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A cropped preview of my guest art for *hitsukuya's artbook:
(plug, plug, plug)

The picture is of my original character, Hearte Bunny who is in a project I am hopefully...hopefully launching by 2013 ;;;
She is based on my mascot, but they're not the same. You can see her full body design here: [link]
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can you maker a comission? ;A;
marihikari's avatar
EnlightenedEnigma's avatar
Gosh she is so cute x3
kawaiitokyolove's avatar
Hmm i'm guessing she uses bunny power..... cool!
nekito-chan's avatar
love so much it :3
Sailor-makie-chan's avatar
Remind me of tewi san from touhou ptoject
KeiraMasamori's avatar
This is so sweet!!! >.<
Bloodystone's avatar
She's so cute =3
The-Doodle-Master's avatar
how did you do that with the lineart like its soo sharp! And when you have the full zoomed out version it has that glow.
mukuro-chan-chi's avatar
oh! there are a lot of... pink...
SlyxBearr's avatar
why u must be good at this~!
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IheartWaffies's avatar
One day I hope to have a style like this. c:
jobiberry's avatar
Omgsh, loooooove! Bunny themed characters are the best♥
shamall0w's avatar
goldsutyoutube's avatar
reminds me of card captors
xCatFace's avatar
I will follow you so i can find more about this Hearte Bunny. Adorable ^-^
SchneeAmsel's avatar
love this picture and all the details are great :meow:
White-pine's avatar
your lines are so crisp and pretty, ahhh! ;o;
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