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handguns in use on the island. as well as an unnamed machine pistol of some sort. "High Impulse" is similar in concept to a "Magnum" power cartridge, however Magnums weren't designed until the 1930s and the "incident" leading to colonization of the island took place before that so i picked a different term. Although in New Hope and in some of the other large cities there are draconian small arms control laws in effect in the interior the carrying of handguns by the citizenry is quite widespread. The local Wuestenpolizei ("Desert Police" - the Germanically named regional gendarmerie, often abbreviated to WuPo) does little to discourage the practice, understanding they are spread far too thin to provide adequate protection from crime.
7.65 Government is an outdated cartridge, old revolvers chambered for this round are still in wide circulation among the citizenry however but the gun and cartridge have both been dropped from official use.
the CP-750 is chambered for the high velocity 7.5x26mm, which is a fast, flat shooting cartridge originally intended for use in submachine guns. although somewhat obsolete both the cartridge and the CP-750 pistol still see wide use.
.452 Hi-Impulse revolvers are popular with big game hunters, who carry them as sidearms, and amongst ranchers and other rural folk who might require a handy means of dinosaur defense.
The 9.2x21mm is the standard pistol cartridge in use by the armed forces. pistols chambered for this round are also found in use among police forces, civilian militias, and average citizens all over the island. The K40A is the standard sidearm in all branches of the armed forces. The newer, slightly more compact TTS pistol is popular with police and security forces. both models are frequently purchased by civilians as well.
the 7.8x17 Auto cartridge is commonly used in small "pocket" pistol like the C22

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Potential arsenal!
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Yep these and the other firearms designs are just some examples of human technology on the island.
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Excellent designs, same goes for your KP-60s and ATR-90s; one small tip is save the image as a .png and upload it - the compression on the jpg makes the image lossy, and as a result, lower quality.
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Thanks for the compliments! i'm going to look into the .png thing too, i have the originals of all my drawings still (since i edit a lot) and can go back and save versions of them as .png and re-upload them if there is in fact a difference in quality.