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<+Kazooie64> why the hell do they have a "I have to pee" mood
<%TheNintenGenius> or maybe it's a nod to the fetish crowd
<+Kazooie64> do people just start writing entries without going to the bathroom first and struggling to wrtie their enormous entry while holding in pee because writing a deviantart journal entry is more important?
<+Kazooie64> write*
<+Kazooie64> in fact I'll put that there
<%TheNintenGenius> they use it to signify that they have to pee while writing thier entry stating that they have to pee
<+Kazooie64> so they don't stop to go to the bathroom?
<+Kazooie64> maybe they stop, submit whatever they have and put in that mood, then pee and come back and finish it in a seperate entry exactly from where they left off with another mood

Hey everyone.

Ok, here's the deal. If it wasn't BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, my absence for like, two years is because I left Deviantart AGAIN. Why? Well, I can't exactly make it any nicer than I have while I was here, except for "Deviantart is a piece of shit." It just is! Even returning just this once, I can see it's somehow even worse with stupid memes, idiot rules and useless accounts. I know I sound like a jerk, but it's true! Basically the only reason why I was even staying on was to help with "that" club and after all the shit it went through and me going through some hell trying to compromise and work things out and helping some concerned members and in the end getting NOTHING solved, I just couldn't take it anymore and just flat out said "ok forget this crap" and left, like my friends were advising me to for a while.

Anyway, the point is, I thought I wouldn't have to log on at all after that and I just left this account to rot, but I've had to log on to it several times because my friends and I like to play "the DeviantFART game" from time to time, where we search for seemingly innocent things and if no weird crap turns up by the fifth page of search we win. Most of the time the losers link to the deviation that made them lose and usually it's mature, which requires me to log in to view it and I don't really want to make a new account just for that. When I do this, I guess people notice and note me or leave comments to ask about my art, and well, my friends pointed out to "stop being a meanie-butt and at least let your devbuddies from there know you've been gone" and this is the fastest way to do it, so if you're a cool devbuddy and you're reading this, sorry!!!

If you're actually interested in what I've been doing, I've been laid off from my illustration job because of the poor economy, and right now I work for a small web design company at home and a temp. job as a science lab technician at a school of medicine. I am in the storyboarding process for my animation demo reel right now, also, and still in the concept art stage for a webcomic I'm starting. When it goes out, it'll be called "Aphrodisiacal" so if you find it, I'm the artist. I also do the illustrations and censorship for a blog that's going to go out soon that critiques horrible yet popular things from Japan such as eroge visual novels. You can find out the link in the future, if you have me added on livejournal.

So besides all that, most of the art I do goes into job or school-related stuff. I occassionally display art at my livejournal, so until I have the means to get it up somewhere else that's pretty much the only place you will find it. It's friends-only, so if you have a livejournal, leave me a comment at the first entry of and I'll add you.

To finish this off, please don't note me here. I've got a ton of notes from my absence and I really, really don't want to check them all. You can E-mail me at if you like and I'll try to get back to you, but it's easier if you contact me via livejournal as previously mentioned.

I'm also contemplating getting rid of all the art here since it's kind of useless and outdated, but that just seems a little mean considering I've got some popular regularly-checked ones like the V for Vendetta comics. We'll see. It's the only thing preventing me from trying to find a way to ban myself anyway.



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