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Maylene Shimeji

This is Maylene shimeji.
she will run/climb/mass-multiply,etc on your desktop.

This Maylene shimeji is drawn by me but all programming credits goes to the right owner of this programme.
I used the folder base of :iconcrazy-chibi: 's England Shimeji.

ZIP version : download here or [link]
RAR version : [link]

To install :
1 : Download RAR or ZIP file.
2 : Extract them.
3 : click on the shimeji application icon.
4 : wait for it and shimeji will fall.
5 : DONE!

** If ZIP is not working, its probably coz of the names.
Check conf file after extracting,
43 KB XML Document should be named 動作 .
10 KB XML Document should be named 行動 .
If not, download RAR file.

i hope you guys like it and feel free to use it on your desktop but please don't take steal it. (and say its yours)
Anyway Have fun!

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(c) wind-princess.
© 2010 - 2021 kaze-hime-sama
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Can you please help me? I want to make a shemeji but i don’t know how

unicorn6110's avatar
WEEEEEEE!~ Now I have almost the entire cast of Kuroshitsuji! Well, I still need Finny and Bard and Pluto and Claude (shivers) and Hannah and the triplets... BUT NOW I HAVE MOST OF THE MAIN CHARAS. SO THANKS. C:
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
Hahahhaha. You're welcome!
unicorn6110's avatar
AWW, I can't get her to quite work... I know that the files that need to be turned into Chinese are changed, and I know I have Java, and I know I'm clicking the right files... hmmm...
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
EEeehhhh... Why is this happening then? :/ Are you using mac? coz these things only works on window. Im so sorry i can't be much help. If not, try downloading both files and try both. :)
unicorn6110's avatar
Yeah, I think it was my own personal unzipping problem. I did too many at once and not one of them worked. But I'm redownloading them all one by one so I can do it properly. And yours is at this moment running around my screen with Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, Will, Alois, and some Hetalia charas... x) Thanks for making her!
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
So you got it to work? GREAT! Hahaha, no prob. I thank you for using it. :)
i really liked it :) just as i imagined her :)

do you plan to make a shimeji that looks like sebastian? :) i would be glad if that is possible for you to make (bad english i know) xD
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
LOL. thank you very much. hahaha. i might make them. but not so soon as im not really free these days. but no worries, i will start making shimejis again. :) then i will tell u. :)
thank your very much :) i will wait untill then :)
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
your welcome:) and okay!
SilverCrunker's avatar
high school of the dead *-*
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
nah... i believe it was sore demo machi wa mawatteiru, or not?? XD not sure.
SilverCrunker's avatar
idk what that is lol i just saw the initials HSOTD xD
buuuut its not like i've watched that, but im planning to soon xD
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
OHHHHH! YEAH!!! it was on the note. haha. it was my to-watch list! XD
LockedUpAngel93's avatar
For some reason the zip link isnt working
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
then can you try the RAR file? u can download the zip file here in dA too. :)
LockedUpAngel93's avatar
Man I had a derp moment! >n<
I got it to work. Thank you! :3
kaze-hime-sama's avatar
You got it work? thats gd to hear. :) haha.
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