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Okami: Flower Storm

By Kaze-Hime
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I've drawn dozens of designs for her, but I always seem to like drawing this simple one most.
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que bonita, me encanta ver manga y anime
QueenLightwolfz's avatar
WOW!! So adorable and also cool!!
The-Pokemon-Otaku's avatar
Ammy's so cute!!! Your a great artist!!!
YuukiKuchiki's avatar
I love this picture and actually own the print of this
Oz-The-B-Rabbit's avatar
Ammy looks really pretty, I really like your gijinka for her!

/silently favorites everything in your Okami folder/
BlackRockShooter109's avatar
Shugi-tanPocky's avatar
Aw, it's so pretty! =D
TeruTerumii's avatar
O.M.G *faints* !! Its soooooo pretty !!! xD
RosyRose1's avatar
OMG O.O it's so cute and beautiful and nice =3
SaiHiroto's avatar
OH MY GOD! It´s fantasitic!
OrdinaryXtreme's avatar
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i have this on my bedroom i love the sincer serenity peacefull peace of mind tranquility of the beauty of this master peice artwork i lift my top hat too ya i could take ya breath away by saying many wonderfull comments and compliments on this artwork and all i got too say is OUUUU SHINY !! ooouuu Kitty !! and EEEEE! i love this so mush i wish i could get your authograph on this picture and in ya princess zelda cosplay outfit as princess Zelda but the reson i didnt get the artist autograph on this picture i was afraid it would have ruin it and scared too hurt the artist feelings since im new at that since a year now i do wanna say that i hope at Otakuthon 2013 their be more master peice of this beautifull Mona Lisa Artwork it take my breath away on how drop dead gorgius and beautifull this artwork is i wish their be more talented artist like the one who draw this Okami Drawing i do agree with what ya said the simple one are the best because it those express all the beautifull things that make ya a wonderfull persone today into this drawing and when ya put you heart in it any artwork ya draw and make become breathtaking beautifull. :) thank -you very mush for leting me buy one of this at Otakuthon 2012.

Philippe Locas Otakuthon2012 aka Blackbread.
Amidamaru88's avatar
kitsunewiz's avatar
i sooo do love this picture i was at otakuton 2012 with my name tag blackbread im so happy i bought your gorgiues amaizing artwork it was so gorgius it took my breath away like looking at mona lisa picture by leonardo de vinci i remnbre seenying ya cosplay as zelda it was my name is

Philippe Locas i was cosplay as a black and red pirate gothic outfit at otakuton 2012 with my name tag BLACKBREAD

it was awsome im soo glad i bought this picture its up on my wall and i love it .:)
kitsunewiz's avatar
EEEEEEE!!!!! for the horde i totaly bought all your Okami picture i was dress up as a black outfit pirate wearing a red parite shirt and a black pirate tree pointy black pirate hat .
Silssa's avatar
This is so beautiful ! I love your style !
Acalanatha's avatar
Okami is such a wonderful game. Seeing her as human makes it even better if possible!
Witchmiester185's avatar
It's really beautiful!! :iconsobeautifulplz:
Metalraptor's avatar
This is very pretty. ^_^
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