What is Abstract Photography?
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What is Abstract Photography?

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Abstract work has been altered or shot in such a way that it's difficult to tell what the subject is or there could be several answers as to what it is. The usual attractions of Abstract Photography are the colours and shapes - the subjects can be objects but are very rarely whole landscapes or people.

Often when you look at a piece of Abstract Photography you'll find that emotions can be provoked - the combinations of shapes and colours are sometimes quite powerful.

Pictures that seem to resemble nothing, that are all shapes or colours or shadow and light, fall into abstraction. Abstract Photography can be playful; sharply focused or blurred; and revealing detail so fine or so far away as to be incomprehensible.

Abstract photography lends itself to beginners who like to experiment as much as to advanced abstract photographers who have developed a fine technique with colour, shapes and lines.

Abstract Photographers on Deviantart

FairiesFromHell has a beautiful gallery featuring many abstract works aswell as other genres of art. He focuses on small sections of normal things that we take for granted, putting them together to create a diversely abstract collection.


Alan Babbit

Alan Babbit has an incredible collection of Abstract Photography involving both street and nature to name a few genres. You can www.abproductions.com/ (check out his work here).

Abstract Photography and YOU

Abstract Art is all around us - there are objects right in front of you as you read this, that you could create an abstract piece of artwork with. Whether it's the fine grains of wood shown in your desk, or the pattern the sun makes on your wall as it shines through the blinds at the window. It could be the bristles of a paintbrush or the tip of a crayon.

Look outside - is it about to rain? Check out the cloud formations and the contrasts between a blue sky and grey clouds rolling in. A small capture of this could provide the most amazing abstract photography. There are no boundaries unless you impose them on yourself. Don't wait for an opportunity to create to arrive - go and find it yourself!

Other Gallery Moderators

The below are the areas that I have received suggestions from. It's easy to confuse the boundaries sometimes so make sure you check where the work is categorised before you suggest a piece for a Daily Deviation. Here are a few that have been recently linked to Abstract and Surreal - mistakenly.

:bulletblue:Shalora looks after the Conceptual Gallery

:bulletblue:NeoStockz looks after the Photo-Manipulation Gallery

:bulletblue:impressionenmeer looks after the Macro Gallery

:bulletblue:Anoya looks after the Animals, Plants and Nature Gallery  

:bulletblue: If you have a strong Abstract or Surreal Presence in your Gallery and would like to be considered for an Interview please note me.  

Check out the article below to find out about Surreal Photography and how it compliments Abstract!

news.deviantart.com/article/12… (What Is Surreal Photography?)

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