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ZK Villian: Trap

By Kazehiko
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For :iconkojika: 's create your own villain contest! Got it done, just in time!

I wanted to draw his other form, but no time. This is his true form, he goes by the name "Trap" although what his real name is unknown. He's huge in this form, like bigger than a house! He walks weird cause the chains on his hands and feet though. When he's about doing other stuff, he takes on a human form, with a black trench coat and a big black hat! His hair covers his eye in that form, too.

He's got brute strength. In his human form his strength is less but his speed is greater. He's a bit slow in his real form, but it's mainly cause of the chains. If they got taken off he'd be faster.

His magic is centered around his eye and those markings on him. Doesn't use it often, cause it's really bad on him, too. But it's destruction-based so um, yeah, it destroys things. Whatever he paints on ^^

Trap is by me, but :iconzoskias: is by *kojika!
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He's pretty interesting. Good luck~