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PS7 Watercolour Brush

Not the same method I used on the Rabbit & Raven picture
but this is a more applicable one as most digital artists have Photoshop.

I included the actual .abr file in the zip so,

Made in Photoshop for PS7 use, but works on 7+
Be creative with your presets, change the texture, and play with the options<3

Free for use and redistribution. No credit needed.
© 2011 - 2021 Kaze-Hime
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Aha this is perfect thank you! :D
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THIS is what I needed. A brush where you can DRAW watercolors. Took forever.
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WHen I downloaded this, it said this is not free and I have a 40 day trail, is this right?
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Thanks for sharing ^-^
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Thank you, the brush is great.^^
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wow, they are cool. thank you for sharing!
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o v o thank you. again.
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I can't wait to test it out :3
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Thank you for sharing this!
Your kindness is very much appreciated. :happybounce:
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-- Thx for sharing your technical ^^
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*frustrated* I don't have Photoshop =(
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aww man this is great
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wow looks so awesome D:
but do you think it would work in PS elements?
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will try this one out :D
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Thank you kaze-hime~! :) ^^
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Maaaaan, I can't tell you how much I love you right now! X3
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*has Photoshop CS2*

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