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The end of the year is fast approaching us and to round off 2014, the Tate Modern in London is showcasing an exhibition of Photography to make us think. Conflict, Time. A huge survey has found that photographs which document big conflicts of the past years have a distinct lack of people captured within the images. That we are able to capture conflict in its most poignant moments is astounding - we've come so far with technology. Yet is there a lack of humanistic perspective throughout many historical images? Read more about the exhibition here.
The British Journal of Photography (a website well worth watching) celebrates the life of Lewis Baltz, an iconic photographer who passed away in France a few days ago. Baltz is celebrated as a photographer who documented stark postmodernistic isolation. Often very opinionated (but aren't all political photographers...) Baltz took the time to see beyond the prettiness of 'Art' and create without boundaries. He documented, he shared and he demonstrated how the world we live in is changing so fast with little heed to traditions. Check out the full article  here.

Source: 11.02 Nagasaki, 1966 (detail) by Shomei Tomatsu. Photograph: © Shomei Tomatsu, courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo

Daily Photographers

Each day we feature a photographer on our frontpage over at CRPhotography. If you'd like to see an artist featured just note the group with the title - Daily Photographer . Please see below the artists featured throughout November!
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Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer justanothersomeone

Lots has been happening lately in the Abstract-and-Surreal community! The theme for December has been announced and there is lots of chance to participate in the contest this month. Check out the information in DECEMBER CONTEST (JOY) AND NOVEMBER WINNERS. The theme is Joy - you can use joyful colours to create abstract pieces, or surrealistic ones - the possibilities are endless! This month there has also been an Interview with surrealist artist zbigniew. The theme at CRPhotography was Abstract and Surreal last month which means there have been lots of themed happenings. Check out the Members' Features - Abstract and Surreal. Our Abstract and Surreal CV has also posted Through The Lens #15 ~ Surrealism and your Community Volunteers have chosen their top Abstract and Surreal photographic pieces this month which you can see here in CV Features - Abstract and Surreal.

Elsewhere on the internet, Petapixel have featured Abstract Long Exposures of Sneakers - something definitely worth checking out! Abstract photography has been hot on the press this month with the release of another article looking at Beautiful Abstract Photos of Sunsets Reveal a Kaleidoscope of Color. And finally, Exposure Guide have done a wonderful Interview with Surreal Photographer Jason McGroarty.

Fire and ice by Phoenixstamatis


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

The Architecture community has been fairly quiet lately - but there have been some great articles elsewhere online that are worth checking out. Have a look at this Stunning architecture timelapse and check out this fabulous talk from TED - Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places .

Neboticnik staircase by luka567

Artistic Nude

Community Volunteers Nyx-Valentine & Mrs-Durden

For some inspiring Artistic Nude features check out some of the latest - Bums! and Fog!. There's also a brand new project courtesy of Mrs-Durden which aims to highlight the artistic nude community and what it's all about. Check out the first article; Flesh and Bone: Beneath the skin with ciaranwhyte.

** by MecuroBCotto

Animals, Plants and Nature

There have been lots of animal related bits and pieces going on at the moment within the APN galleries. Check out Awesome Animals - A big photography feature! and Cat Feature - Part 5. With a focus on the weather, this article showcasing Supercell Cloud Cinemagraphs is worth having a look at! Check out the results from the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year and DeviantART features including Awoken Despair and Places XXXV.

Upper Spa Pool - Karijini by paulmp


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

Check out the latest edition of Conceptual Creations - October Stand by for a new article in December! MarinaCoric's latest feature focuses on Conceptual Photography and is worth checking out if you are looking for new artists to watch or some inspiration for yourself. Conceptual Spotlight vol. 112. Elsewhere online there's an article about a Rapunzel themed series of photographs - check it out, it's amazing! Conceptual Portrait Photographer Shoots Rapunzel-Themed Series Amidst Fantastic Medieval Structure

Nightmare by DominiqueWesson


Community Volunteers Kaz-D & 3wyl

Chuck Baker is a photographer who cannot get rid of gear even when it's broken - sound familiar? Well check out what he did lately when he decided his  old darkroom enlarger format camera needed a new job...
Working camera from a darkroom enlarger..... And if that's not awesome enough, check out this Basement darkroom designed to look like a spaceship...

sister by jarrod343


Community Volunteers Pixel-Spotlight & Mrs-Durden

The latest edition of Fashion Makes the World go Round V has been released courtesy of Mrs-Durden. Don't forget your community volunteers for Fashion are Pixel-Spotlight and Mrs-Durden!

Circe by Meluxine


Community Volunteer MarcosRodriguez

The 30th edition of Small Worlds - is out courtesy of ElyneNoir and features some gorgeous macro captures. For an insight into Macro Photography check out this Macro Interview : Olivia Michalski. Your Macro CV has also published the latest edition of the Macro Spotlight Vol. 144. Elsewhere on the internet check out this article about Insect Macro photography with Thomas Shahan.

3031414 by dini25

People and Portraits

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

Have you ever wondered how to get the best candid photographs? Well wonder no more! This photographer hid in a trash can to grab a shot of emotion at its best. What lengths would you go to? Read the article -> Hidden engagement photographer. Another article online this month explores the best ways of using shadow to create some amazing portraits - if you need inspiration then check out Portraits with great use of shadow.

tribal by fotoz-eu


Community Volunteer tanikel

tanikel has written some incredibly thought provoking articles which are well worth having a read. The first focuses on To Those Who Serve, the work of those who serve for their country and a feature showcasing some of the stunning creations on DeviantART. Check out Beautiful Souls for some poignant captures. Elsewhere online check out The work of firefighters and a beautiful Albuquerque Balloon Festival Timelapse and if you haven't already seen it...The Story Behind this Powerful Photo of a Black Boy Hugging a White Cop at a Ferguson Demonstration.

Bulldogging by Suzie-N

Still Life

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

Check out the latest edition of Nom Nom #80 and don't forget that if you want to suggest a food item to be featured just note Kaz-D! The winners of the first Monthly Bake Off! at Still-Life-Stills have been announced and you can read them here -> Monthly Bake Off - December and WINNERS!
The next theme has been announced and you can participate right now! Check out the contest rules and regs by reading ->  Monthly Bake Off - December and WINNERS! Check out the latest Still Life Spotlight Vol. 33 and elsewhere online check out this very useful Still Life Tips article.

In Silence by Grishnakh666

Street Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D + 3wyl

Sometimes art isn't pretty is an article which focuses on art that we don't often think of, or that we don't like to stop at stare at too many times. Check out the amazing works in the journal - and the message it shares. Also The Street Journal: Best of October is out! And elsewhere online you can check out the 10 Most Influential Active Street Photographers.

Paris Kiss by endegor

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New Equipment News

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2015 Calendars!

Are you releasing a 2015 Calendar? Got one ready to sell? Just note CRPhotography so we can include it in our next newsletter. Check out some of the latest 2015 calendars below...

2015 England Calendars by Kaz-D

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Thank you for using my piece in this article :-)
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You are welcome :)
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Thank you for advertising my Mountains calendar! :heart:
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So many goodies. Thanks for the nice articles. I hadn't thought about the lack of humanistic perspective in recent photography... i guess focusing on whats around us instead of us, we might learn something different, especially in this 'global' digital reality, where we've seen every face there is, already, from great photographers to facebook ids :lol: I do love the human side of everything though :)
Have a great week. And thank you so much for the support, K. :thanks:
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Thank you for commenting! It's true with the facebook thing, faces are overload in other ways aren't they :D
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Excellent... :) :la:
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I'm glad to be present in the featured artists list,with very talented people (much more than me :) )
Great art from great artists.
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Another Guardian reader? They've ran some interesting art-related articles recently (the one about Marrakech hosting the photographer's global HQ was interesting, as was the Big Eyes painting fraud).

"is there a lack of humanistic perspective throughout many historical images?" Perhaps, but what the author is arguing here (about loads of images of empty ruined places), could also be said of affected people (military and civilian). I think the human side is covered quite a lot in the news (and sometimes wrongly, when images are cropped to remove the whole story, or when the story is completely set-up). I would hope the news outlets archives these images - but I'm guessing they might not have done so in the past (hence why we're left with "human-less" images), or that simply this exhibition chooses not to focus on people.

Either way most photographers are simply not going to be around to photograph that moment of impact.
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Great article!
Thank you for mentioning my Small Worlds feature series :)
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You're welcome!
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Fantastic! :eager:
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beautiful quality photos
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Great content :la:
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