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*Wheezes* Tis' done. I had the text for this done aaages ago, but I hadn't even started the art when the submissions were opened! But ayy, done now ^u^
This is for :iconsybal-heim: which is a super exciting RP group thingy~ As soon as I read :iconturtle-arts: concept for it, I was in love... so to speak, but yeah, check this group out, yo, it's awesome. Any way- bio...

Name: Beau Rey-Dubois

Nickname(s): No. No, thank you~

Age: 111

Physical Age: 23

Height: 6’1”

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Faction/Occupation: Disciple/ Investor

Beau has a natural knack for getting money off people. His official line is as an investor in people, but he is a tad shadier than that. He often charges over the rate for his cut of a business’s earnings. On top of that, he always makes sure that he gets back any money leant with a fair bit of interest. Think of him as a Sybal Heim loan shark. Upon starting his business, he started small, offering naïve members of the community a little of his money to go towards their businesses, such as buying raw materials for black smiths, promoting entertainers and the such. Whatever your business, Beau will convince you he can make it bigger. And he can, but at a price. Often he makes himself far richer than his clients. Because of this he is an unpopular person among most. He initially began making his money as a merchant, selling artefacts for inflated prices if they were “rare” and undercutting competitors with more common items. Either way, Beau knew how to get the most money out of something, and he still does.

Although he says he is a disciple of Basileus, and will publically suck up to the Ministers, his dedication to the cause is shaky at best. He holds Basileus fully responsible for his Sybal form, and hates him for it. The reason he pledges his allegiance to the Organizer is because of how comfortable his life currently is. It’s not out of the question that he would side with Insurgents if they gave him a safe enough deal to work with. In some ways he is as keen as they are to leave the city.

Sybal Form:  Voracious Lusca

Much to his horror, Beau’s Sybal form is an ugly, half man, half octopus beast. He becomes devoid of colour during the night, and very large. If his Sybal form had a human second half, he would stand at roughly 8ft, but his tentacles aren’t strong enough to lift him off the ground. In fact he is very immobile in his Sybal form, hardly able to move at all. The only way you would be unable to run from him was if he cornered you. Once that happens, start worrying. His mouth becomes lined with canine teeth, each capable of ripping through anything he sets his mind to. His jaw is even detachable if he wants a particularly large snack. Besides the mouth on his face, he owns a second mouth, where a true octopus’s beak would be. It is lined with sharp, independently moving teeth. Despite its aquatic origin, he is not able to manoeuvre in water at all. As a human, Beau cannot swim, and nor can his Sybal, the form offering no aquatic assistance such as strengthened lungs or gills. He does however produce a moist, mucus like sweat that keeps his body wet throughout the night. In addition to being very corpulent, Beau is also treated to an enormous, uncontrollable appetite during the night. With both appendages, he is able to eat almost anything he can put his mind to.

Sybal Power:  Regurgitated Mannequins

Perhaps as a compensation for his own immobility, Beau’s Sybal power allows him to create servants at will. These servants are called mannequins and are typically under four feet high, although they can vary. They are void of any personality, blank faced, and completely obedient to Beau. They do whatever he tells them without question, and will follow no one else’s orders, as if they are deaf to anyone else. He generally uses them for errands he obviously can’t, and won’t, complete during the night, such as retrieving food, delivery invoices to his clients and the like. Beau can make them so long as his stomach is full. Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you are Beau), this is often the case. However he doesn’t usually have any more than about ten of them about at one time, only being capable of making a maximum of twelve at a push. Essentially, they are made from the contents of his stomach, but have the consistency of ceramics, and as such are very breakable. He can use particularly, short, squat mannequins to carry him if needs be, and tall thin ones as intimidators to anyone who comes near his office during night time. They become defunct during the day time, unable to move at the first sight of sun rise. However, they activate when Basileus’ bell tolls to signify transformation being upon them. This is so they can restrain Beau during his difficult transformation.

Docile or Feral: Feral (claims he is Docile)

Although he is classed as Feral, he will always say he is Docile if asked. In fact, Beau is almost convinced of this himself. The most obviously Feral aspect about Beau’s Sybal is his much increased appetite, that for the most part he has no control over. Other than that, Beau seems to be the same as himself during the day, aside from his obvious physical change. However, he is subject to very Feral fits of aggression, triggered by a number of things, including; people mentioning his size/ appetite; people attempting to interrupt his eating; people calling him Feral (ironically) etc. During these fits of aggression Beau can do anything from raise his voice to flat out trying to kill you. Since Beau’s Sybal form rarely has any encounters with others, incidents of this happening are very rare. Beau shuts himself away at night, not because of his Feral nature (which he doesn’t believe in anyway), but because he is so embarrassed and disgusted at his Sybal form. It is perhaps better off that he does. This has allowed him to convince many that he is Docile, due to the sheer lack of incidents, but make no mistake, if you were to encounter an enraged Beau after the hours of light, you’re encountering a Feral beast.


Beau is not a popular person among the populace of Sybal Heim. Motivated by his own greed, many people find him hard to get involved with, assuming he is after their money (nine times out of ten he probably is). This and the fact he is very stand-offish is quite off putting to most. When people ask him about his personal life, especially his life after dark, he turns very curt and rude. He acts selfishly, believing there to be no point in acting unless he directly benefits from it. He’s not the sort to stop and help if someone is hurt. Furthermore, he can be downright cowardly too. He won’t put himself in harm’s way whatsoever. Beau is a great admirer of beauty and will openly compliment someone he thinks is very beautiful. He loves watching women put on make-up, having a penchant to wear quite a lot too. Additionally, he like to shop for beautiful clothes, no matter the district of origin. One of his few good traits is his love of other cultures quirks and interests. Although it’s completely superficial, he is genuinely excited when he sees something new. Despite his love for clothes and make-up Beau is not camp. In fact, he can be quite masculine and coarse given the right company. Despite being a relatively young resident of Sybal Heim, he was quick to develop a very morbid sense of humour and is quick to make insensitive jokes. He’s also a huge flirt. This is most likely his way of drawing in clients, but he loves to tease anyone who he thinks has a romantic interest in him.  

He is, above all else, vain. It’s not uncommon to see him admiring his own reflection in windows and polished metal when he is out and about during the day, or preening his hair, or fixing his powder. For this reason, he hates his Sybal form bitterly, often covering mirrors in his home so he doesn’t have to see his own face staring back at him, warped by the Sybal transformation.


Beau was born to rich parents in Paris, 1780. His mother was of noble blood, and his father had inherited no small fortune himself, owning masses of land in the outlying country side and within the city itself. The eldest of three, he was doted on by his grandparents and parents alike. In all senses of the phrase, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Up until his ninth Birthday, he was thoroughly spoilt, even with the arrival of his younger sisters. His father up until then had been able to spend plentiful time at home, playing with his son, and watching his young daughters grow.

But as enlightenment over took France, the poorer citizens forced people like Beau’s father into more and more talks. Sooner or later, the man had to give up his land for the people to leave him alone. Although life was beginning to get a little harder, Beau hardly noticed at his young age. He staged a few tantrums when he was unable to get his own way, but he was ignorant to the things that were stirring in his nation. During his childhood, he spent a lot of time having his mother indulge in his desires, whether they be for story books or the prettiest clothes or the most extravagant food, or even just her ears as he moaned about other children. Beau struggled to get on with other children, his stand-offish attitude putting them off. He sometimes managed to buy the friendship of some, but as time went on fewer and fewer of his bought friends would play with him. He had no idea why beyond the fact their mothers said they couldn’t play anymore.

In 1793, the violence came to a head. His family home was rioted, and looted. Beau, his mother and his sisters were able to flee with a little money and clothing, but his father was not so lucky. Being a staunch supporter of the monarchy, he lost his head. All of a sudden, the tables were turned. They were homeless, and living in poverty. At thirteen years old, with his then pregnant mother and two younger sisters, Beau found himself the only one to be able to provide for the family. Having never worked a day in his life, he was lost. He turned to stealing to support his mother and sisters. It turned out, the silver spoon in his mouth had left a silver stain on his tongue. He was very good a fooling well to do business men out of stock and money.

They managed to scrape by. Most had no idea of their past, and were charitable. Beau found a Doctor to deliver his mother’s child. Unfortunately, it was still-born. Although she was physically stable, the woman was never the same again. She suffered post-natal depression, and couldn’t begin to look after her daughters, let alone her teenage son. Beau carried on supplying them with food and money, but found it a thankless task, his sisters seeing this as some kind of temporary adventure, and his mother almost dead to his kindness. When he was about fifteen, he snapped. One night, instead of delivering his day’s crop of stolen money and food to his family, he left, making his own way. With more money to spend on himself, he fashioned himself into a gentleman thief and conman, eventually making himself enough money to get his own small home. It wasn’t much, but it was a bed. It was a stove. It was something. But he’d gotten greedy. The money he made from stealing wasn’t enough for him. After spending nights and nights with beautiful women in the streets of Paris, and waking up with a huge bill, he planned his own honey trap for the remaining rich and middle classed of the city. Having always admired his own beauty, he turned himself into a prostitute, promising men and women alike the most wonderful night of their lives. He charged extortionately, the smoke and mirrors making the deal seem so much sweeter. Relying on his feminine looks and the curiosity of the Parisian Bourgeoisie, he lured people into his den, decided whether or not he wanted to sleep with them and then drugged them if he did not. Whatever happened during the encounter, his patrons always found their pockets emptied the next day.

He grew richer and more infamous as the nights went on, choosing favourites among his patrons to treat with less venom, and lesser patrons to treat with more. His reputation spread across Paris, and he was living a charmed life at the turn of the century. But his reputation eventually caught up with him. Brothel madams cursed him for stealing the business away from their honourable trade, with his disgusting sexual acts and trickery. One such woman hired a pair of dirty hands to do away with the young man. All the money was taken from him, he was wrenched from his home, and assaulted. Left battered in the middle of nowhere, Beau was back to square one. Penniless, broken and cold, he thought he’d given up hope. He tried making his way back to Paris, but in the outlaying countryside, he was lost. He had been sure he’d been heading towards the city, but in front of him lay a sprawling forest. Tired, he carried on walking into the forest, seeing little point in going back the other way. When the trees started to clear, he had the strangest feeling he was not in Paris, or even France, anymore.

Finding Theo greeting him to Sybal Heim, he panicked. He begged the man to let him out of the realm, let him go home, even though he had none to go to. Theo attempted to calm the young man, telling him of the wonders of the city, and the limitations. Upon hearing about the transformation at night, he almost broke down. He was gently reassured that the transformation may even be a beautiful one, but it always reflected what was deep down. He assumed that his Sybal could only be as beautiful as he was. How wrong he was. The night of the first transformation, he was horrified to see what he was, and how his night time form acted, apparently with no means of controlling it. He grew aggressive straight away, almost killing the citizen who had been sent to help him through the first night. After being registered as Feral, he almost became a hermit for the first year in Sybal Heim, shutting himself away at the Minister’s estate. Dealing with the monster’s cravings was all that he could manage to do. But after a while, he convinced himself that he wasn’t Feral at all. Since he lashed out at his minder, he had had no episodes, and marked it off as an accident, a loss of his own temper. Leaving the estate he went about doing what he did best. Making himself rich. Having learnt about business from watching his father in his childhood, he went about investing in small businesses in return for large cuts of the profit. He mostly preyed on the duller of the residents, who had no idea of the consequences of the deal. He began to grow comfortably well off, intent on becoming more than that. Still, he hides away each night, letting his marionettes care for him, and not letting a soul see his hideous night time form.

Additional Info:

    -      In his Sybal form, it’s almost impossible for Beau to get drunk. He can drink and drink and still it won’t have any effect on him.

    -      Due to the fact he was once quite promiscuous, Beau hates the fact he lives in virtual celibacy. Even though he’s a flirt, he won’t allow anyone to sleep with him. At night no one can do this for obvious reasons, and during the day many either aren’t willing to, or he’s too scared he will transform during the encounter.

    -      When he turns back to his human form, Beau doesn’t retain the contents of his Sybal’s stomach. Even so, he often dry wretches for minutes on end at the thought of the night time beast’s activities. He doesn’t eat during the day at all, trying to avoid food at all costs, as the sight of it makes him feel very ill. Unfortunately, he owns a share in a number of food based businesses, which he uses to feed himself during the night. Coincidentally, when he was human, he used to have a very sweet tooth and love cake.

    -      Beau has favourites among his mannequins. He is the only one who can tell them apart, but there are a few he’s had for decades, and will trust with important tasks. Others hardly last a night. When Beau loses his temper, he often takes it out on the mannequin, re-consuming them in his fit of rage.

    -      Beau resists is transformation every night. He has convinced himself that if he tries hard enough, it might not come at all. He is very proud of the fact he’s managed to hold it off for close to a minute once. It does make the transformation fairly painful though.

    -      When Beau is invited to late evening affairs, he immediately refuses, even if it ends before transformation times. He’s petrified of turning in public.

    -      He is very fond of poker, and is pretty good too, given what a good liar and actor he is. However, he knows when he’s beat, and is very careful not to lose too much money to gambling.

    -      For the first two years in Sybal Heim, Beau didn’t even know about his Sybal powers, being to overcome with disgust to try anything to do with his powers. He found out about his mannequin by accident, having eaten too much one night.

    -      In Sybal form, his upper half is no stronger than it is as a human, just a strength growth in proportion to his size growth in order for him to manage the extra weight. But his tentacles are very strong and supple, and are the business end of his attacks should you piss him off.

    -      The mannequins pictured serve three different purposes- the smallest is for transporting Beau himself, usually with three or four others of this size- they are very sturdy and are the hardest to break- of course it’s not impossible- Beau has even crushed a few under his weight. The middle sized one is an every-night errand type- often the type with the most longevity- that is to say Beau rarely loses his temper with them. They are the mannequins that leave his home to deliver things and the such to clients. The tallest of the three is used for intimidation primarily, but can also leave quite a nasty wound with their spiked limbs if told so- however the chances of them breaking with the blow are high- they’re incredibly frail and are mostly for show.

    -      If Beau is entertaining during the day, he dresses his motionless mannequins in clothes to disguise them. Only a few of his most trusted clients know about his mannequins and deal with them, most others having to wait until day if they want to deal with Beau. He likes to make sure as few people as possible know about his power, making sure people don’t link the shambling puppets with his absence in the night.

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It must be said that you're one of the few, if not the only one, who had the guts to make a character with such personality flaws AND such a restricting Sybal.
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Okay, that is an awesome character! (Just had to say it.)
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Thank you! :hug:
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I haven't submitted my Sybal yet but if we're ever rping at the same time there's going to be interesting interactions.
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*waggles eyebrows* Oho~? If I ever get onto the chat, that is *wheezes* I've been so busy with other things recently, but I'd love to RP soon XD
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Yeah. He can control the porcelain he wears and he can jump into a new body if it's porcelain (though if he doesn't fit, the parts that don't fit kind of hang outside).
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Sounds interesting~
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Yeah. He's even a doll maker, so he has plenty of access to the supplies.
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I love the stark contrast between his two forms, although I can see how is greedy personality connects the two.
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Thank you! And 10 points for Gryffindor! Or whatever house you're in~ 
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lol this is so funny I love this so much :D
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Ah~ Thank you~ *snorts* I like to make humiliating things happen to awful characters~
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its pretty funny ^.^
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What a wonderfully interesting character! I love how different his human and sybal form are.
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Thank you kindly~ I'm glad you like him CX
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nice contrast between his sybal and human form X3
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ahaha~ ultimate retribution for being so nasty during the day XD
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yep X3
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Yo Kaz! Omg, that sybal. XD And I feel like daytime Beau will be competing with Theo for who has the fanciest boots. lol!

There are a couple of things that need adjusting for this though.
1. On his sybal power, he shouldn't be able to create just "however many he wants" of the mannequins, particularly since they stick around during the day.  We've set that "object-creation" sybals can only have a set maximum number at any given time, so you should specify that.
2. For his feral/docile classification, that actually isn't quite how it would go. Beau would still be classified as Feral in the city records. The only way he could get it changed would be if he legitimately did overcome those feral aspects and got rid of them. But just avoiding people won't get him an official docile classification.  However, there's nothing to stop Beau from telling people that he's docile.  So technically his classification should be something like "Feral (Claims Docile)"
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Yes. Almost definitely XD

And yee, I can change those things, since he doesn't actually need more than about 10 at one time in any case. And I was to-ing and fro-ing between his classification for a while, on the -official- record, but it sounds about right to me :) I'll change that ASAP ^u^
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Sounds good! ^^
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Omg i love him xD great character, very interesting
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Thank you~ I'm glad you like him~
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