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~ One Week Friends ~

one of my top list anime in this season~

One week friends ~

Hase Yuuki and Fujimiya Kaori
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Wow, this art is so amazing...
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MASIH NYESEK KALO NGINGET MEREKA CUMA TEMENAN :iconsawbplz::iconsawbplz::iconsawbplz::iconsawbplz::iconsawbplz:
Kazenokaze's avatar
bagus dung taaruf wkwkw
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t-tapi kan- Hase nya sebenernya suka kan ama Kaori? :iconsawbplz:
cuma kaori nya aja yg nganggep suka sebagai temen- haha :iconlazeplz:
Kazenokaze's avatar
suka sebates temen kok dua2nya wkwkwk, cuman hase ngarep aja ;p
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Hase nya kecewa tuh pas Kaori bilang "aku suka.... kembang apinya" :iconlazeplz:
Kazenokaze's avatar
semua cowo jg klo di situasi bgtu keciwa wkkww
kamacchi's avatar
iya ya wkwkw 8^D
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First off let me say omg this picture is amazing!! :happybounce:
Everything looks so refined.... the drawing & the colors. Wow!
Great work! :thumbsup:

I just started watching this anime a few days ago. I'm really enjoying it so far.
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Please... season 2...

Even though it ended perfectly...
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Buen anime!,  que bien te quedó el dibujo  y mejoró bastante kaori a tu estilo :)
Achikuto's avatar
hhhnnngg this show has so many feelssssssss

If only the whole series was out vkdmxbkfnk,jnc,ng,c,fnf D:
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Omg I love This :D (Big Grin) 
raulsian's avatar
waaahh suka anime ini juga toh XD kaori jadi imut dsitu D'aww Misty D'aww Misty 
XandImus's avatar
is just enough 4it!
leinwizard's avatar
best fuwafuwa anime this season :iconheplz:

makin alus aja gambarnya uoogh
Kazenokaze's avatar
fuwahfuwaaaahhh~ makasih mbak lein~ salam moe :iconsakamotololniplz:
leinwizard's avatar
agh suatu saat harus bisa gambar cewek moe... ajari aku kakak :iconheplz:
Kazenokaze's avatar
fasti bisa lah~ gambar cowo moe aja dah bsa bgtu ;p
leinwizard's avatar
cowo moe ti hongkong ._.

aku pengen bisa gambar loli....
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