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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tribute Illustration ~ Overlap ~

I've been eagar to draw a scene like this for a while now, an epic reunion clash ^^):heart:
I worked on it for a few hours a day over the span of 10 days, listening to Kimeru's Overlap and rewatching the series. The lyrics fit so well.
The movie was such a nostalgia trip, I hope everyone who saw it enjoyed it as well. Thanks for looking.

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Hello! Could I please use this picture for a video on my YouTube channel? I will give you full credits, of course :)

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kakashidragon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awsome Job
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BritanniaLoyalist|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Awesome job
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ItsCaptainSleepy|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome just awesome
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My childhood memories have returned
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zeochan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loved the movie too, and you captured the art style of the movie really well :). My favourite part of this is how you drew the 3 Blue-Eyes :). Nice touch with the Pharaoh's cape too :D.

Congrats on the DD too :)!
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Omg my childhood right there.
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zeochan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right xD?
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I wish we got to see this in DSOD
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zeochan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here, but the way the movie ended was good too so it kept you anticipating. Maybe as a cut or end credit scene would've been nice :)
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LindArtz|Hobbyist Digital Artist

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Mihoshi5's avatar
Epic art :woohoo:
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PhotonKlass|Student Digital Artist
Beautiful artwork!

Loved the movie. Brought so much nostalgia back! Hope they make a sequel even if it leads to GX.

Idea for a sequel: Kaiba is suddenly stranded back in time of Ancient Egypt, so Mokuba needs Yugi and the gang's help to bring him back to the present.

Also sudden imagination. Imagine if Thanos snapped his fingers and affected Domino City and Kaiba would be the only survivor xD.
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trizero91489's avatar
As a tribute to this series, I'll share my Deck Recipies:

A Very Odd Dragon

Monsters (25):
3x Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon
2x Xiansheng Magician
3x Xiangkae Magician.
1x Stargazer Magician
1x Timegazer Magician
3x Performapal Silver Claw
1x Performapal Salutiger
3x Performapal Whip Snake
3x Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer
2x Performapal Trampolynx
3x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Spell (10):
1x Raigeki
1x Perfromapal Cast Change
2x Emergency Teleport
1x Polymerization
2x Illusion Balloon
3x Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap (5):
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Solemn Warning
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Performapal Pinch Helper

Extra Deck (15):
1x Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1x Number 11: Big Eye
1x Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
2x Beast-eyes Pendulum Dragon
1x Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
1x Queen Dragun Djinn
1x Evilswarm Ouroboros
1x Number 82: Heartlandraco
1x Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
1x Castel, the Skyblaster Muskateer
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Moonlight Rose Dragon
1x Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Supreme Magical Madness

Monsters x42
Nobledragon Magician x2
Timegazer Magician x2
Dragonpulse Magician x2
Dragonpit Magician x2
Tune Magician x2
White Wing Magician x2
Black Fang Magician x2
Dragoncaller Magician x2
Performpal Skullbat Joker x1
Violet Poison Magician x2
Oafdragon Magician x2
Xiangke Magician x2
Xiangsheng Magician x2
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon x2
Acrobatic Magician x2
Dharma-Eye Magician x2
Astrograph Magician x2
Performapal Fugolem x2
Iris Magician x2
Chronograph Sorcerer x2
Stargazer Magician x2
Wisdom-Eye Magician x2

Spell Cards x10
Sky Iris x2
Pendulumgraph of Ages x2
Pendulum Call x1
Amazing Pendulum x1
Magician's Left Hand x2
Magician's Right Hand x2

Trap Cards x4
Magician's Protection x2
Pendulumgraph of Spacetime x2

Extra Deck x10
Startime Magician x1
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon x1
Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon x1
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon x1
Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon x1
Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon x1
Starving Venom Fusion dragon x1
Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon x1
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Supreme King Z-ARC x1

Ultimate Overmaster Deck

Monsters (x3)
Meklord Astro Mekanikle (Anime) x3

Magic (x33)
Burning Soul x3
Sabatiel - the philospher's stone (Anime) x3
Past life x3
Don Thousand Spell A x3
Strike of the monarch x1
Divine Evolution x1
Magician's Archive x3
Card of Variation x3
Super Koi Koi x3
Pot of Greed x3
Graceful Charity x1
Soul Charge x1 (Anime)
Ivy Bind Castle x1
Mischief of the time goddess x1
One day of peace x1
Giant Trunade x1
Painful choice x1

Trap (x4)
Localized Tornado x1
Reckless Greed x3

Extra Deck (x15)

Cosmic Blazar Dragon x3
Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon x3
Shooting Quasar Dragon x3
Shooting Star Dragon x1
Number iC1000: Numerronius Numerronia x1
Number C1000: Numerronius x2
Number 77: The Seven Sins x2
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DanomaruZenon's avatar
Atem: Sorry to keep you waiting, Kaiba!  I think it's time to settle this rivalry of ours once and for all!
Kaiba: For this one time, I'll agree with you, Pharaoh!  Now I'll prove to you who is the true King of Games!!
Atem: Then if you're ready...
Kaiba: I am...
Both: LET'S DUEL!!!

I've always wanted to do that!
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sira| Digital Artist
Gorgeous work! Heart 
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Blazedragon94's avatar
This is so cool XD ah my good childhood, thankfully I watch sub lol
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sira| Digital Artist
Sorry, you were wrong when writing the comment to Kaze-Hime  You sent me the comment. Notice that you do not have to use "Reply" but answer in the white box above all. I hope it helps you :)
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Blazedragon94's avatar
Oops I know that but I still make the mistake silly me=P (Razz) 
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Sarahalexis13Edited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can we get another movie for continuing this duel
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