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COMMUSSIONZ???/? by Kazbob
What's that? You could own a drawing that has been made by my own two hands? Yes, that's right, I'm putting my big girl pants on and setting up commissions for real life money notlikethelasttimeohgoshtheyweresounerpriced.

So you wanna commission me? Well, let's lay down some prices:

Start at £10 (yes I am doing it in GBP sorry everyone) for a bust, going up in increments of £5 for waist shot, and then full body. SPEAK TO ME ABOUT BACKGROUNDS. I will add to the cost for a complicated background because they take so gosh darn long to do, but if you don't specify, I'll most likely just use a coloured background with basic shading (see bespectacled Archer).

Full Colour
Start at £20 for a bust, again adding £5 for each section of body (waist, fullbody). Again, SPEAK TO ME ABOUT BACKGROUNDS and I'll add to the cost if I know it's going to be time consuming. If you don't specify I will either do a basic coloured background or make it a transparent PNG.

This is for one character. I will add an extra £5 for another on a sketch/line commisssion and an extra £10 for full colour. 

Please browse my gallery to see the kinda thing I do. If you like, you can point out a piece of work you like so I can use it for a style guide. ALSO why not look at my tumblr here for more examples of my work (since I post there a tiny bit more than on here.

It also might be worth bearing in mind that I use Paint Tool SAI to draw with, and GIMP for any additional editing. 

My rules for what you can and can't ask for are simple. If I can't post it on deviantART, I ain't doin' it (ie is it super NSFW). Another way to put it, will your mother gasp in horror when it comes in through your email? If she will... maybe no? BUT other than that, I'll give anything a go~

If you have read all this and gone "yeah, I want to commission this gal" then it's time to send me a NOTE with what you want done and I can reply with details of payment and any queries I might have. PAYMENT IS VIA PAYPAL AND REMEMBER IT'S GBP.

Thanks in advance, ya'll and keep cool~
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