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Here's a twitter link of illustration worked at PAX EAST.
(white wolf of eldwood, genesis dragon, and jeno)

The time I was in Boston was a lot of fun.
 I'll go to Boston for a week, for the PAX EAST.
America is the first time, so looking forward to it.
However preparation is difficult. I'm worried whether I'll forget something.
Thanks for birthday message. I'm very glad.
(Sorry to not reply individually.)

The degree of busyness has decreased a little.
I would like to increase my hobby pictures, though it is a late painting.
I have a lot of work at a company, so I can not draw a picture of my hobby. It is hard.
I am looking forward to the screening start of warcraft (1st, July).
Disney's Zootopia is so good...XD
continue studying illustration...
thanks comments XD.

I'll let out little by little the work that has been accumulated in a while...

sorry for late, but thank you very much for message of "happy birthday" XD.

It is a day-to-day study earnestly.
Thanks for DD!!  It's 3rd time and I want to do my best from now on.

korekara mo gannbari masu!
thanks for DD!  I found now (^^;
now working as an illustrator.
sorry for cannot replying messages, I'm working with mobile-web-game illustrations.
I wanna do request or commition, but there's an environmental change and it is difficult for the time being.

The comment is reading and it values them one by one.
Thank you.
Thanks for daily daviation..! I'm very glad :)
I wanna draw more speedy(with  quality) ...
It's largest fantasy-illustration submitting event on pixiv.
(pixiv is japanese illustration SNS)…

Mainly Japanese sorry, but here's English explain URL.…
There was a troble that psd or so ,,large size document, broken.
and, didn't boot, I start re-install.
There's a lot of time for installing..
Data of illustration is no problem.

Sorry for late for making illust of the request that I receipt.
Now I'm making it.
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It's Exhibition of illustration of Pixiv(
In Japan, 16-17, Oct. 2010.

I'll participate in it.
After the holding period, I 'll submit my illustration here XD
  • Reading: Monster Hunter Illustrations
I started participation to some groups narrowly, although for 3 years DA (^^;)
I'll make more practical use and enjoy DA, as before weak in Eng. and always beside a dictionary.
hmmm... I don't know how to delete printable option which I have negligently set.
so, deleting deviation, I'll re-deviate.