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October 5, 2011
Today's Fan Art DD is Watercolor by ~kazeyomi
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by goddess-of-flight
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Thank you so much for the DD! This is so amazing, and wow. It definitely made my day a whole lot better. I don't really know what else to say so thank you, thank you so much.


I feel like there's something wrong with this picture, buuuut I can't pinpoint what it is. OTL If you guys have any idea what it is, will you tell me so I'd know? ;;

Anyway, I'm back to drawing VOCALOIDs, er, I mean Miku again. Yay! For some reason, I missed drawing her. Fanart is based on ryuryu's Watercolor >> [link]

When I started working on this, I was like, "I miss listening to ryuryu's songs" and so er, I found Watercolor and decided to draw Miku based on the image in the video. Yeah. The clothes may not be entirely accurate, but I did what I could.


Hatsune Miku (c) Crypton Future Media
Watercolor (c) ryuryu [link]
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© 2011 - 2021 kazeyomi
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very beautiful
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I think this is awesome. I love the amount of negative space, and the parrot. The line work is great too.
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:iconstephencolbertomgplz: Woaw woaw woaw woaw! Ö 
AMAZING! spaz kermit 
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Thank you so much!!
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^^ You're very welcome! :'D
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How did you make the white dots on the parrot?
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I used two types of brushes - sparkles and blood splatter. Most of the dots are from the blood splatter brushes. The larger ones are hand-drawn. They're all on a separate layer because I did a lot of repositioning and stuff to make it not look like blood splatters.
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I see. Thanks :)
Did you use white paint after having painted to make them or did you plan them ahead and used the paper for the white colour?
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I'm not sure what you're asking about but I'll try my best to answer!

First, just so we're clear this is digital art so I did not use any traditional media when i made this. The color I used was a really pale yellow color. When I set the layer to "Luminosity", it helped make the dots look really bright and sparkly and white-ish in color. The background itself is not white (if you have a paint program you can eyedrop the color and check for yourself). I just picked a bg color that I thought would match with the rest of the drawing and would blend in with the sparkly stuff.

I didnt really plan those ahead. Most of the time when i make art, i think about what kind of end result i should get or maybe just get a general idea of what i want it to look like, and then i just do whatever i can while im working on it. There's a lot of experimentation going on in the process so if you have some kind of paint program, just mess around with the settings a bit and figure out what you like.

i dont know if this made any sense and im sorry if it's a bit too long, but im willing to explain more in case you have more questions!
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Oh, it was digital? The title fooled me a little. I thought it was made with physical watercolours. When painting with watercolour, it can be pretty hard to do those white dot effects, like on the parrot's wings. That's why I was wondering what kind of technique you used.

It's still an impressive picture though :)
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I've got a few people fooled because of the title, too. Sorry about that!! It's honestly just the title of the song it's based on.

And thank you so much!
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so niceeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
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This is stunning! Llama Emoji 04 (Pretty) [V1]
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Beautiful artwork, I love it!:)
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Wow I love the colors of the bird!! Nice :D
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Finally found the artist of this! Yay!
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Did you find it somewhere? O:
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Ah, yeah. I forget where I found it though.
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Beautiful!! :')
*Tears of awesomeness!!
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