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DA 18th-birthday by Kaze1981 DA 18th-birthday :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 0 Deviantart-17-birthday by Kaze1981 Deviantart-17-birthday :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 0 Biting Pear by Kaze1981 Biting Pear :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 0 Deviantart's 16th birthday by Kaze1981 Deviantart's 16th birthday :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 0 A Moment without Serenity by Kaze1981 A Moment without Serenity :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 11 5
She was eating cookies... She was short, well at least if you measured her in human terms she was, other people easily towering over her and she was not beautiful although she was cute in a sweet, almost innocent way.
All of this dark eyes noticed in a instant, as the purple-haired elf-like man observed the tiny mage that the Sanctuary of Ilmiya had sent.
Kori had sent him to pick her up – the ex-angel voicing the request something along the lines of he could make himself useful for once and pick up the dratted mage that was costing their mutual employer so much.
Kirith had actually had an ulterior motive for going, although he had faked bad grace – no point in letting the fallen angel know that he wasn't as lazy and stupid as the other man thought after all… What Kori didn't know wouldn't kill him and baiting the taller lavender-haired man was always so satis…
Kirith broke the train of thought as the woman looked up, a friendly smile flitting across her face as she caught sight of him
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 3
A Childhood Memory
It's the place where both my mother and the father I never knew were born and a place where over the years I've spent a lot of time.
It's a beautiful country - beautiful beaches, glistening seas... That's only one part of it, the part you see in the glossy brochures of the super expensive all-inclusive resorts... The touristy side...
But there's character hidden beneath the superficialness of the glossy brochure - the local buses, petty politics in small towns and beauty - beauty that's not mapped out in the lines of the beach... The Cloud Forest, the Blue Mountains, Fern Gully...
I know that there's danger - Spanish Town, historic and beautiful as it is, is not somewhere I'd want to go to unless I was with someone I trusted and who knew the area. Neither are parts of Kingston...
Then again you couldn't pay me to go into Bermondsey for a visit over here.
Heading back to the point though, at one point during my infant schooling days I was sent off to Jamaica for a whil
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 0 0
Growing Up
When we were young things were so simple,
I was the one to look out for you - Your bossy knight
You were so innocent, so happy
You were irritating but you made me laugh
So when did things change?
Was it that day when I was 11?
The day I broke...
Shattered fragments of what once was
scattering across an uncaring wind
You forgot, but I remembered
Nightmered-filled nights
beneath an uncaring mask
But you seemed happy
The taint of those days
leaving you seemingly untouched
Sparkles of hope and innocence intermixed
So when did things change?
Was it that day five years from then?
That day the day when everything changed.
Was it then that the rot set in?
You seemed unaffected, but something had shifted
The sparkles had dimmed, your innocence tarnished
And hope? Hope had faded
So when did things change?
Become this bitter cycle
Where laughter and hope
turned to bitterness and anger.
Was it the night, the night where I broke?
Or was it later, the night they broke you?
Was it the night I
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 2 4
Myr for Myrror by Kaze1981 Myr for Myrror :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 4 4
Mature content
Reflections :iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 0
First meetings
"Hey Rian."
Arian looked up from his book "Hmm?" The fifteen year old had a distracted look in his soft grey eyes, sunlight glinting off his hair and bringing out the different shades of red that made up its dark red shade.
"Do you remember how we first met?" The speaker was a small delicate-looking thing with cute pixie-like features that somehow managed to look slightly exotic what with the silvery markings on its face and soft-looking, wispy silver hair, bangs falling over the long thin antennae that grew out of it's forehead and curled at the tips.
"Do you think I could forget?" Arian's voice was slightly dry. "My life seems to have turned crazy ever since you decided to make yourself part of my life." Arian smiled mischievously at the speaker's pout "Not that crazy has been all that bad though…" His smile softened "After all I found you didn't I Silyn."
Silyn's pout turned almost immediately into a grin, its silver eyes almost sparkling as it nodded "Yeah."
Arian was given just en
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 2 0
When I think back to my brief time of mortality I think of my mother… Of her delicate face and high cheekbones…
My mother was beautiful with her clear grey eyes and her dark red hair that glinted many hues in the firelight.
She came the servants said from the southern provinces, the youngest of three daughters from one of the old scions - a rich, proud and aristocratic family full of old wealth and even older traditions. With her looks and her family's money she was destined for marriage to a son of an equally rich and aristocratic family, a move that would have cemented the two families even more closely together for in the way of such things all the old scions were already mutually linked… Mostly from marriage.
It was not to be in the case of my mother. She chose to forsake the old traditions, defying the collective will of her family by turning her back on the destiny they had chosen for her. She chose to do this for the sake of a minor noble in  the north. She did
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 1 1
Hidden Steel
'Do you believe in destiny? In the red thread of fate that is said to connect two lives?
That whatever the obstacles and hardships you'll be meant to be together…'

Lexandra looked down at the scribbles on her notebook and hid a snort. Destinty? Fate? There was no such thing.
She hid a sigh as Miss Wilkins droned on at the front of the class, mentally counting down the seconds to bell which would signal the end of both class and the school day. Besides even if there was such a thing as fate, hers would be pretty much clear cut… She had the home for two more years and then it would out on her own to fend for herself -  the State seeing itself as having done it's duty.
Duty? The thought was a bitter one, just as her presence in school was another duty – the State's duty to make sure she had an education… Some duty. The giggles of a group of girls near the back drew her attention, jealously rearing its head for a moment. She wished she had friends like
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 0 2
Fires of Death
It was an ordinary day before the fire came
raining down like liquid death.
I was but a child during that time
and yet, overnight I aged.
I had a life before the death-fire,
But now like my dreams it lay in ruins
All was lost to that deadly fire
Parents, brothers, sisters, friends...
I wandered alone, over the ruins of my homeland
And wept for all that was gone.
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 0 3
The pc lab - so much for work
Narrator: It is quiet in the medium-sized pc lab, save for the random clicking of mouse buttons and the odd person diligently typing bits of seemingly important documents.
A random chuckle pierces the silence, the sound coming from the corner where a dark-skinned young woman and her three companions are crowded round a computer screen and peering at, of all things a colourful looking name-generator. The companion on her left, a lavender-haired man of about 19 gives a slight scowl.
Kori: My name is not Marshmallow Lovewings!
Yukio: *the lightly-tanned water basic hides a smile* Now now Kori settle down, it could have been worse…
Kirith: *the currently purple-haired air elemental giggles* You mean there's worse than Marshmallow Lovewings? *A smirk crosses his face* Oh Looovewings! Loveywings!
Kori: Don't call me that you bubbled-headed elemental!
Kirith: *mock pouts* But it sounds soo cute on you Lovey-dovey wings
Narrator: It is not certain what Kori would have said in res
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 0 2
Portrait of the Solitary Wind2
I am broken...
"Fuko! Fuko!" Her voice is a slight buzzing my ears.
I am lost...
"Hey Fuko are you ok?" Anxiety colours her voice.
Lost within the winds
"You know Fuko… You're starting to creep me out man."
I call my home
"I'm fine"
I am trapped...
"You sure?"
Shards of personality
"Yeah, sorry I was just… Thinking." I give a small smile.
Scattered upon a breeze
"That's ok, it's just…"
Trapped within a mask of smiles
"Think a little less hard next time - you're just not you when you're not smiling." And just like that she stops pressing - obviously now I'm smiling things are obviously ok again.
Trapped… Beneath lies of my making
"Ok, we wouldn't want that I guess." She misses the slight sarcasm to my voice, the mental plea for her to look beneath, for her to see things are not ok.
Broken fragments of what might have been...
"Nah, guess I'll see you later then."
"Yeah see you later." And in turning to go, she complete
:iconkaze1981:Kaze1981 0 0

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Ok, ok so I rarely update this thing *rueful smile*

But I've kind of been around and now I'm not.

I've been accepted onto the Microsoft Professionals Course and have decided to be disciplined and get away from any distractions. Including online ones - which means I'll be offline for 6 months.

If something is really urgent and you know me well enough, you can try e-mailing, but chances are I won't be checking my mail unless it's something to do with the course.

See you in January.

~ Kaze


Kaze (on an indefinate hiatus)
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