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Coelophysis bauri

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Coelophysis bauri (gracile morph).
A Greg Paul skeletal restoration was used as a reference. (In light of Paul's recent rantings I feel I should point out that this drawing isn't for commercial use, so hopefully he won't sue me .....)

Feathers/proto-feathers may be speculative on such a primitive theropod but I find myself kind of subscribing to the idea that integument may have been a feature even the earliest basal dinosaurs had.
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DinosaurienneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oww my favorit dinosaur is the coelophysis! I love him !! ♥
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Good work, what software do you use to colour your drawings?
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Thanks. I use an old roller ball mouse with MS Paint for Windows XP to both the drawing and coloring, it's a lame and hard to use program but I've managed to become somewhat proficient with it. On my more recent stuff, after I complete the drawing and coloring with Paint I also use a Gimp filter tool to refine them a bit. This particular drawing however, is from before I started using Gimp on my drawings.
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TheMorlockStudent General Artist
Very cool
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well,Ornithischians had "feathers",theropods have feathers,and pterousars had "pterofuzz"

it looks like last common ancestor of dinosaurs and pterosaurs had hair like cover of body
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pilsatorHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm with you in becoming more and more persuaded by the protofeathers-are-basal-for-ornithodirans-idea. Very nice Coelophysis to boot, I'm both astonished at your MS Paint skills (and patience, probably) and your ability to find color schemes that never look boring.
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Thanks for the compliments. MS paint is quite a time vampire to use but I enjoy the ease at which the drawings can be edited and colored. I try to keep my color schemes on all my dinosaurs interesting yet still plausible.
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TheArchosaurQueenHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool man :).
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Thanks! Been awhile (years actually) since I'd sat down and drawn a Coelophysis. I guess the mood just struck me.
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Weird-DuckHobbyist General Artist
Really like this stony-gray color scheme, and the greenish eye. :) And of course the delicate scaling on the toes, as I've said.
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Thanks :) I do think this one came out pretty good. The more delicate scaling on the lower legs and toes, and the hands is a recent change that I started with my Guanlong drawing. I think I prefer this to the broader more obtrusive scaling I had been doing previously.
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BrooksLeibeeStudent Photographer
really nice! Now is this an overskin or did you fully sketch it out yourself? Im guessing yourself.
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Thanks! Yeah I drew it all out in MS Paint using an old roller ball mouse (which i find superior to wireless mice when it comes to drawing) . I had the skeletal restoration nearby to periodically consult as I drew though. The original drawing as it appears in MS Paint is quite large actually.
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BrooksLeibeeStudent Photographer
lol wow! you did all that in MS paint?! Holly Cow! That's amazing even with a rolling ball mouse!
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