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When I was in school, one of the lecturers who I used to look up to says that the software is not the issue! Of course, I followed his thinking as I was very immature in my Works. Believing and holding on to that belief , it seems that my stuff never caught eyes, hell, I didn't like it, everytime I created a piece , I will be looking at it: What did I just draw. That was with photoshop, don't get me wrong, PS is a lovely tool for sketching quick photobash. But it lacks Something. Recently trying out SAI and away from my comfort zone of Mechs/Robots and Rods. I began creating stuff which I like and constantly work on. 
In this age and time, one has to master multiple tools , or that is how I think right now. 
(or any monitor calibration devices) Doesn't seem like my monitors are making my pictures work (in fact they look so different, so much darker in my work place office 0.0;;;; ) Lost all my values in the most recent work.
Splitting them up , to draw and design in my sketchbook more and do more Fan Art Rendering for practice first. Hope to land a good job and enjoy making a living out of what I enjoy doing.