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January 5, 2008
Recommended to me by a few deviants, A Thousand Cranes by =Kaze-Hime is a beautiful and dreamy piece.
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A Thousand Cranes

Hello DA, just stopped by to post. (I wanted something to mark the end of '07.)
That's Rain, after some time (and no, there's not actually 1000 cranes visible).

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Ghoul893's avatar
Awesome illustration. ^_^
Evekle's avatar
This looks so awesome!
marihikari's avatar
Amazing to see the older work and how your art has changed as well. 
I also love your work in Fading Hearts X3 
TeddyBearx3's avatar
I love the concept, so cute!
TheEchoesOfDarkness's avatar… Check out the repainting she did for this~ EVEN MORE EPIC!!
You've come so far~ Excellent as always~:)
Ardate's avatar
...It's the same person, you know... ._.
TheEchoesOfDarkness's avatar
yes I know XD but I felt like it had to be on here since it's not in the description^^
Ardate's avatar
Aah ! Sorry I didn't understand that xD
TheEchoesOfDarkness's avatar
no, no that's ok~^^ I would have responded the same way XD
Ardate's avatar
NinjasVersusKittens's avatar
Fantastic use of colors, excellent
RosyRose1's avatar
MsEgyptianPride's avatar
I thought that it would be nice to be the 1000th person to comment on this. Nice picture btw.
SoUrPaTcHkIdo3's avatar
I love the cranes. The sky and the color.
nami21anime's avatar
i love this pix! really creative!
ABlipinTime's avatar
HelenPo's avatar
inspiring! never stop dreaming )
landra15's avatar
Sze-Kai-di's avatar
This is beautiful.May I use this for one of my stories?
YuYuFangirl21's avatar
You are SO artistic!!! Why is it that all of your art pieces bring me Joy? :)
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