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V for Vendetta - Little Vixen
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Published: July 30, 2007
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WARNING, SPOILER FOR THE MOVIE V FOR VENDETTA Sorry but I hate downloading, so I figured I shouldn't be biased and make other people do it too.

Old, last year on October I think, just a little bit after the Dance Dance ReVolution comic. I was going to upload it, but I felt like I needed to color it first. Then I noticed how many damn panels it had and said YEAH RIGHT. (Took two sheets of paper.) Yay for lazy.

I rather like it though so I guess I'll throw it here for the world to see. I rarely laugh at my own comics, but this one just made me crack up every time I drew a panel. For some reason the second one really makes me laugh. I LOVE YOU *PLOP* V's mask is always hilarious no matter what style, movie or not.

I whispered to one of my friends during the movie that Evey should have taken off the mask while he was dead, I mean HE'S DEAD NOBODY WOULD EVER KNOW, RIGHT? My friend said it's probably an elaborate hoax to test Evey and he will get mad if she pulls that stunt. I just HAD to make a simple little comic out of it.

I had to type the text I felt you wouldn't be able to read, it seems ok. And obviously, those aren't the actual lines from the movie, because I figured in combination with the punchline it wouldn't be as funny, so I put a mixed-around version of something he says in the comic with stuff from the movie. Yes he does actually specifically tell Evey to figure out who he is without taking off the mask in the comic. Hope you enjoyed this tidbit!!!

V for Vendetta and characters (c) Warner Bros./Vertigo/Alan Moore
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icelandicghostStudent General Artist

sorry, I just watched it for the first time a fev seconds ago, I'm still a bit worked up. ^^;
Lovely comic! :love:
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magicZ101Student Traditional Artist
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PhoenixAsh890312Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute!! :)
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"Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you! You little lying Delilah! You little *viper*! Now you cannot ever be free! Damn you! Curse you!"....Sorry....I had to. (Really hoping someone understands the reference.)
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LittleDesertStarHobbyist Artist

OMG Phantom of the Opera!

When Christine takes Erik's mask off and he flips!! :D

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Haha! I'm so glad you understood! That's exactly what I thought of!
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LittleDesertStarHobbyist Artist
Makes since x3
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Static-Dr0pStudent Digital Artist
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:squee: cute and epic! XD
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This is super, super cute!!!!!
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This should be an alternative end for the movie! Since V likes to play games and test Evey it's not even completely OOC.

At least you gave me a big laugh! Thanks. :D
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this is very cute and funny! :)
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xeryn6667Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful picture, my dear! I just can't take V serious though when something emotional is happening... dang that mask!
(Oi, by the way, is Evey wearing a 'V' necklace or am I imagining things?)
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AmayaStorm97 Traditional Artist
im glad im not the only one who thought about Evey taking V's mask when he died. Awesome comic :D
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hahaha this is so cute
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IbeTROLLINHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I suppose he has barbecue face. But i know it's more than that.:]
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ZeliaVanYasterHobbyist General Artist
It's funny how even when he's mad there's a smile on his face :3
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darkdragonqueen3000Student Artist
sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
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noobyzgir350Student General Artist
whenever V is wearing a mask and emotional stuff happens i cant seem to take it seriously with a smiling mask
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when i read this i LMFAO!!
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LadyoftheGeneralProfessional General Artist
I love your V for Vendetta comics. This is adorable!
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LilMissOneDayStudent Traditional Artist
Why couldnt this have been the real ending! So cute!! ^^
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Haha really funny! love it..
hey umm.. i see this is really old.. but i made a comic and it isn't getting any attention, so i was wondering if you would be willing to check it out?
if you are here's a [link]
remember to read right to left..
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