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Critiquing in April + Points!

Sun Mar 10, 2013, 1:21 PM
Each month here at CRPhotography, we encourage you to give and get critiques and feedback for your work. Last month we had a folder opened within our Favourites to allow you to submit one piece of work that you would like some feedback on. This month we're directing you to our Critique Thread in the forums. You're encouraged to drop thumbnails to your work there rather than at the group. If you can provide feedback, you'll go into our draw at the end of the month to get some points! There are a few important rules and some guidelines to follow to ensure you get the best out of the folder and your chance to get feedback:

:bulletblack: You Must be a member of the group to participate.
:bulletblack: You can critique other works posted in the forum - it's encouraged!
:bulletblack: Work requiring critique must be Photography only.
:bulletblack: One piece of work per person per month.
:bulletblack: Critique is Not guaranteed.
:bulletblack: When you've critiqued a piece, be sure to reply to the artist in the thread letting them know and automatically putting you into our monthly points prize draw. 

March's Top Critiquers

:iconluckydesigns: :iconphostructor: & :iconlichtschrijver:
Thank you for providing deviants with some great feedback and fantastic tips last month!

The top critiquers each month will be displayed on our front page.  If you would like to donate points please consider heading to CRphotographypoints and giving us what you can spare!

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