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Hey YouTubers on DA,
YouTube has connected creative people from across the world and is arguably more than a website and a cultural phenomenon. It is an art museum. Many significant contemporary artists upload videos to YouTube, and the world's most famous museums all have YouTube pages, but surprisingly, there is no visual arts category. There is a movement currently underway to communicate to the decision makers at YouTube, that a visual arts category is needed. At the moment, there is no category for visual artists to upload to. The closest three categories are "howto& style", "education" and "film&animation". Howto&style is dominated by makeup tutorials, workout videos and fashion tips. The Education category does not have a visual arts subcategory, and that is especially scary in a time when so many schools have totally eliminated the arts from their curriculums. Film and animation is the closest match but its classification is much more limiting than a Visual Arts category. History has taught us art can be taken for granted by the generation that creates it and that art has to age like wine before it is excavated, appreciated and placed in museums. If you are considering signing our petition, I am challenging you to think ahead of our time and see that the Louvre of the 21st century is forming before our eyes.YouTube Artists are realizing a dream in social history in that everyone is welcome. We are all curators and stars and ground breaking art is uploaded to YouTube every day. Artists can now connect with other artists in distant corners of the world and share ideas, learn new techniques and make friends. I am inspired by the awesomeness of YouTube every day; but there is one glaring oversight, that can easily be fixed.

Consider these points:

1.) Major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Getty Museum upload in to the education Category, which does not have a Visual Arts subcategory.

2.) Art is a topic that has a similar audience to established categories such as Travel&Liesure and Autos&Vehicles. Source-…

3.) The Gugenheim Museum collaborated with YouTube on YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video. Link-…
Interestingly, the YouTube Play channel uploaded videos in to the People&Blogs and the Film&Animation categories. Source-…

Please consider signing this petition to help us advocate for a visual arts category on YouTube.
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Hey, kazan !
I watch your youtube & I was wondering what it requires to be part of a hangout or challenge??
They look like lots of fun & I hope maybe I can join one >u<)/
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Hey I think this is a great idea. I just signed the petition. I hope this idea pulls through. =)
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Right on! Thank you for the support!