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To go along with my cute animal figurines and designs, I've started Pinterest boards with collections of cute animal art and photos, such as my latest, "Doctor Mew"!…
Hi!  Hey, if you'd like to see my Yorkies design on a Threadless shirt, click the pic and vote for me in the Girly contest! Ends August 13. :happybounce: 

In the meantime, I've posted the design (and a lavender version) on some bibs, blankets, and wrapping paper at my Zazzle shop.
Perfect for an Easter tree or basket, buy kawaii bunny, lamb, chick, even rainbow-spotted Dalmatian wooden Easter eggs at my hand-painted ornament shop at Etsy here:…. Discount for a set of three Easter animals!

I've also started a Zazzle shop featuring cute animal art on hundreds of cool and useful products:…
I created black and white vector art and the Pelo and Beary cartoon in the intro for this Fallout: New Vegas mod:

I'm passing this message on for the team I work with. If you have any questions, please contact our leader Rob here (instead of me):


The Beyond Modding team, which created the Fallout: New Vegas mod "Beyond Boulder Dome," is seeking one or two artists to create 2-D assets for an original point-and-click sci-fi game called "Red Sol Extinction." Since the game is in early development, we are in need of all assets including environments, animated character sprites, and character portraits. We're looking for a somewhat realistic style similar to that of the games "Beneath a Steel Sky" and "Gemini Rue," but of higher resolution with 32-bit color. Here is a synopsis of the game:

"In the distant future, a team of researchers study alien ruins on a lush, habitable world in hopes of claiming a new home. However, they must first discover what caused the extinction of its previous inhabitants: humans.

When evidence suggests Mars as the origin of the extinction event, you, the team's top anthropologist, must travel back to a time when humans roamed the Red Planet. After possessing the bodies of two humans in different Martian eras, you can coordinate your investigative efforts through time, while trying to evade suspicion."

As the project is currently non-profit, this will be an unpaid role, though there may be the possibility to earn at some point in the future.

If you specialize in characters, backgrounds, or both, please contact Rob at For team updates, check out our blog here:
I've posted the silent Flash version of this proof of concept in my gallery, but if you want to hear it with some music, I attached some with a Youtube feature. I don't actually have the music, which is why the Flash is silent.

I was asked to create a very short animation for an old TV in a game mod trailer (I won't spoil the details yet), so I figured it was a good time to make a proof of concept with some Flash characters I've been working on. Dr. Prof. Nana (cat) has recruited Pelo the fox and Beary to test her prototype time machine.

The Fallout: New Vegas mod Beyond Boulder Dome is finally out of beta! I've been capturing videos of parts I worked on to add to my game writing portfolio. If you want to hear several strange dreams, read a ghoul's accounts of being stuck in a cave with a bunch of weirdos for 200 years, or see a rehearsal for a horrible play about space-faring cats, here you go:

Petey's dreams

Deadpan's terrible cat play

Deadpan's missing journal locations (added as of ver. 1.0) and entries

Hey ghoul fans, I made some videos of Deadpan, the companion I created for the DLC mod Beyond Boulder Dome. Check him out! The first video is hiring him, and he talks about his hat, and the second is the story of his past.…
After about a year of work, it's finally out! Download fan-made DLC goodness here:…
and check out… for updates!
I'm working as part of the team of an extensive mod for Fallout New Vegas, which whisks the Courier away to Colorado, where the mysterious Boulder Dome awaits along with other sights including an airplane graveyard where Chinese and American troops are still at war, a dead factory, and the underground town of Boulder's prewar survivors.

There shall be cats! And ghouls (feral and friendly)! Even a ghoul cat! The companions you meet can also return to the Mojave. The one I've been working on is Deadpan, gentleman ghoul and hopeless playwright who wields a panther-headed sword cane.

If you'd like to read or see more and get updates, check out our Facebook page here:…

We also have a thread at the Nexus modding site here:…

And a blog here:…


We're looking for NPC designers, so here's a message from the mod director:


I'm currently looking to fill two positions on the BBD team, though the ideal person would be able to cover both roles (but if you can do one of them really well, then that'll be fine.)

If you've not heard of the project, check out our BLOG (…), or the official FORUM THREAD (…), or the FACEBOOK PAGE (…).

I need a creative artist to sketch or digitally design characters from the mod, based on the descriptions I give. So this is basically concept art for the characters. You'll need to be very creative and skilled at character design.

I also need someone to create the NPC's within the Geck, based on the concept art that is created (assuming we fill that role). Since the characters are so important, you will have to be very skilled at this. I want the faces to look better than Obsidian's and Bethesda's, which isn't crazy when you look at mods like Re-Elijahfied and Better Burned Man. So if you're interested, you'll need to show me an example of what you can do.

If you're not sure if you're good enough, but you're interested, just apply anyway. It can't hurt, and who knows, maybe you're being humble! (I'm probably not as particular as I sound, but the faces do need to be very good.)

No, I'm not dead, just been busy. Need to put together some serious porfolio pieces so I can land an agent and stop folding underpants for a living (although it yields some stories- how the hell did a tiny, purple rubber skeleton end up dangling upsidedown from the ceiling for a year or so?). :(

Set up a nice clean portfolio site here:

On the Fallout front, I've spent the past few months collaborating on the Boulder Dome mod. There's lots of work I've had to do including voices, writing, character design, and I even modeled a playable old timey skimmer hat. That's all I'll say for now on that. ;)
I've put a few of my Etsy items on sale:

Ferret ornament-…

Pug ornament-…

Funny poodle card-…

Goddess ornament-…
Been busy cramming for the craft fair on the 28th, but once that's over, I'll be able to post pix of my new ornaments for sale, and a cat/dog gift label set.
What it says on the tin. Some stuff is old, and some new. In the meantime, check out my mini animal figures on Etsy here: