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Just literally fucked a balloon to death for the first time in like months and it felt amazing. Anyone else like to play with balloons?
Wow I've been gone for awhile lol

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  I open my eyes slowly as I feel your cold hands against my face. I try to take a deep breath, but I almost choke on something and realize my mouth is full of something! "What the fuck?" I think to myself. My head pounds and I struggle to shake myself into full consciousness. Your fingers brush my forehead and I can now feel something stuck to my cheeks. "Is that... tape?" I look down to see that I guessed right. A mess of duct tape is firmly holding a thick, red, rubber hose in my mouth! "What the hells going on here??" I try to say, but it comes out more like "Mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm!!" through my blocked mouth. I see you smile at me and then you pat my should before walking over to a huge gas tank across the room. It looks like something that a clown would blow up his balloons with at a party. I gulp and try to call to you, but the hose muffled everything I try to say.
  You reach your hand up and place it on the valve at the top of the tank, tapping your finger on the round wheel. I finally put together what is happening and shake my head at you. I yell and scream at the inside of the tape and hose as you look me up and down and just smile. I give you puppy eyes and shake my head one more time... "Please... don't...." I mumble. You grin even more and spin the valve as I open my eyes wide in panic. I immediately feel a rush of air fill my mouth and I gag. It tastes stale and plastic-y and it dries out my tongue in seconds. I try my best to close up my throat and prevent it from flowing down into my body, but the force it too much and it eventually pushes its way through. I feel my lungs fill to the brim and my chest starts to hurt. It feels like they're going to burst! You don't seem to care though. You just lean on the tank and watch in total fascination as I moan in pain and wiggle around on the bed. I've only just now realized that my wrists and ankles are tied tight with rope to the corners of the bed frame. The more I struggle against them, the tighter they feel until my hands and feet start to go numb. I feel the rope grinding against my skin as my chest stings in sharp pain and I start to tear up.
  Suddenly, I hear a loud snap and my chest heaves! A terrible pain shoots through my body, followed by a numbing tingle. "Oh fuck.. I think my lungs just fucking tore open!" I scream inside my own head. I see you in the corner of the room staring at me. Your mouth is open slightly and you're just watching me struggle. I feel your cold gaze follow my naked legs up to my panties and trace my stomach and my breasts. Then you look me in the eyes and smile. I feel weak and my struggling calms down. My stomach starts to hurt and I tilt my head so that I can look past the hose at it. Im shocked to find that it's bulging up, more and more as I stare at it. My eyes widen again as I watch in horror as my chest starts to bulge too, and my arms and legs! The ropes tighten against my skin and I can see that even my feet are starting to inflate. I can feel my entire body growing! I try to scream, but nothing happens as my damaged lungs just pump uselessly inside my swollen chest. I feel pain in my belly and then hear another loud bang as a second shooting pain flashes through me. "Ohhhh my stomach!" Every single part of me is filling up and things are starting to give. I feel a few more smaller pops inside of me but I'm now too numb to even flinch at them anymore.i close my eyes for a few seconds, begging God for it to be over soon. For it all to be a bad dream or something. For someone to burst in the room and save me... But nothing happens.
  A few seconds later, I feel something pressing against the bottom of my chin and bulging cheeks. I also feel something poking into the top of my boobs. "Huh?" I open my eyes and can see nothing but skin! My own breasts are now pushing my head up and smooshing against my face! I can see the red hose rising up and to the right and I feel the rubber squeaking against my gigantic boob. I cry and the tears build up, having nowhere left to go. My belly must be huge because I can feel the ceiling brushing against my belly button. My nipples throb and I moan at the pain. "Oh my God... My fucking tits are gonna blow! I'm gonna blow!" I cry even more at the thought. I feel your cold hands again, this time all across the bottom of my stomach. I feel you pat the sides of my ass and thighs, which are bulging out across the bed and making the ropes strain painfully. You run your finger down my curves and try to push your hand down into my crotch, but the fatness of my belly and thighs make the gaps way too tight for you to get your hand through. You give up and run both hands down my legs, making me realize just how big they've gotten. I feel you squeeze my calve and then pet the bottoms of my feet.
  My body is huge now, almost filling the entire bedroom. I'm sure I don't have much longer. My vision is totally blocked by my overinflated breasts and I'm feeling light headed and numb. I just want it to end. I pray for my body to just give out already... I just want to pop. To burst. To explode! Anything to end all the pain and pressure! Just then I hear you somewhere beyond my swollen body. I hear you grunting and breathing and gasping. I can feel a slight tension arounf the bottom of my gut and around what used to be my legs. And then you gasp and sigh and I feel something wet trickle down my skin. I hear a zip and then for the first time, your voice. "Heh, thanks for the good time, slut!" Then you laugh and poke my tight skin, calling me more names. "Fatty. Cow. Balloon girl! Blimp!" Every insult makes me cry harder and harder until I'm sobbing into the hose. Then, after one last sharp poke from your finger, my body groans. I suddenly feel sick and I can feel my skin tighten all over. It hurts so bad and I can't even shriek or scream to relieve any of it. I hear you say "Uh oh." and then you shuffle to the door, squeezing against my skin as you move. I hear you struggle to open the door and I can feel it press into me. After a few seconds it slams shut and I hear nothing but the creaking of my own body. Im totally helpless. I can  do nothing but cry and inflate and fill until finally, everything goes completely numb...

Me Getting Blown Up
I literally started writing this on my phone out of boredom haha. So please don't judge it too harshly <3
Oh and sorry it's kinda on the darker side I guess. :P
Doing a little better. Thanks everybody I love all of you! <3
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes! Just going through a hard time right now and I honestly don't have many people to talk to at the moment. You guys are great <3



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