Photography Weekly: Edition Ten

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  Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

"“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
-Marc Riboud-

Community Relations News...

Firstly - and something I am MOST excited about is that projecteducate has become a group! That means that we can bring you the latest articles and features much easier and you can join as a member to get the full benefits!

As a member of the deviantART community there are some Community Relations changes that affect YOU. For the full updates you can Read More Here.

:bulletblack: There was a 3 month rule for Daily Deviations which meant that once you received one there had to be three months before you could receive another. That rule has changed to become Six Months.
:bulletblack: As Community Volunteers we are only allowed to submit one Daily Deviation per day to focus on Quality V Quantity.

General Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D and kinipelahh

Photography Weekly became bi-weekly the past little while mainly because I was writing a lot of Articles for Photography Project Educate and didn't want to overload everyone!

:bulletblack: pullingcandy has left her role as a General Photography CV but fear not! She is still on the team and has gone back to focusing completely on Horror and Macabre Photography and Cosplay. So be sure to direct all your General Photography Daily Deviation suggestions to kinipelahh and myself.

:bulletblack: As part of Project Educate week for Photography - kinipelahh and myself carried out a lot of interviews....

Full Roundup of All Articles

water monsters by lithiumpicnic
Pasta hotline by sharadhaksar
Shirt made of leaves. by sharadhaksar
Maria Aya by bwaworga

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

:bulletblack: Friday night Street Specials v2.1
:bulletblack: Friday night Street Specials v2.2
:bulletblack: The story behind the shot - v.3
:bulletblack: Street Photography DDs - JANUARY 2012
:bulletblack: Art History - Street Photography - The Origins

StamatisGR recommends the group StreetSnapshots for being different in its approach as a group on deviantART. Instead of submitting Your photography to the group you are invited to submit Other Peoples carefully selected Street works. Head over and take a look, enjoy the showcase that the contributors and members are setting up and find out a bit more about how you can promote Street.
The Ostrich by myraincheck
Uninvited guests by sandas04

Artistic Nude and Fetish

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

Fetish Heroes and Villians
Art Nudes and Flowers


Mature Content

He Sent Me Flowers by MSlygh

Mature Content

Flowers by inwersjaa

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

Abstract-and-Surreal is where DpressedSoul hangs out and is a group that I founded when I became the Abstract and Surreal CV back in 2010. The group itself is run by a group of very active and very loyal individuals who write some fascinating articles and host amazing contests. The group doesn't just focus on Photography so if you are a digital or traditional artist there is a place for you. I urge you to check out some of the latest articles for your Abstract and Surreal updates.

Abstract Photography - Camera Movement
Abstract Photography - Lines
Abstract Photography and Texture!

Move to Yellow by mcDarius
movement II by sth22art


Community Volunteer FritsPlays

If you're not sure where to submit your Architecture Photographs to get the biggest and best exposure then head over and check out Urban-and-Rural and Through-a-Lens. Both groups are welcoming and have a place for you!

Architecture Overview

...St.Vitus Cathedral...Prague by erhansasmaz
Colosseum by NettyC

Spotlight Artist Shutter-Shooter

With a gallery that spans a wide range of genres Shutter-Shooter has a portfolio worth looking twice at! He has the advantage of being able to take fantastic images and to top it all off he even shares some of them as stock. Shutter-Shooter takes concepts that have been done before and adds his own powerful quirky twists.

Feel the power by Shutter-Shooter

Spotlight Group Abstract-HIGH-key

This is a brand shiny new Abstract Photography group! It was reccomended to me by the very Abstract and Surreal Community Volunteer DpressedSoul so if he likes it then it MUST be good!

take me to the otherside by arbebuk
d e r e l i c t by nilgunkara

And in the words of the group founders..."Anything that is abstract will be accepted, including surreal and conceptual, as well as very minimalist landscapes in high-key tones."


:bulletblack:Ending this Sunday The I love contest challenges you to think outside the box (or indeed INSIDE the meme!) to illustrate what You Love. Go and check it out because the prize list is epic!

:bulletblack: Abstract-and-Surreal are hosting a Black and White Contest which ends on the 29th of February.

Squared by AnInsect
Gravity trap by Mukimaki
Nest Clock by nellegirl

Tip of the Week

Ever wondered how people get those beautiful hues? Well wonder no more! This tutorial tells all...

Spring is coming by Eredel
Spring by f-f-w-d
:SPRING: by onixa
Rite of spring by april182
spring... by rahmanio

The Photography Team

General Photography
Kaz-D and kinipelahh

Animals, Plants and Nature
actonephotos  and shuttermonkey

 Artistic Nude and Fetish

Abstract and Surreal

Urban, Rural and Architecture

Cosplay, Horror and Macabre


Pinup and Glamour


Conceptual Photography

 Fashion Photography

You can find the rest of the CV Team at communityrelations


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