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August 19, 2011
Legendary Soldiers by *Kaze-Hime

=little-billie said: "One of the most amazing fan arts I've ever seen. I especially like the softness of the painting."

~VargasChild said: "A beautiful display of colours and lighting,Legendary Soldiers by *Kaze-Hime looks absolutely magnificent. From the characters to the background, the piece professionally done!"
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Suggested by blackmumbah
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Legendary Soldiers

This picture was a serious RAM killer XD
Anyways; nostalgia kicked in and I guess I haven't drawn any Sailormoon fanart since...

Well, since I was little. Which I guess is quite late because she was what got me into drawing.

Enjoy~ and thanks to those who watched the LS of this.

Process caps @ my Tumblr:
[link] [link] [link]
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Wow it is just amazing drawing 😍

FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Goodness such a beautiful drawing here! Ah...I wish someone would post more Sailor Moon animation onto Sakugabooru...sorry I'm rambling...
aniuska's avatar
Amazing! This is one of the most beautiful fanarts I've ever seen!!
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
I love this so much! I have it on my bedroom's wall. I look at it when I'm feeling down. ^^
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Ahh, so gentle and cute! Gorgeous work! I love it.
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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The coloring and background is beautiful.
Jinggo78's avatar
Wow! Great setting and poses! So beautiful. I miss this anime. I know it's supposed to be for girls but I liked it.
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I've been on a nostalgia kick lately and looking at Sailor Moon art's my therapy. :D
Here is a fun and disturbing fact about the 2: both have a very powerful and nightmarish destructive evil form in 1 type of media or another, with chibiusa having the dark lady in all media and usagi having princess serenity from the live action version of sailor moon
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Omg I love sailor moon!! :D
OrangeLetters88's avatar
So many beautiful Sailor Moon pieces!
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expression of Chibusa's eyes is just too precious... :love:
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Also, there's an additional listing for this piece as well on that website […|3506360906]
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As the ground itself started to crack beneth them due to the heavy preasure both mother and child stod unphased.  "Chibiusa ..." sailor moon said in a soft voice. "Usagi" Chibimoon answered just as calm. THey booth looked at eachother before sailor moon held out her arms around her daughter, as the silvercrystal apeared inbetween her hands she closed her eyes. A smile carefully came up her face. "Chibiusa, its time to show them the true light of the moondynasty." she said letting the silvercrystal  shine. "Okej Usagi" chibiusa answered sumoning her own pinkcrystal.  The young princess looked straight into the enemies eyes through the pink bangs. "You really are messing with the wrong solar system, and the wrong persons" she said  before looking up at her mother. "Crystal of my heart, you who helps me stay strong through te thickest of darkness shine now bright and seal this foe throughout the end of time!" they said in unison letting a strong burst of energy emitt from their crystals. As the light vanished they stood there, the mother gently holding her arms around her child, the child standing there breathing heavly, unused from the power needed to use her crystal.
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Sausomely beautiful!

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In a perfect world, Magical Girl anime would look like this.
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I forgot all about her little sister OMG SHOCK.  Omg so cute this is amazing, what was Sailor Moon's little sister's name?( probably wrong that its her little sister XD)
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Rini/Chibiusa (like Little Usagi)/Small Lady - she wasn't Sailor Moon's little sister, but her daughter, sent back from the future. Nod 
xXMintyFatelyXx's avatar
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its fantastic
Evil-Furry-Lover's avatar
i Dont know what it is about Sailor moon that I love so much
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