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speed paint from August; before watching the movie and not after XD...

till next time, c-u <3
(o' v 'o)y
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Sheer Dodoro grasps!w00t! Date Bump 
High-five! Will it be happen can I put this picture onto my music Games?(KQ12(I want it appearing at Nursery Rhymes/Dodoro Bus;It's DTXMania which developed by YAMAHA and its one of Bemani Series of KONAMI Corp)Begone! 
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AWWWW! *___* So cute Totoro!
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So cute! I love it!
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O, Sweet Jeez. That is cute
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I remember that movie, it was sooo cute!!! ^w^
Sailor-makie-chan's avatar
Totoro he will never go away
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Awww, adorable! :3
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a very inspiring movie i love the guy who made spirited away and ponyo and castle in the sky and kikies delivery sevice
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You capture the nostalgia, the lightheartedness SO well! Beautiful!
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Totorooooooooooo ♥
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I just LOVE this sooooo much!
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sooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!
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haha! i like it! its all chubby >_<
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This is so cute!

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Hoo soo cute *.*
I just want to sleep on his belly xD
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oooooown! cuuute!
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