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Hearte Bunny Reference Sheet

Official reference sheet for Hearte Bunny.

Logo and website design is ready but manga is still on the back-burner for now~ It's getting there, though.
You can check out more images of Hearte, here: [link]

In a Hearte Beat © Kaze-Hime
Do not modify or redistribute without permission.
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© 2013 - 2021 Kaze-Hime
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O my good!!! your style is so amazing, the colors and the proportions are incredible!! I love how you draw ^^
KokoroAiya's avatar
So beautiful...! <3 
Myuuna's avatar
How is she so adorable whhaa! I love her pink shades and the slight blue in her eyes! Totally adorable!
johan-88's avatar
She's super cute and original.
Phantom-angle's avatar
Is this an actual manga/anime or is it just your own character? I was curious because I was spamming a friend of mine with bunny related characters and he told me I should cosplay this one. I'm also love seeing other peoples comics and reading them. (I have a few of my own I'm working on as well. ) But I wanted to make sure I asked before just doing it. So I'd like to ask permission to cosplay it, if that's alright. 
Kaze-Hime's avatar
Yes she is my original. Please feel free to cosplay I would love to see ^^)!
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Wow so cute!!Yachi Impressed Icon 
I draw this? 
awsomeartist01's avatar
I looooooooooooove anime bunny girls!
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Kyaaa!!! it's very Kawai!!!!
TheKawaiiRedPanda's avatar
U-Um c-can I d-draw H-Her?
TheVividApple's avatar
Is this free to use?
ligr77's avatar
Someone put this in an anime yesterday!!
JustMidorita's avatar
Which anime did they put it in?
ligr77's avatar
Sorry, I meant that as a command to anyone making an anime!
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ligr77's avatar
Oh, sorry! I just realized my grammar was off!

I meant that as a command!
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Very beautifully drawn~ :D
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