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Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu.

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Easily the most overpowered protagonist ever.

Can you do a picture of her when she's using her Loving Sacrifice skill?

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the sword is to short and the shield is to tall but the girl is right but if you could make both sword bigger like a real sword same with the shield i'll be okay with it but until then no sorry but I just do not see this character as one I would save
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Uh... Maple is a Great Shielder, not a swordfighter. Long blades are not compatible with her battle style. Besides, she chose that class out of a simple desire to not get hurt.

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still it's looking good keep it up

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Uh... I'm not the artist who made this...

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The armament setting of dagger and shield is not quite new at all. I saw the earlier example in RPG assassin of blue. Some goblin enemy units in the forest and desert stages have the similar armaments. And of course they are weaker than Maple and have no magic attack ability.

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I love this anime so far, also great piece!

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I'm finally up to date on the anime
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shes the cutests walking/flying fortress youll ever seen in the anime

thou i notice she mostly use poison attributes

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she is one op shield heroin who eats a three headed poison dragon alive and her armor and is so hard that it gives saitama a a hard time punching her

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Actually, i wonder if [Devour] would eat his fist if he tried to punch her shield head-on
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         [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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that devourer shield is so overpowered and she's just like: "ehm... Okay... Die please"
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She really can't stand pain.
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Remember kids, defence is the only skill you need.

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love this anime so much
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That's a big fancy shield. :)

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Flying turtle, poison cloud wielder.......
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Soooo glad you made this ^^  Maple and Sally are my favorite anime protagonists in a while~ Such a fun and cute series!

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Grand :clap: awesum-riffic! :nod: 
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cute work!
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"I was in an empty desert and what do I see? Maple and friends riding on the back of a gigantic turtle... Through the sky... Raining acid hellfire everywhere..."

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