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BLAZBLUE : Nanaya Makoto / μ-12
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Such a great drawing here! Keep up the great work! ...I wish someone would post more Blazblue animation onto Sakugabooru. It feels like not enough content is on there and there should be.
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draw droppingly stunning. im picking my jaw up off the floor right now
KrazyInAnime's avatar
Nice Job.
It looks wonderful. Chitanda Smile Icon 
gabo912's avatar
Woow... a lot of detail there!!
Color manage. Shadows, proportion...texture, well done between but skin and clothes.
ligth efects...dinamic.
GREAT, really GREAT !!!!!Clap +fav deviantART Heart 
diejango's avatar
kinda reminds me of sol and ky from guilty gear
EmperorBassexe's avatar
Makoto and her weapons! XD

...Oh! And her metal fist guards too!
AidenUmbra's avatar
Well done!..and now if you excuse me...I got...matter to attend, hehe [RC] Sweat 
nightinthetwilight's avatar
It's amazing how much pretty colouring can hide bad anatomy. That leg isn't even attached to her hip. And let's not even get started on that spine curve or anti-gravity boobs or thin waist.

Everything about the forefront girl below the ribcage just makes no sense.
Its not wrong,its style
nightinthetwilight's avatar
"It's style" is the weak excuse people give to not want to admit when something is wrong. I shouldn't be surprised people still use this excuse, yet here i am.
Wow....Weird bullshit opinion.

But alright.It's YOUR opinion...i shouldn't complain.[XDDDD]
nightinthetwilight's avatar
As your declaration of my opinion to artistic fact being my opinion is yours. Congratulations, you know what an opinion is.
Yay!Even when i already knew it before you started talking to me....but Yay!
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Fap now, regret in shame later. oh someone already said that.
blame77's avatar
Fap now, marval later.
sexyb1tchx3's avatar
Nice muscles! Lovely!
dreamcastzx's avatar
really impressive looks incredible
Ace-1n-One's avatar
This is quite good
diejango's avatar
xZeroMan's avatar
Unbelievably beautiful! 
MightyGiratina101's avatar
The only thing in some Animes I don't understand is why are boobs so freaking big!? There like watermelon sized!! Its unreal...
Not all anime have big boobs...
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