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Yogi Bare Composition B by kazanjianm Yogi Bare Composition B by kazanjianm
Link to YOUTUBE VIDEO-[link]

I was listening to the radio on my way to class one day and the DJ started talking about a naked yoga class. Visual images rushed to my mind! I started to sketch out my ideas. Couldn't concentrate on the school stuff. I came home and did this video. Sometimes inspiration can be stupid! But it's still inspiration so I went with it! True story.
-Merrill Kazanjian

These are the steps that I took to make this character. (How I made it)

1.) Pencil Drawing
2.) Layer of Prismacolor and AD Markers
3.) Scan with scanner and use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 9 to do a digital collage.
4.) Print on to new sheet of paper
5.) Layer of Color Pencil over the Printout (to tie things together and prime the paper for Oil Paint)
6.) Layer of Opaque (cant see through it) Oil Paint
7.) Scan again
8.) Use PSP and Photoshop CS3 again to touch up my "Nude Yoga Man Character"
9.) Save as a PNG file (Portable Network Graphic) PNG's are like stickers- you could stick them over any digital file as many times as you want.

See more of my characters at [link]
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lol lol lol
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