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The Sick Girl

By kazu-chu
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Uhh... I guess you guys can't really see the new style I talked about in my journal ehh? Ahahaha ^^; I supposed I drew it too lightly, that's why the shadings didn't come out properly. The new style I've been talking about is I've figured out how to shade nicely.

Got this idea when I was sick several weeks ago. I was looking at this bunch of people having fun from my window and I sorta came up with this sick anime character who was confined in her home and wasn't allowed to go out at all. Everyday she will look out the window and envy the little boys who runs out to buy ice cream from the ice cream man......Does the story sound corny? o_O'
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That's so sweet
ThePurpleHayz's avatar
Corny in the BEST of ways! :D
GaiaMF's avatar
i'm sick too ¬¬
Toon-Resurrection92's avatar
I, myself, am battling a cold.
Brilliantku's avatar
aww! so sad! DX
rawrmehungry's avatar
I'm stuck at home sick, too.
Nikiburstgal11's avatar
Im sick 2:sick: :puke: i luv the pic though everyone on deviant art is so talented
kazu-chu's avatar
Aww i hope you'll get better soon =(
PixarBaby2020's avatar
Sooo sad...*sigh* nice though^^
Sorahari-chan's avatar
Aww that's so cute and sad. I love it you did a very good job on the shading and everything in my opinion ^_^
Dreaming-Wordsmith's avatar
I actually love the concept.
LightlyBow's avatar
Aaaawwwww.... that's so sad! Very nice picture, I like your style.
kazu-chu's avatar
EnchantedNinja's avatar
This picture is really nice
it has this emotion of wanting and sadness very cool
SlightPhobia's avatar
This is a beautiful picture. I really love it.
kazu-chu's avatar
RazzleFrazzle23's avatar
:D Great way to portray the feeling of being left out.
Terrali's avatar
i love it u can feel her similarty to be outside and have fun^_^
khorakhane's avatar
wow it's so expressive! i looove it
kazu-chu's avatar
Thank you so much :)
Nevare's avatar
Reminds me of Kana -Little Sister-

Dang, I loved that game, it was so sad and touching...

Very good, lovely style.
kazu-chu's avatar
Thank you very much. Hmm...never come across that game before.
Nevare's avatar
Ehe, it's a "hentai" game, but without much hentai. Very very good story. The main characters sister -Kana- is always ill, and there is one of the background images that really looks like this picture.
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