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Woah...!!! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes U///U)

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Oct 2017 Updates: original lapel pins

Original Pins Series vol 1 by Kaze-Hime

Hello, long time no write.

Sorry, these days my schedule is a little hectic, so I only drop by to post now and then.
Actually, my arm is not doing too great, so I've been taking it easy and only doodling here and there.
Everyone take care of your health! Exercise lots!!! Keep warm, it's easy to
catch a cold. (I'm sorry I sound like such a mom right now---)

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday. 
Love and well wishes,


P.S: Please note, I only use DA for posting artwork these days. I do not correspond here anymore.
If you wish to keep up with what I'm doing, please follow my Tumblr  or Twitter instead!

Jan 2017 Updates: SMS charms + other goods.

:party::party::party: The books~ arrived~ just~ today~ :party::party::party:
I'm doing some quality checks and packing slowly.
Sorry they cannot be shipped out right away, I'll be shipping them slowly throughout this month.
^^; There are a lot of orders and only a few helpers...;;;

Quick photo of some of the sketches you might find in your packets!

:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:

List of Anime Convention appearances!
PLUS, a special item available only at Kintoki-Con
More details to follow later... list subjected to changes.

Couldn't manage to get into Texas A-KON, but I'll be vacationing there nonetheless, lol.

See you all real soon, yeah?

With love,

The famous mangaka and illustrator Koge-Donbo will be a guest at Kintoki-con!

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet the creator of DiGi Charat, Pita-Ten and Kamichama Karin!



In addition, I'll be a guest along with Zeiva Inc. (zeiva +
muhoho-seijin) at Kintoki-Con 2013. The three of us will be
there in person. Hopefully our collaboration game will be ready and
available by then. It'll be my first time back to California in
many, many years.

With lots of love,


New! Gintama totes and Sakura Miku mugs!

Also available are Amaterasu dakimakuras, Okamiden pillows,
Magi and Vocaloid button sets!

Pekoe Pekoe is an artbook by  :iconhitsukuya:

With guest art by myself and all these lovely folks:


It is now available for pre-order at her journal~…
The book is $34, and contains 64 full coloured illustrations including three tutorials. Hope you can support. The book is also available for pickup at the following conventions: Anime North, Anime Expo, Fanexpo

You'll be able to see the full version of this entry:

Pass the Love by Kaze-Hime


Just another happy new year journal, but I wanted to write one anyways!
(though it's not quite new years where I am yet...;;; )

Apologies, please have a belated x-mas drawing for I haven't anything
yet for 2012.

X-note Demo by zeiva X-note Demo by zeiva X-note Demo by zeiva

I was given the honour of being a beta-tester for zeiva’s new visual-novel, X-note, and having finished the game recently I felt the necessity to write a quick (but hopefully wholesome) review.

In reiteration of  the website’s summary (otome . zeiva . net), X-note is a visual novel-cross-dating-sim formatted game with standard sim-styled choices.  I’d like to also note that I am using the word “game” in a very loose interpretation.  X-note is more accurately categorized as a visual novel than purely just a game, so don‘t go thinking it‘s at all similar OASE.  In X-note, advancement in story and character revelations are thee main and concentrated aspects.

The story kicks off when the main character Essi (played by you) is approached by a mysterious male named Yuon. He invites you to Xen-Institute to request your help with unraveling the mysteries behind the series of murders occurring in the school and baits you by bringing up connections between the school and your mother’s unfortunate death (possibly murder) from years ago.  As he is the first morsel of clue thrown your way in so long, you take the bait and follow him.  At school, you will encounter several characters, two of which are datable.  A pure-looking boy and a playful joker named Oure and Anon respectively.  Depending on your choices, you will be able to follow one of the three boys to reach a total of nine possible conclusions.  Play wisely and tread carefully for the killer is closer than you think…

Written, scripted, and directed by Mirage, and drawn by Mirage and Nitarou combined; this artistic duo presents a visually clean, simple, but pleasant-looking game. Although everything appears very linear and straight-forward at first, don’t be surprised if the later chapters throw some hard-balls your way, it‘s a presentation meant to be deceptive.  When you engage yourself further into the story, it will hook you like a pro fisherman with all its surprising intricacies and delicate character relationships.  In other words, don’t be too quick to judge. Writhed with poetic justice and situational irony --- X-note serves the best part last.


Now, on a less formal note:

Best time spent on a visual novel to date.  Also, love the choice of soundtracks.  At first I was attracted to one particular character, and so I played the game in order of personal preference; meaning I left my least preferred character for last....but then irony kicks me hard, and the last character ended up having the most enjoyable path.

Also, when I said “best part last” I mean…best parts last.  
There are several wonderful bonuses waiting for you at the end of your journey should you choose to obtain the full version (which I highly recommend will not be a waste).

I won’t say what it is but I got a big kick out of it.

^o^ All I know is that after exams, he's getting some fanart of him---ohohoho.

(Girls (or guys, w/e), what's your ideal kind of guy?)


On an unrelated note:

My new and revamped Okami website is up:…

I will also be putting up one more sub-site during this year...and it'll be a surprise as to what it holds.
Reference list:

Preference in order:
1. Hearte Bunny
2. Jiang Shang
3. Suruna

Thank you very much ^^
Hi, hi.

Typing to you from my ipod safari.
I'm back from the operation. It was a success and I haven't lost my voice.

I got discharged a day early for normal health, but I am in excruciating pain right now.
I'll update again when I feel better...which, hopefully is a week from now.
I'll also update with pics of my long scar too, whenever I figure out how to get em outta my phone.

Aughh so much pain ^^;;;;

Okay, nap time.
Ah...I'm back at my old place for a bit, so I get to go on the net.
(I really aught to set up the internet at my new place soon.) Been playing OASE on my laptop for a little while. It's a really fun time killer, so please do try out the demo.

Ahhmmm. So...yeah! My surgery date has been confirmed for October 5th of this year (wow...geez, a week and a half from now x_x; ). I'm probably mentally ready (or maybe not, haha, I don't know), but whatever the case, I'm pretty tenacious.

I'll be in the Toronto General Hospital for about three days or so, and hopefully it goes well. Best news is, Okamiden comes out next Thursday, so I'll get to play that before I go in at least and hopefully while I'm there, my folks bring me the new Rurutia album I ordered<3.

(Releases Sept 30, and Oct 7 respectively)

The only thing that kind of worries me is...that there's a chance I'll lose my voice. Next to drawing, karaoke is my other most favourite past-time, soooo...maybe I should go pick a Friday to sing my heart out or something...(not that I sing well, but y''s a joy). (and yes, I mean permanently)

Yup. That's it for alerting news.
Tell you all about it in details whenever next I'm back...and cancer free!

I'm off to a bash.

Hi. I'm back from the hospital.
Thanks for all your encouragement.

Hmmmm. I'm not sure how I want to put this.

...I don't want people to worry so much yet at the same time, I feel like the people who do worry have the right to know.

Good news is, I didn't get surgery on the spot
Bad news is, they've booked me two months from now.

Worst news is, I've got cancer.

Better news is, I won't die from it and I'll be alright.
That's all I feel like saying right now.

So that's, that.

Love to chat but, gotta go study for midterms.


well, and I'm going out to buy a lottery ticket, LOL.

Man, if a perfectly healthy girl like me can manage to catch such a slim chance cancer, then I'd sure as hell have the luck to go out and win a million dollars.

Ciao~ :blowkiss:

Stuff to do in Toronto!/GTA

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2009, 12:46 AM

My front page was lagging me, XD!
Agk the massive photo/text spam!
Posting this to clear it.

I was writing this up for a friend, I'm not done, still trying to remember other places, but if you ever feel like visiting Toronto or areas close to, it's certainly not a boring place.  (and I've lived here 16 years!)

Stuff to Do While You are Here!
[x] marks places i've been to/stuff i've done
I really need to finish visiting the rest.
*** = must do / go to

If you're living in Toronto or visiting,
This is a fairly big checklist!
Not all of this is in the direct vicinity of, but is very close enough to

[Amusement Parks]
[x] Ontario Place
[x] CNExhibition (if you're here Aug-Sept)
[x] Wonderland (new attraction: Behemoth)
[x] Marine Land (aquarium + water park) ***
[x] Toronto Center Island

[x] Medieval Times
[x] CNTower
[x] The ROM
[x] Ontario Science Center
[x] AGO Art Museum
[x] Butterfly Pavilion (so pretty!)
[x] Gallery 44
[] Textile Museum
[x] Niagara Falls
[] Niagara Casino
[x] African Lion Safari ***
[] Hockey Hall of Fame
[x] Much Music / CTV / Speakers Corner

[x] Toronto Free Gallery
[x] Allan Garden Conservatory
[x] Nathan Phillip Square Skate Rink
[x] High Park
[x] Playdium
[x] Castle Loma
[x] Toronto Zoo ***
[x] Molson Amphitheatre ***
[x] Harbour Front Center (Concerts)

[Beach/Lake] (better if you just go to Wasaga)
[x] Woodbine Beach
[x] Lakeshore

[Shopping Malls]
[x] Pacific Mall
[x] Dragon City/Chinatown Center
[x] Yorkdale
[x] Eatons
[x] Vaughan Mills
[x] Sherway Gardens
[x] Square One
[x] Dixie Outlet

[x] Chinatown Spadina / Kensington Market (close/same area) ***
[x] Chinatown East
[x] Chinatown Missisauga
[x] Chinatown Scarborough
[x] Korean Town
[] Japan Town
[] Little Italy / Little Portugal (close/same area)
[x] Little India
[] Distillery District
[] Insert other towns I forgot

[x] Dundas Square Daily Event ***
[x] Metro Convention Center Weekly Event
[x] Festival Event (various times throughout year, Summer festival is on right now)
[x] Skydome Event (various times throughout year)

[Restaurants] (watch your wallet!)
[x] CNTower Restaurant
[] New Sassafraz Restaurant

If anything is out of order, that's because it's three AM and I'm not thinking~<3

THERE ASHU! You have no excuse not to come here now~ (and Senny and Cole, and tsun*tsun and you, and you!)


  • Listening to: Rurutia - Seirios
  • Reading: Weekly Jump / Shiki
  • Watching: Yugioh 5D's / Gintama
  • Playing: YGO-WC09 5D's

FAQ 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2009, 4:21 PM

Do Not:

  • Repost my artwork to art websites such as DeviantArt, Pixiv, etc
  • Impersonate me using my artwork.
  • Modify my artwork without permission or remove my watermark.
  • Manufacture, redistribute or sell my artwork in any way or form.
  • Misuse, slander, or publicly endorse anything offensive with my art.
  • Use in any way shape or form artwork I’ve specifically stated not to use.

You May:

  • Repost my artwork to your blogs, collections, personal websites, Twitter, etc…with credit, or credit intact.
  • Redraw, reference, or practice with my artwork/lineart…and may publish them non-commercially with credit or credit intact.
  • Modify my artwork (after you get my permission) for icons, graphics, personal usage, etc…with credit or credit intact.
  • After you receive permission, use my artwork for personal projects or public promotions, such as club flyers, homework, research, etc…so long as you are not in anyway shape or form selling the artwork (directly or indirectly), and will credit the usage or leave credit intact.


  • ToranoanaBushiroad, and Crypton Future Media (Sub: Hot Topic) are currently the only external shops permitted to sell merchandise with my artwork.

Please feel free to shoot me questions if you’re unsure but the basic gist is: never sell my artworkand always credit. Naturally, be considerate and I’ll never care what you otherwise do with my art. 


What Programs do you generally use to CG?
Adobe Photoshop 7, Open Canvas 4, Sai.

How do you do lineart? They look so clean.
I just draw how everyone else does. They're not clean at all, especially at full view. By drawing on a large canvas, and then reducing its size, the imperfections magically disappear out of sight.

Do you have any tutorials?
If you check my gallery, on the side, there's a section for Tutorials.

Do you plan on making tutorials in the future.
I will try to.

Will you teach me how to draw and or give me pointers?
Sorry, I cannot teach you. I don't really have an abundance of time anymore.

How long does each drawing take?
Depends on the piece. A simple picture like "To Lan-Lan" only took about 4 or so hours, while a more complex piece such as "Butterfly Forest" took me more than 14 hours.

Do you use references for your illustrations?
I generally go with my instincts on how things are supposed to look based on memory or experience, so I seldom use references. References are a good thing though. If I were drawing more elaborate background or architecture, I'd definitely need to have a reference.

Who are your favorite artists or where do you get your inspiration?
I have many artists whom I adore, and the more variety, the better. Currently I'm in love with Miggy.
I'm inspired easily so I get inspiration from anything and everything, but lately, a lot of what I draw are based on Rurutia's vivid song lyrics.

What's your orientation?
Mixed Asian.

When you draw, where do you start first?
I like to start drawing with the hair or the face first. It's different for everyone, and you should go with whichever is easiest for you.

Do you have an instant messenger?
I actually haven't used IM in many years...

Do you have any manga?
No, not yet.

When did you start drawing?
I'm sure every child doodles. But I didn't get serious until grade 8. I wanted to be an animator back then. Now it's probably the last job I'd want. How life works, eh?

Hey why don't you ever reply to my notes??? *FUME FUME*
I appreciate the comments but I get a lot of mail/messages, and I can't possibly handle replying to all of them. I read almost all of them at least, and I'm happy you took the time to visit. So please just keep that thought in mind.

How do you prepare for conventions?
Quite possibly the worst person to ask about this. You can do prints and stuff at Staples or Costco or a photo studio. I usually go to print shops because I print quite a lot, though lately I just print at home. Preparation-wise, that's something you figure out on your own based on your work-pace/organizational skills.

Hey, I saw you at [insert gallery website name/link here], and we're bffs =( why aren't you talking to me?
Other than the sites I've listed below, and my personal art sites, I'm not in ANY other gallery.
So if you say you've seen me on sites like Gaia...that's not me :D

HEY!! You forgot to do this, this and this for me!
I'm sorry. I'm human and I forget (...VERY OFTEN). Feel free to nag and remind me anytime.

For all other questions, feel free to ask,
I'll add them later on.

  • Listening to: Rurutia - Pavane
  • Reading: Houshin Engi / Shiki / Kuroshitsuji
  • Watching: Yugioh 5D&#039;s / Gintama / JS3