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The Guns of Araea: Model 30

The Kirscher Model 30 is a heavy large frame top break revolver chambered for the powerful .452 High Impulse round. It is marketed as a sidearm for hunters, ranchers, and other individuals who might require a handy means of defense against dinosaurian threats. Though not generally used for protection against human criminals or bandits (due to the fact that a smaller, easier to control handgun is adequate for that role) , the .452 HI round is certainly more then capable of performing in this function as well. The terminal ballistics of the round against a human torso are "extensive" to say the least.
A certain Port Tarpan crime boss is known to carry an ornately engraved heavyweight model, and the big revolvers are also sometimes seen in use with Wuestenpolizei officers and the occasional maverick New Hope detective as well.
The carbine version, the M30/C, is a popular hunting weapon for medium sized game. Having a longer, compensated barrel, and being more controllable overall then the handgun, the carbine model is actually a somewhat commonly used home defense weapon by Araean citizens, especially in those urban areas where automatic rifles are illegal for civilian ownership.

This is a do-over of a revolver I drew last year, along with some other sidearm designs. [link]

What can I say? Big revolvers are neat. Top break revolvers actually aren't very suited for powerful calibers because they are structurally weaker then the swing-out cylinder type revolver. However the "top-break" action was part of my design concept for this thing from the get go. So..let's just say that Araean weapons makers somehow figured out a solution to this problem...
"High Impulse" or HI rounds are Araea's Magnum analogue btw.
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Oh I am freakin lovin this revolver design. The schofield has always been my favorite revolver and I think it’s a shame that there are not a lot of revolver rifle designs out the there. So this is an awesome design.

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hmm nice, I like weapon's with special attachments. the walther p38 from 'the man from unle' is one of my faves guns, weather the w p38 can be equipped with all those parts or not I don't know but it's still a sweet gun. like a pocket sniper.
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I must say the detail you did on those revolvers are impressive. The models you drew for the Model 30 are magnificent. The variants of the Model 30 are really unique as well despite the fact that it looks like a regular revolver like the Colt Python or the S&W 500. Nice job you did there. Nice job.
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Thanks. I do believe this drawing is the most popular thing I've ever uploaded on to DA.
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You're welcome. Looking forward to observing more of your work.

tip my hat to ya 
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Your gun designs are amazing, you should totally work as a video game company or live-action/animated studios' weapon designer. I'd totally hire you if I was one of those guys. I like shotguns, I like lever actions, and I like revolvers. Mainly because I like the cowboy imagery. However, there problems with that.

Lever actions are favorable in short to medium range due to the firing rate over the bolt action, and some models are just as accurate. However, most are short ranged and they have a higher chance to jam and take longer to reload as well as being harder to maintain. Not to mention the difficulty to rapid fire while prone.

Revolvers are pretty powerful, but a rifle or a carbine with a similar mechanism is disadvantageous, even if it is pretty cool. One is the bullets, revolvers are chambered for pistol rounds which have shorter range, speed, and damage, and the cylinder would have to be bigger and thicker, thus heavier, to accommodate rifle rounds, granted that the mechanism can withstand the recoil.

Speaking of cylinder, the gap between the barrel and the cylinder is where the hot gasses and some lead shrapnel escape, firing it while your fingers are near the gap has the potential to blast them clean off your hand. And when looking down the sights, the gasses could blind you.

The Colt gunmakers once made revolving rifles and revolver shotguns, but it was during the civil war for the former and the wild west era for the latter. The rifles preformed superbly for the Union, in one battle a confederate force thought they were facing and entire division rather than a single regiment due to the firing rate, but they were susceptible to chain fire, I dont know what that means but I'm assuming that it malfunctions and all the gunpower goes off and blows up in the users hands, as well as the aforementioned gap. Revolver shotguns where invented by colt and offered equal rate of fire, combined with the shotgun effect, but never caught on due to the price at the time, as well as the cost of maintenance. During the 2000's russia created a more advanced form of revolver shotgun to issue to the police, but were instead taken up en masse by hunters instead.

Have Araean gunsmiths worked around this problem? because then that would be pretty sweet. :)
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Sorry about the delay replying..

So regarding the weaknesses of some of the designs,  Araea has these designs for the same reason the real world does. Some of the guns I drew are meant to be of questionable utility.   Araean weapons are supposed to be *mostly* "pre-WW2" in terms of advancement.

The single most influential event in  Araean small arms design was the Skryke War, when people often found themselves fighting in dense cover at close range, against opponents who were fast and numerous.  The traditional, full power, full length, bolt action rifles in use at the time began to exhibit certain deficiencies under these circumstances and in the rush to get new weapons to the front lines all sorts of different things were tried.  The shorter range and difficulties in firing from prone with a lever action, for instance, were offset by the lever-action's somewhat higher rate of fire and lesser recoil (due to smaller caliber, which was still adequate for use against skrykes.), which were bigger priorities in the style of combat that typified engagements during the Skryke War.  Full power bolt action rifles, or special carbine variants, were used throughout the war, but they were supplemented by other weapons (semi-auto rifles, Revolver-carbines, lever actions, submachine guns, automatic shotguns) and some of them were better ideas than others.
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That does make a lot of sense. Being in pre-WW2 tech means they still don't have the knowledge of weapons and warfare that we have. Much like how in our WW1 tanks were viewed with suspicion on how well they'd performed by the british while the germans thought they would be a waste of time. Then in WW2 there were many different types of tanks and many models that shared the same chassis but were outfitted to perform different roles, this was done to experiment on how a tank should fit in a modern battle field.
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Yeah, and the vastly different conflict experience they had in Araea would influence small arms design greatly.  The things like revolver carbines and pistols with shoulder stocks, and the Araean emphasis on bayonets are all products of the Skryke War, which was the single longest lasting and most formative military engagement ever fought on Araean soil (for the time being)
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What kind of nation is Araea anyway? And how many wars has it fought over the years?

This Skryke War must have reformed the military to emphasis on rapid fire and CQC then.
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Araea is and island.  Comprised of nine semi-autonomous provinces under the control of a provincial governor, who are in turn subordinated to the Chancellery in the capital city.  Government system is almost feudal in organization. Araea lacks a standing national army, instead it's military force is comprised of numerous provincial militias in the service of the governors and other provincial vassals, who commit troops when called upon by the capital. Technology is at about a 1930s-ish level for the most part.

There have been a lot of small scale armed conflicts, the relationship between the various provinces isn't always harmonious and even within the provinces there are skirmishes between political factions, attempted coups etc.

Yes the Skryke War is indeed where the emphasis on rapid fire, bayonets, and close quarter tactics came from.  Exploiting the fact that the humans constantly underestimated them, the skrykes were very good at controlling where engagements took place, especially early on in the war.
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I am sorry to be an annoyance the carbine model somewhat based off of the S&W 320? looks a lot like it :)
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It's been awhile since I drew this so I'm not sure but I think I just used revolver carbines in general as a point of reference rather than any one model, however it does look quite a bit like the S&W 320.
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oh I see :D ...and the only real reason I knew what the 320 was is because of the pilot episode to a certain 1970s cop show :XD:
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I'm writing a story and i would like to use these, if you don't mid that is
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You can use a big revolver based on it as long as you credit me somewhere but I'd prefer you not copy it exactly and not use the same name just because the gun ties in with an ongoing project I am working on.
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ah, ok, is the big one the rifle, or the heavy weight?

thanks btw
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No I just meant I don't mind if you utilize a similar weapon and *base* it off of any of these.  I'd just prefer they not be exact copies.
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OH, yeah, just referenced, I'm not a plagorist or whatever, and I'll link the picture for anyone who wants to see what the guns look similar to

thanks again and good luck with whatever your working on!
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Love the Carbine model.
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Just good old revolver!
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