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Deserted Subway by KayZ-NZ Deserted Subway :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 2 Mirror Image by KayZ-NZ Mirror Image :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 1 0 Silhouette Halls by KayZ-NZ Silhouette Halls :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 20 Nightmare Wolf by KayZ-NZ Nightmare Wolf :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 0 Tunnel Vision by KayZ-NZ Tunnel Vision :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 2 5 Wolf Or Dog by KayZ-NZ Wolf Or Dog :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 0 Doze off Sleepy by KayZ-NZ Doze off Sleepy :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 1 0 Drink And Die by KayZ-NZ Drink And Die :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 0 Riot by KayZ-NZ Riot :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 1 0 Devil Face by KayZ-NZ Devil Face :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 1 0
Lost Cause
Looking in yours eyes
I see past your stupid lies.
You never really try
But neither would I
I'm sorry that I wasted my time to hold on
To a lost cause, because I knew you where never there
So now, I'm sitting here bustin' rhymes,
While your doin' time
in your cement box.
:iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 2
My Dog
Nobody never ask me how my day starts
Well I'll tell'em.
Life has it's harsh realities
and death is just one of them.
Yesterday my dog died, and I'm not talking about my pet.
It was a cold and windy November day,
When my dear friend passed away.
My dog, for the times I was lost,
you were there to look for me.
But will you believe me when I speak?
Will you trust me,
No, you don't.
I feel like I'm losing control of myself,
I don't know what I'm going through,
But I try and hide it.
My friends can't understand this new me,
That's understandable, I can't either.
:iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 2
Doubles by KayZ-NZ Doubles :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 0 Tired by KayZ-NZ Tired :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 1 8 Bubbles by KayZ-NZ Bubbles :iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 8
Dear Friend
When I had no one, you were there by my side.
Around you I ain't scared to hide.
Who could have saw it would end so fast?
If only you had listened,
to what I tried to tell.
I know you get along well with meth,
she's  always treated you fine.
The person you were is now dead,
So I guess that's it, this is the end.
Don't you see the meth makes you blind?
:iconkayz-nz:KayZ-NZ 0 0


How come there are more ads now, I don't remember seeing so many ads before... but anyway, since there are soo many boring looking ads on here, lets something fresh.…

This one was so funny that I couldn't stop myself farting (and laughing), LoL, I kept farting for a whole minute or two straight. :happybounce::happybounce::happybounce: hahahaha


New Zealand
Hmmm . . . What to fill in here?
Well, basically I'm not much of an artist to be honest. So I basically only do this stuff occasionally. Yep, thats my 'art' bio, pretty much summed up in a few lines.

Art Style
Also my art style is basically using lots of dark colours and smudging lines. I usually work on colour pictures, but occasionally I do some black and white overlays. I like keeping the contrast between dark and light even when I'm working on colour pictures, you'd see this if you went through my gallery.

Oh, yes and I love using the word 'basically' , seriously I use it in basically every sentence I can.

*insert lame joke*
*insert opinion*

lets see, other accounts I got... not many…
-and well, this one....



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Also you can check out my video: Summer graffiti 2010 [link]

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:) Keep up the good work!
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