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Kaz Suite for Rainmeter v1.1

Bullet; Blue Description

Easy to configure with the configuration skin.
Language: French, English


-Analog Clock (12h and 24h)
-Digital Clock (12h and 24h)
-Date (2 skins)
-Gmail (2 skins)
-Google Search
-Launcher Mini
-Folder and Recycle bin
-Player Control (4 skins)*
-Player Cover (2 skins)*
-Player lyrics*
-System (cpu, ram , download, upload...)
-Weather (2 skins)

*Those skins are automatically hidden when player is closed, be sure that your player is running when you try to move those skins.
*²If you use foobar2000 you will need this component for foobar : Foo-Cad 
Click on cover of a song will show the lyrics skin.

Known bug: sometimes the user picture don't work or disappears, for fix this you have to change your user picture again.

Bullet; Blue Credit:

:iconkredoc: Some code are based on Edge Suite: Edge Suite | Beta 0.8

:iconjsmorley: For his help on rainmeter forum.

:iconpoiru: For the foobar2000 component: Foo-Cad 

:icontoastbrotpascal: My launcher is a modified version of the one you can found on the ABP : ABP 1.2 

:iconflipslide: Lyrics is based on SCaLPI v2.5 : SCaLPI v2.5 for Rainmeter

:iconmetalcactuar: My youtube code is mostly based on this: YouTube Subscriber v1.00

And everybody that i forgot to mention.

Bullet; Blue Suggestion / Help

If you found some errors or bad translations tell me.

Feel free to suggest some ideas for future updates Wink/Razz 

Feel free to translate to your language if you want (send me the translation, and the language will be included in the next update with credit to translator) :D (Big Grin) 
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good work keep it up, thanks 
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Salut Kaz !
tout d'abord félicitations, la suite d'éléments est, je trouve, vraiment réussie.
Disposant de deux disques durs, je souhaitais savoir s'il était possible de copier les infos du premier en changeant simplement le lecteur et le nom sur le second via les paramétrages de rainmeter (ça rejoint un commentaire précédent).
Merci pour le retour :)
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hi Great Skin! its replaced my old desktop widgets on win 7 :D

Ive got a little problem with the weather bit, it shows the tempature but not the icon to tell if its cloudy etc.. i've changed my location from Brighton to London uk and that seems to work for london but not my location Brighton

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How many time do you have this issue? i found why this happen it's a yahoo fault :…

This line is wrong: <yweather:condition text="Unknown" code="3200" temp="21" date="Sun, 13 Jul 2014 1:59 pm BST"/>
Normally the line would look like this: 
<yweather:condition text="Unknown" code="32" temp="21" date="Sun, 13 Jul 2014 1:59 pm BST"/>

I don't know if this is permanent or this will be fixed on next weather condition.

I will check later to see if the code is also broken with the other icons.
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as soon as i posed my last comment it fixed itself but a few hours after it broke again and stayed like that. Yeah it might be a thing with my town and a weather report thing. Just took a look at that link you posted... ah yeah its on their side not your Rainmaker app. i hope they fix it soon.

Just thought id throw it in here i found a small bug in the analogue time display. you got the minute and hour bits mixed up. i fixed mine by making the hour hand the same length as the minute and the minute hand the same length as the hour.

But other then that all is good :)
Salut et merci à toi ! Enfin un skin dont la couleur est facilement modifiable et s'adapte donc à tout, nickel :) !

J'ai cependant 2 soucis :

1) Le lecteur ne s'affiche pas et semble ne pas fonctionner avec mediaplayer classic
2) Serait il possible d'inclure un "Folder & Recycle.bin" plus grand ou en tout cas customisable afin d'afficher plus que 4 dossiers/disques ?

Je te remercie :)
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Les skin de lecteur sont automatiquement caché lorsque le lecteur n'est pas ouvert et Media Player classic est partiellement supporté par rainmeter:… si vous chercher un lecteur léger je vous recommande d'essayé foobar2000 B-) (Cool) 
Pour la seconde recommandation ces une bonne idée, je la met de coté si une mise a jour venais a voir le jour ;) (Wink) 
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Halo, Thanks first good Theme,

May i change Folder name?  Like Videos/Music to the Others Name

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You can do that by editing "" in "resources/languages" :)
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Oh thanks ,  Sorry i neglect that folder ><"
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C'est rare de trouver un bon skin, mais encore plus d'en trouver un en français :) merci !

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Terrible le skin,bravo pour le rèsultat et en Fr en plus...merci pour le partage
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Nice and clean skin. How do I configure the player. Wich one are you using in this screenshot?

Thanks. ;)
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In this screenshot i use foobar2000, i forget to mention that player skin are hidden when the player is closed. You have to launch the player before, to show the skin
AutoHidden skin are (Lyrics, Player, Cover, Player Control)

Also if you use foobar2000 you need to install this compnent for foobar:
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Thank you so much. Everything working now. :)
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