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Resource: 18 Ornate Mandala

These mandala designs (well...most of them are mandalas, not all) are custom made by me in photoshop, are royalty free for you to use, combine, edit and to colour in however you wish!

*EDIT*: Included .PNG format for those who cannot open/have photoshop.

^^ Enjoy!
You don't need to ask me for permission but
If you use them, credit would be lovely.
Please Download for usage!
© 2010 - 2021 Kaze-Hime
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Can i use for my design which is in microstock?

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Thank you! ^_^
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Thank you! ^^
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LOL you have saved my life.
I had to make one of these things for a project and I was getting sooooo frustrated with it. ; ~ ;

Thank you so much!!! OTL
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Do you have some type of tutorial or something on making mandalas O_O i'm in love with them XD
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We're currently learning how to make these in art class, and I will have you know, these are beautiful! I've never even thought of using Cherry blossoms for this, but now I see that they are PERFECT! Thank you for sharing this with Deviantart users, and I will post this eventually for credit to you!
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i have made the following drawing with your design here : [link]
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can it work in gimp?
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Yes, Gimp is capable of opening psd files like this, preserving the individual layers and everything else.
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thank you a lot,i'm going to try them!:D
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Hello! I'm new on deviantart and I wanna give you a credit for this wanderful tutorial, but...I don't know how make it. Could you explain it to me, please? =(
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Great i love mandalas!
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Thank you!
these were very nicely done.
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How do I use this?? in photoshop??
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yay i love them ^^ nice work!!
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Me has a question!
The way you made these, did you use the help of an action to make these?
I once knew one that could take what you drew, do some crazy stuff, and make almost a similar outcome but it came out like a snowflake pattern/shape.
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