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Beautiful Books

I love books. I love bookshops. My bank does not! I love the smell though, the newness. The things that the Kindle can't give and which I'm constantly forgoing in the favour of ease and reading in bed with the little flat thingy-bob that turns pages so much easier. What are we throwing away by resorting to such technology? The swish of a page, the smell of fresh paper, the crackle of a spine as a hardback is opened for the first time - the hours of browsing, breathing in the smell, leafing through heavy tomes and light poetry excerpts. We're throwing that away in favour of backlit screens, browsing on amazon and downloading via 1 click. It's a shame really, when you think about it.

Dimbola Lodge: Isle of Wight - the smallest book shop ever. If you sneezed, i swear the shelves would collapse!
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Cool picture! I love bookshops too, and I am saddened by their slow disappearance. I am very reluctant myself to use a Kindle.
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Thank you!
I love the kindle, but can't beat a real book :)
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I love books too ^^ I start to lack space to put them... I have books everywhere and well I just cannot imagine stop buying new ones... I think I should find a new flat with more space and a room to put all my books and make a workshop for traditional art :la:
The only problem : money :bucktooth:
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:heart: that's amazing :D i need a house just for books, ideally :D
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Well you just need to live in a public library =D
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I am going to have to visit this bookshop on my British tour. :meow:
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When I saw the thumbnail of this pic I could already smell those pages :love:
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I love hardback and paperback books too. I love the smell, feel, gloss of the hardback jackets, and the crease as well. :nod:


On the Kindle or e-book trend, when you're like me
1) don't know where you're going to be in the next few years
2) Don't have a lot of space
3) Have a limited amount of storage...
...The Kindle is actually not a bad thing. I rather have a hardback or paperback instead, but I don't want to be shipping hundreds of books wherever I go, nor do I have space for that many books. It's nice to be in one spot, and the story is still the same. Besides, it saves space. I can read 1000+ page book on a slim device, rather than howling a tomb around.:B
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That is very true! AND i can get new releases a lot quicker than waiting for the post to arrive or going to a bookshop! :la:
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I also have more than 2500 books at home. It must be a kind of fetish, I love the smell, pages, covers and a great desire to read them all. Then they become even more valuable. I love to keep them.
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I know exactly what you mean!
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