Undicesimo’s Shadow ignoring his scolding.
Rin faced her teacher and gave a firm bow to apologize. “I apologize for the mess I’ve created Matsusashi-sama-sensei.”
“Sorry?! Really?! I don’t care if you’re the Undicesimo’s Shadow. This is my class
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 2 0
KHR Xerox Inception bio: Gokudera Fedele
Name: Gokudera Fedele
Kanji name: 獄寺 フェデル
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 17
Nationality: Unknown
Famigila: Vongola
Appearance: Fedele is a tall and well-built man with crimson red hair and unnatural red eyes with dark red silted pupils with light red rings around his pupils. In his school uniform, Fedele wears a red uniform shirt, black vest and blazer, black pants and black gloves. Outside of school, Fedele wears usually a dark grey shirt with dark maroon vest with black jeans. Regardless of his attire, Fedele wears a pair of gun holster around his chest area to pull out for combat.
Height: 1.90m
Personality: Fedele is a silent and unsociable person. He tends to not speak unless spoken to, making him seem very unfriendly, or sometimes he makes snarky remarks. He, however, is very caring about his comrades and seems to greatly respect Ienari, despite constantly ignoring of the whines and co
:iconkazushin14:Kazushin14 2 0
KHR Xerox Inception bio: Yamamoto Sayuri
Name: Yamamoto Sayuri
Kanji name: 山本 小百合
Birthday: 14th April
Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese
Famigila: Vongola
Height: 1.69m
Appearance: Long flowing silvery-blue hair tied into a ponytail that reaches to her waist, Sayuri also has snow blue eyes that is often paired up gently with her gentle warm smile on her face. In her school uniform, she wears a blue shirt with matching color skirt, lavender-blue fingerless glove, white flute case which holds her weapon, dark gray vest, black blazer, dark blue knee-length socks, and dark brown school shoes.
Personality: Sayuri has a gentle and warm personality that augments her appearance, which led her being known as 'The Mother of the Vongola 11th Famigila'; being responsible and often worries about well-being. Sayuri is a soft-spoken, polite, and caring woman who uses "-san" honorifics when addressing everyone, including her subordinates and th
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Commission for SaffuranLoL by inma Commission for SaffuranLoL :iconinma:inma 749 14 COM.51 by Lushia COM.51 :iconlushia:Lushia 23 0 Linai Vorkaal Succubus in the Moonlight by arseniquez Linai Vorkaal Succubus in the Moonlight :iconarseniquez:arseniquez 242 13 [C] 139 by TeffComms [C] 139 :iconteffcomms:TeffComms 42 1 Cloud Suit Nsfw Preview Social by sakimichan
Mature content
Cloud Suit Nsfw Preview Social :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,973 0
Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars by yuumei Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars :iconyuumei:yuumei 4,676 90 [caesia] a gentle remembrance. by pancake-waddle [caesia] a gentle remembrance. :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 609 17 Butterfly by SquChan Butterfly :iconsquchan:SquChan 687 22 Frost Lich Jaina by Candra Frost Lich Jaina :iconcandra:Candra 414 8 Mushy princess (wip) by gawki Mushy princess (wip) :icongawki:gawki 108 1 Hyper Japan by Naschi Hyper Japan :iconnaschi:Naschi 436 17 Small Shopping District by PeekyChew Small Shopping District :iconpeekychew:PeekyChew 24 0 Final Fantasy Tactics Style Sprites by PeekyChew Final Fantasy Tactics Style Sprites :iconpeekychew:PeekyChew 11 0 Family Mart Skewed by PeekyChew Family Mart Skewed :iconpeekychew:PeekyChew 25 6 Witch Cafe by Kotikomori Witch Cafe :iconkotikomori:Kotikomori 266 14 Wings by Kotikomori Wings :iconkotikomori:Kotikomori 283 18



Their Desired Future
A future where humanity was restored
A future where no one had to be sacrificed
A future where everlasting peace and happiness is found
A future they yearned to be together
But, this was also a future that could never happened or had yet to happened.
For he, who sacrificed his own existence to bring back that desired peace.
Requiem Verse: Yoshimiya Kazuki
"A concert must go on until your soul no longer sings!"

Yoshimiya Kazuki ©Kazushin
Requiem Verse ©Kazushin

Target V:  Life of a normal student pt. 2

Part III

Thinking back now, Rin looked at her still-bleeding thumb and wondered when she cut herself. Only to realize when swinging the dagger, the blade was still sharp enough to cut her thumb and her thoughts to invocate into her blood...

This was terrible, if anyone noticed a Sky flame was within the mixture of that blast, her secret would be—

“Are you listening, Sawada Rin?!” Matsusashi’s voice yelled to gain her attention back from her daze—

Rin at once kneeled and bowed her head, leaving everyone in shock of her actions.

“I truly apologize for this unforgivable mistake I’ve made, Matsusashi-sama-sensei!” With no time wasted, she apologized.

Flabbergasted by the sudden actions, Matsusashi blabbered out. “Y-Y-Y-You... W-What devilish plan you are—?!”

Rin interjected. “Words may not be enough, but I truly apologize for the harm I’ve caused...!”

Everyone looked at her as sympathy flooded their hearts, standing at a perspective view. One male student amongst them spoke. “....... You know... It wasn’t much of his fault...”  

“It’s only his first day. Maybe he’s just a student like us, it’s a new technology that’s just made by the Vongola.” Another student agreed with a slight nod from her head.  

“T-True.... I would feel nervous if I were the one standing there.” A male student shuddered at the thought of showing in front of the class, especially the impossible feat needed to do. 

“Then again.... He came into the school like us....” She, like everyone else, was also a student. Like everyone else, even the Shadow made mistakes. It wasn’t correct to push the blame on her.

Matsusashi’s jaw dropped. His students were siding with the ‘sly and cunning’ Shadow who ‘tricked’ everyone by winning ‘pity’ from them. Gritting his teeth, he growled, “Even so, you’re to receive punishment—!”

“Hey! Give Rin a break, Sensei!”

“That’s right, you were the one who asked him to show in front of the whole class!”

“R-Rin-kun was only trying his best to learn like all of us!”

Rin raised her head, surprised to see Jin, Chiharu, and Rein... Those three who she barely knew, standing before her. She understood people do it when they had forged a long friendship, but within hours? This was something she couldn’t understand.

Before she could tell them to stay back so they wouldn’t get into trouble too, another familiar figure had stepped forward and spoken. “As what Jin-kun had said... Even when Rin-kun being excused under the orders from the Decimo to not have her blood taken, you chose him to show still.”

Harsh glare shown on Matsusashi’s orbs, as he shouted. “There was no evidence the Decimo had excused the Shadow from it! He must’ve been lying—!”

“Lying?” Raised one of his brows, Shiku glared back and countered. “He didn’t get the chance to explain himself. You’ve been cutting off him every time he was to explain to you... Like how a student is trying to explain his reason to an actual teacher, unlike you.”

The face that turned red with anger, Matsusashi glowered. “I dare you to repeat it, Yukigami Shiku!”

“Sure, many times if you need.” A small smirk shown on his face for a second, Shiku informed coldly. “If you’re an actual teacher, you’d listen before you blabber accusation at a student for the ‘Great Vongola Decimo’. An actual teacher doesn’t go around spouting opinions that don’t involve you. And...

“A real experienced teacher and mafioso know better to get an inexperienced student to show both Storm and Cloud flames together. Unless said foolish and arrogant teacher used the certain death of the students here to blame on the Shadow.”

As expected for Shiku, Matsusashi’s face turned red like an angry bull. The glare from his eyes now filled with humiliation and fury, let out a loud outrage from his shout. “You... You... YOU insolent brat! How dare you insult our great leader?! And you even dare to accuse me with such baseless lies I would harm the young Undicesimo’s Shadow?!!”

Unfazed at the outrage he provoked, Shiku shrugged his shoulders and gave a pointed look. “Yeah, and I already did. So what, if it’s the great Decimo of the Vongola famigila or any great big mafioso Boss. If you don’t have the spine to admit the fault you did, then go ahead.”

“Punish us, every one of us, Sensei. Punish all of us for taking sides with Rin-kun instead of what you’ve planned.” Gave one last taunt at Matsusashi, the other three stood forward with a brave and determined glare to their teacher.

Looked at her back, her classmate’s expression was a mix of worry and anger too. Worry being, they would get caught along and received punishment for what they didn’t do. And anger, being provoked by Shiku’s words they were almost sacrificed as a pawn to blame the Shadow for her failure.

Regardless, it’s not an ideal circumstance. Everyone being punished by Shiku’s provocation would not be a good thing, especially if this incident spread. 

It would disgrace her Master’s reputation because of her incompetence and the punishment that’s coming.

Stood up, Rin grabbed Shiku’s arm to catch his attention and whispered. “Shiku-dono, please step back...! None of you should receive punishment for what I had done, so please take back your words to Matsusashi-sama-sensei...!”

A knowing yet dubious expression shown on Shiku’s face, his eyes narrowed and whispered. “You’re to get punished by a sabotage from a spineless mafioso of the Vongola famigila. Yet, you’re still defending that teacher who tried to kill you?”

“He had no intention to do so from the beginning, Shiku-dono. Because if he did, Matsusashi-sama-sensei will be in a grave plight too. 

“This is a land of peace, and the Decimo wished for all mafioso famigila to unite in forming an alliance under this land of peace.” Rin shook her head firmly and whispered back. 

“Land of peace, huh...?”

Looked like Shiku wasn’t convinced, Rin was to whisper again until Matsusashi’s loud voice interrupted. “You! What do you think you’re trying to do?! Trying to manipulate Yukigami-kun aren’t you?!”

Turned her head, she saw the still-furious Matsusashi was pointing at her with his finger. 

“How about he was trying to get his classmate to stay uninvolved from the problem? So that, they wouldn’t get punished too by a spineless mafioso manipulation?” Shiku answered with an annoyed sigh escaped his lips.

“Even when he is trying to protect us in great Decimo’s wish to form peace with spineless mafioso like you?” At the confession, Shiku had roused more of their classmate with a rather angry look.

Despite Rin was a student here, she was still a member of the Vongola had been upholding Decimo’s wish in this land of peace.

And Matsusashi, their own teacher who often preached the greatness of the Decimo, had caused nothing but trouble for them. The accusation Matsusashi was trying to kill them to place blame on the Shadow made to sound more sense to them.

Tables overturned, everyone was siding against the cunning Shadow instead of him. 

The student who twist the favor from him, the cunning servant manipulated everyone’s heart again. And...

The monster manipulated his great Decimo, and Matsusashi was positive beneath the emotionless expression was the monster laughing at his failure. 

Before Matsusashi could call out the truth on the Shadow’s nature, the bell rang for the next period of class.

Face still reddened with anger, Matsusashi tried to speak as calmly as possible “Remember to do your assignment, as I will go through them next week. Dismissed!” He stomped out of the room, irritation written over his face.

The students went to where their bags were to pick them up before leaving in their own groups to the next class. 

No use crying over a spilled milk even if Matsusashi had chosen not to punish anyone... Rin felt horrible for her incapability which dragged innocent people into her mess.

As her friends turned to look her, what they did not expect was Rin kneeling down with her head bowed. 

“I truly apologize for getting all of you involved in my problem, Jin-dono, Chiharu-dono, Rein-dono, and Shiku-dono!” The said Shadow apologized loudly. 

“He’s way too polite!” Jin bluntly pointed out.

Rein squatted down beside Rin, trying to get Rin to raise her head. “I-It’s fine, Rin-kun! C-Come on, raise your head!”

“T-That’s right! We’re friends so it’s only natural we did so!” Chiharu joined Rein as well in helping her to get the apologizing Shadow to raise her head.

“We... Are?” At Chiharu’s words, Rin raised her head and only to stare at them dumbfounded. Friends, since when? In the last 1 hour and 58 minutes ago? Or was it she replied their introduction and conversed with them? This word ‘friends’ was foreign to her...

She remembered she took around 1 to 2 months to become ‘friends’ with Ienari’s guardians after she adopted by the Decimo. To take only hours to be ‘friends’... Rin felt wary; that she remained alert since there would be people who used her to get their hands of her Master—

Chiharu flicked her forehead, snapping Rin out of her thoughts, chided. “Yes, you idiot! Don’t you have any friends besides the Undicesimo-sama and his guardians?”

“I... I do, Chiharu-dono... I have one friend beside my Master and his guardians.” Rin’s blank face and straight to the point answer.

This earned her a facepalm from Chiharu while Shiku sighed with exasperation from Rin’s answer. 

Shiku advised in a polite tone. “You’ve spent too much time serving your Master, Rin-kun. Other than your Master and his guardians, you will need friends to fight for him. Friends to stand up for you and helped you...

“But regardless even if it’s for your Master, you need to stand up against spineless mafioso like Matsusashi-sensei. 

“You should not have defended him and even he accused you of trying to manipulate everyone. Mafioso like them are the reason the Arcobaleno course should know their place.”

As Shiku chided her, Rin nodded in agreement. But his words again, made Rin narrowed her eyes with disagreement. She couldn’t say everyone wasn’t the same due to most of her experience with mafioso bosses. But, what she knew in her heart, Ienari and his guardians differed from what Shiku said about them.

‘If only there’s something to show Sawada-sama and everyone are different...’ Rin thought to herself. 

Jin patted Shiku’s shoulder and reminded. “Hey now, it’s Rikkun’s first day in school. Besides, it’s a first for him to have friends like us!”

“I suppose that is something that cannot disagree.” Shiku sighed in resignation before showing back his polite smile.

An idea came to Jin’s mind and suggested. “How about we show you around the school? Let’s start with the workshop, Rikkun?”

“...... Sure, but not the combat arena, Jin-dono.” Rin’s only reply that came from the polite smile shown back on her face.

Surprised by Rin’s words, Jin grinned. “Maybe later, so you’re right. I won’t be going there just to see attack skills from the Arcobaleno course, I’m on a lookout for more inspiration in creating more Ino generators!”

“Why don’t we go together during lunchtime?” suggested Rein.

“Let’s do it once the Math lesson has ended.” Shiku agreed.

“Hm... No matter how you look at it, you should check out the arena first.” Jin said; his expression remained neutral from Chiharu’s cheerful suggestion.

The latter scowled. “I need not get reminded by a Brainiac like you.”

‘Well, two can play that game!’ Jin considered before shouting back. “What was that hot-headed idiot?!”

“Stop it both of you.... You’ve only met today, right?” Rein reminded.

‘I guess being opposite of each other increase compatibility’ Rin noted in her head. With a sigh escaping from both Shiku and Rin’s lips, the former helped to stop the bickering two while Rin stood up once more.

As she watched the scenario before her, a familiar gentle voice reminded her. ‘I also want you to enjoy your life as any child have. And, I’m positive Ienari wanted that too.

Despite the chaos in the class she caused, that period of just attending class, listening to lecture from teachers, studying and working together with friends... 

This must be what the Decimo mentioned.

Even if the importance was being Ienari’s Shadow she came into the academy... Ienari, her Master, desired for this to happen for his Shadow. And if he’s here, Ienari would most likely be happy that she found friends.

Nodding to herself, Rin jumped to help Rein and Shiku to separate them before it escalated into a full-scale fight. As they were walking out of the room after taking their bags, Jin and Chiharu were glaring daggers at each other before turning their backs to each other.

With this, a small smile curved up hidden on Rin’s lips as she contemplated in her mind. ‘The life of a normal student.... The wish that the Decimo and Sawada-sama wanted....’

End of Part III
End of Target V

Xerox Inception: Target V part III (END)
Beta-read by Kokoro Rin of

With that, here's the conclusion for Target V!
Hope you guys like it :D

Arc Cover & Summary|Terminology

Sawada Rin's bio
Sawada Ienari's bio
Yamamoto Sayuri's bio
Gokudera Fedele's bio
Ishihara Toshihiro's bio
Sasagawa Hizashi's bio

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Annaivri Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!  :party: by catluvr2
Kazushin14 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! ^^
Aart-ish Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the fav on  BAD YODA - Episode III: Old Ben ^_^ 
If you're interested, my latest Star Wars short, Rebel Scum: A BAD YODA Story (parts 1 and 2) can be seen below, or on my YouTube channel!…


Hope you have a wonderful day :D  
Kazushin14 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :)
birthdays Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

On behalf of the birthdays team, I sincerely apologize that your greeting has arrived late this year.

We hope you had an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: KoudelkaW
SawuScimitar74 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Happy late Birthday! Hope it was a good one! :D
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