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Welcome to the latest Community Relations: Photography news! I'm really hoping that we get to make these things monthly and fill them with a ton of useful stuff as well as the latest goings on here on deviantART. So if there's something you think should be included in this newsletter, then let us know by commenting with your thoughts!

Interviews and Features

Contests and Games

:bulletblue: For those who can't regularly attend our Games Nights and Critique Events at CRPhotography - we host a Games blog! Head over to get involved and for the chance to win some deviantART points! There's still time to join in here.

:bulletblue: For critiques and comments you can join in with Comment Month over at CRPhotography. Check out the latest blog here.

:bulletblue: There's still time to enter the June Contest at CRPhotography. The theme this month is People and Portraits and there's a chance to win some awesome prizes.

:bulletblue: Still-Life-Stills are hosting a June Contest focused on...Breakfast! Take part by reading This Blog and entering your work!

:bulletblue: Abstract-and-Surreal have their June Contest in full swing and there is still time to enter! The theme this time is Open! So you have no excuse to not enter...
If you'd like to see your Contest, Challenge or Game (Photography related) posted here then please send me a note!

Photography Discussions This Month...

justanothersomeone has been talking about Working outside the single image over at CRPhotography this month. Get involved by heading over and commenting today!

Groups Updates... 

Monthly Group Focus

This month the new group focus is on dA-Yoga-Challenge - it's not photography related, it's not any kind of specific art genre related for that matter. But it just goes to show the diversity of deviantART and how there's absolutely something for everyone here. Whilst we go about our Art, our creations and our inspirations we're also parts of lots of other pockets around the internet and our 'everyday lives.' The deviantART Yoga Challenge is there to bring together people who enjoy Yoga or who want to get into it slowly and need a bit of help. Head over and check it out for more information and read the latest journal on Staying Motivated on dA.

Photography Groups

Photo-by-Nature have opened their next submission period so check out the article, read the rules and participate!

Hot off the Press!

Huge congratulations go to georgewjohnson who has had his images published in Amateur Photographer Magazine this month! And he was chosen as Editors Choice of the month! Head over and congratulate him!

Abstract And Surreal

The top submissions of May have been featured here at Abstract-and-Surreal. Head over, join, view the works and enjoy! SRudy has also done a fab article on Istvan Sandorfi which is well worth reading.

Black and White by szerglinka

Conceptual Photography

Conceptual Creations is an article series that highlights some of the latest top submissions to the Conceptual Photography gallery here on deviantART. Check out the recent edition here. Don't forget to send your Conceptual Daily Deviation suggestions to Kaz-D and 3wyl!

Macro Photography

This month Rick-TinyWorlds has shared a fabulous article highlighting four simple tips for photographing snails. Check it out here.  And MarcosRodriguez has published the latest edition of the Macro Spotlight showcasing some amazing captures!

portrait of a ladybug by stresskiller66

People & Portraits

There have been a lot of People and Portrait Daily Deviation suggestions of the past few months that have been sent my way. As a consequence of this and some of the incredible works that have been suggested, I've put together a regular monthly feature highlighting the suggestions. Check them out here.

Artistic Nude & Fetish

This week Nyx-Valentine has put together a feature using the Undiscovered Tool on deviantART. Check it out here!

Pin-Up and Glamour

DistortedSmile takes care of your Pin-Up and Glamour Photography Daily Deviation suggestions. Check out the latest CR Newsletter for May/June which highlights lots of things going on within the community. The latest edition of Under the Skin is out too!


Once again, keep sending your PJ Daily Deviation suggestions to myself and 3wyl! Check out this very insightful journal feature from 1pen who shares How Olympic Athletes Make a Living. It'll be an interesting read regardless of whether you're a sports photo-journalist or not.

Still Life Photography

There has been SO much going on over at Still-Life-Stills - Contests, Features, Interviews and more. Head over to be a part of everything and check out some of the latest goings on below. Don't forget to send your Still Life Daily Deviation suggestions to myself and 3wyl!

Photographer of the Week: Daykiney by 3wyl
Nom Nom Cous Cous from Kaz-D
Nom Nom Bagels from Kaz-D

Salmon bagel by chealse

Street Photography

3wyl and I are still looking after Street Photography for the moment so please please do send your suggestions our way! For some inspiration, check out StamatisGR's latest feature of Friday Night Specials.

atonement by jrockar

Urban & Rural

There's some updated news from the Urban Exploration Community which you can read here. It highlights how risky undertaking the photographs for such purposes can be!  Do you Urbex? Have you almost been caught out? Share your story here!

Waiting for the End by AbandonedZone

Regular Article Series

Here are some of the latest Editions of regular article series shared around deviantART. If you'd like your 'Series' added just send me a note!
Project Porkchop from Astralseed
Week 25 from deviant365
Deviation of the Month from Outstanding-Women
The Inspired from RebeccaBrogden

Photography Resources

This week, Base-designs has shared Ten Premium Nature Actions for use in Photoshop to jazz up your work! If you're not an 'Action' kind of person and prefer to take your Photographs as naturally as possible then check out this Tutorial which shows you how to create hazy dreamy filter effects using just a plastic bag and some coloured markers!

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