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Welcome to the Oct - Nov edition of Photography News which has been collated for you courtesy of Kaz-D, 3wyl and Mrs-Durden. Please :+fav: the article, share it and enjoy it! You could be in next months article - just send CRPhotography a note!

Becoming a photographer, whether professional or amateur, brings with it a whole world of equipment, projects, subjects - and often the legalities of it all. Petapixel has just recently published an article highlighting 8 Legal cases that every photographer should know. How many did you already know before looking at the article?

The Sony World Photography award winners have been announced proving that once again there are some pretty impressive photographers out there! Check out the winners here. With that being said, the Sony World Photography Awards have opened up for 2015 and are seeking the next best Photographers for next years prizes. Categories in the competition, which is open to any photographer from the UK, include Architecture, Arts & Culture, Enhanced, Low-light, Nature & Wildlife, Panoramic, People, Smile, Split second and Travel. The winner will be announced on 18 March 2015, with Sony providing the prizes. Enter for free by visiting this link.
And finally, another bit of general news that has hit the photography headlines this week - a Photographer has started to become fairly well known for her series documenting the loss of conversation. It's a powerful set of photographs which sadly, may not seek to inspire the majority of us to change but capture something that is quite simply becoming the future - in some ways. Babycakes Romero, a London based photographer, uses a camera (not a phone) to document the Death of Conversation. What do you think about the project? Do you think it's a sign that times are changing - if so are they changing in a positive way or a negative way? Would you choose to document this project in a different way?

Daily Photographers at CRPhotography

Over at CRPhotography we are featuring Photographers on our front page on a daily basis. Each day we choose a photographer that we think deserves the feature and every fortnight we'll be rounding up an article featuring all of those chosen artists. If you think you deserve to be featured then note CRPhotography with the subject 'Daily Photographer.' If you know of someone else that could be featured do the same and suggest them!

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

There has been a lot going on in the Abstract-and-Surreal group here on DeviantART and in the community in general. Our shiny new Community Volunteer has settled in perfectly and you can send all of your Daily Deviation suggestions to him - justanothersomeone. We have recently featured the
Best of September courtesy of adumvgh and the October Contest and September winners have been announced. The November contest has already been announced so head over to Abstract-and-Surreal right now to enter and win some awesome prizes!

As part of the Art History Project at projecteducate, a recent article exploring Contemporary Artists #1 - Robert Parkeharrisson by TylerFortierPhoto has been posted. Well worth checking out for some timeless inspiration!

Beast on the beach by amandinesky

Animals, Plants and Nature

Community Volunteer Anoya

The latest edition of APN Suggestion Saturday is out. Elsewhere online the BBC have released a beautiful collection of timelapse videos exploring some of natures most amazing moments. Check that out here.

For onsite inspiration check out the September '14, nature and flower feature. Also on dA, karz09 wrote an article on insect photography that was published in the Wall Street International. You can read it yourself here.
And for more inspiration check out this beautiful feature along the theme of Photography XXIX: Lengthened Rays, Shortened Days.

Chasing the sun by tassanee


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

devPREMIUM has recently published a beautiful feature spotlighting Architecture. Elsewhere on DeviantART techgnotic has published an article asking about The DeviantART hotel and whether it's a possible reality... what do you think?

Under Blue by wertysachu

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine & Mrs-Durden

Check out the latest Sunday Feature from Nyx-Valentine. Check out Mrs-Durden's Daily Deviation roundup from September here and don't forget to send your Daily Deviations to one of them! 

one giant leap by imagesse

Conceptual Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

There has been a fair bit of Conceptual Photography news floating around lately. For starters check out the Conceptual Spotlight courtesty of devPREMIUM and the winners of the September contest at CRPhotography were recently announced - check them out here. There has been another spotlight courtesy of devPREMIUM which can be read here. The latest edition of Conceptual Creations is out -Conceptual Creations - October. You will find some of the top submissions to the Conceptual Photography gallery in the past month!

Ignore The Machine by bliXX-a

Commercial Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

Have you read the latest somewhat controversial news to hit the Photography headlines in the USA? USA news; outlawing photography in national parks - for commercial use - what are your thoughts?

Commercial Studio: Glass 001 by Saknika


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

Elsewhere online, Kasia Wozniak has recently talked about Fashion Photography inspired by sherlock holmes and her love of darkroom photography. Fond of the wet plate collodion process, Kasia uses a technique that was pioneered around the mid 19th century. There's a great article from Darkroom Software focusing on considerations that need to be undertaken when building your own Photography Booth.

WD14 by jennystokes


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight & Mrs-Durden

A new article from the Telegraph focuses on the Best Fashion Photography books out there. With Christmas coming it's well worth a look to see if there's anything to add to your wishlist...

Mrs-Durden has recently compiled a Latex and Heels Feature focusing primarily on fashion and has also released the latest edition of Fashion Makes the World go Round IV.

.::: Queen Ira :::. by zennku


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

November the 5th is fast approaching and many of us will be heading out with our cameras to snap some firework displays. There are already some great articles out there from last year that will help you equip yourself for getting the best photos. Check out this article for more information on what equipment you need. This simple article talks about the basic techniques and things to do when shooting. Elsewhere online there are also some fab articles, check out <a href="……">this article for tips. Keep safe!

Fireworks by nuic

Horror and Macabre

Community Volunteer pullingcandy

October was Month of Macabre: Every October is a month long Halloween movie party! It takes place everywhere from people's homes, to local bars, coffee houses, and theaters. MOM has also hosted serial killer tours, zombie walks, and celebrity movie screenings (TROLL 2). For more information about the month of macabre check out Facebook. There is also another eery feature out - check out The Asylum - Part 23 for your Horror and Macabre fix.

hollow by IvanikaGothow


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

There was a Macro Photo Conference in October. Check out the link for the discussions and happenings. There's also a fantastic free online guide to extreme macro photography which you can find here. Check out :devmarcosrodriguez's latest Macro Spotlight Vol. 138 and a feature focusing on Small Worlds - Part 29.

Little World by Zaprzepaszczonesily

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

The latest edition of People + Portraits Exposed is out! The article series is posted on a monthly basis and aims to highlight some of the People and Portrait daily deviation suggestions received from Sept - Oct. Don't forget to keep your suggestions coming - 3wyl and I take suggestions for all galleries that do not have a Community Volunteer.

Sleeping on the moon by MissLoony

Pinup & Glamour

Community Volunteer DistortedSmile

DistortedSmile is back from her travels - read more in her latest journal - I'm back! Also check out the latest edition of LUSH! Pinup and Glamour Features which shares some inspiring works! Don't forget to keep those Daily Deviation suggestions going to DistortedSmile.

i can't break through your world by suchykaszel


Community Volunteer tanikel

Check out tanikel's latest Daily Deviation Roundup -  September 2014 DD Roundup: Photojournalism Take a look for inspiration on what to send when you're looking at Daily Deviation suggestions in the Photo-journalism area. If you're new to Photo-journalism or would just like a refresher then checkout What IS Photojournalism? for further clarification! 'Time' shares some fantastic photo-journalism on a daily basis. Check out one of the latest here.

Fire Defence by aponom

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

Still-Life-Stills has just launched a new challenge! The Monthly Bake Off! is here! Check the link out and get baking as for November the challenge is Bread. There are two chances to win as well!  The Monthly contest is still ongoing which gives you a chance to win prizes by entering a more general theme. Head over to Still-Life-Stills for more info. One of our latest journals gives you 5 Tools for Photographing Jewellery.

Cute side of the Darkside by ZahirBatin

Street Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

Street Photography baffles many of us - everyday there are works placed within the Street Photography Gallery incorrectly. If you're unsure of what it means check out PE: Street Photography for experts which was written some time ago by StamatisGR. Also courtesy of StamatisGR check out the latest edition of Friday night Specials v10.4. An American Street Photography has been hailed a 'genius' by The Guardian. Garry Winogrand has recently been coined as pretty amazing. Check out the article for more information. Elsewhere in the Street Photography world, a new calendar has been produced from images taken by people affected by homelessness in London. The images were submitted to a competition organised by Café Art, an organisation that connects homeless people with the wider community through the visual arts. More than 100 people were given single use disposable cameras and encouraged to take pictures, with tuition given by local members of the Royal Photographic Society. If you're interested in buying a copy check out Cafe Art. Finally, have a look at the 'King' of Street Photography according to This Article.

whatif by arslanalp

Urban and Rural

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

BBC News have announced the winners of their Urban Photography Competition. There are some incredibly inspiring images in the collection. Read more here. There's another feature out - explore The Empty House Says, Part III by Mouselemur.

Dubai At Night (City) by skywalkerdesign

Educational Articles and Tutorials

For regular educational articles, particularly focusing on Photography, head over and watch projecteducate Below are some of the latest helpful articles and tutorials...
Photography Lesson Number 5
The sky. IT'S FAKE.
Photography Tip - When NOT to Use Stabilization
Macro photography tips
Free SOFTWARE for Photographers ... Upd 26/10/2014

New Tools and Equipment

The [qudos] action light is here! It's bright, waterproof and almost exactly what most photographers have been looking for all their lives. It's a revolutionary piece of equipment for those who are interested in action photography, night photography and sports shots. It works underwater and delivers 400 lumens of light. Read more here.

What's trending right now?
Petapixel have written up an article on Instragram's 'Hyperlapse' tool which seems to be taking the mobile phone photography community by storm. Check out the full article here to find out what it's all about. Have you made a Hyperlapse? Share with us in the comments of this article!

2015 Calendars

Are you releasing a 2015 Calendar? Got one ready to sell? Just note CRPhotography so we can include it in our next newsletter. Check out some of the latest 2015 calendars below...

2015 England Calendars by Kaz-D
England 2015 by Kaz-D

Adorned by :devgestiefeltekatz:

World of Whiskers by ZoranPhoto

Contests & Challenges

Autumn Colours contest
Photography Contest - II
Photography Contest II
Collection: Fall Landscapes
Winners of SummerContest

Groups to Check Out!

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Getting Involved...

You can get yourself into our monthly Photography newsletter just by sending me a note to CRPhotography. Each week we look for:

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Great article with lots to check out.
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You're welcome and thanks for the link.
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nuicHobbyist Photographer
great article and thank you for mentioning me. :D
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imagesseHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for showcasing my work in your Artistic Nude section - that's much appreciated! 
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You're welcome :)
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This is an excellent Newsletter............I applaud you and thank you very much.
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the feedback! :)
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My pleasure.
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Amaziing photos! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart   

Thank You for Share my photo in MACRO:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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A great achievement than such a newsletter! Bravo!
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
Thank you!
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Thank you!
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
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berguntyHobbyist General Artist
Re: Death of conversation. I don't think the phone has replaced that much conversation - in the past they would have probably been smoking instead! I just think humans like to have something in their hands to fiddle with, especially when conversation has dried up. 
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
Oh that's an interesting point :D
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Mrs-DurdenHobbyist Photographer
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
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3wylHobbyist General Artist
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
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MouselemurHobbyist Photographer
I think the "Death of Conversation" really emphasizes something that seems to occur more and more often. I've sometimes sat in a room with my friends, and after an hour or so, smartphones would appear and they'd be talking to each other through an app - while basically sitting face to face.

On another note: so cool that one of my journals is mentioned here :D Thanks for bringing it to other people's attention :hug:
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Kaz-DHobbyist Photographer
Very true :nod:
You're welcome!
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