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Jenna Avid x Dawn Masterton

Here's some more smoking hot paired up Baywatch ladies for you guys. Especially you big fans of the show and these two. I've waited so long to draw these two making the better choice of giving in to each other, instead of the choice Jenna made in the show to walk out the door.
I know I'm missing a few details but sadly I don't have time now to finish it, but I will at a later date.

These two red hot ladies are from the "Baywatch Hawaii" tv series.

I'm open for Commissions! :D (Big Grin) 

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Kaywest, you know what we all want.

Kaywest's avatar

Yes I do :bow: :D

... and glad you like it :D

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Hahahahahahahaha, glad you like it :bow: :D

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This is awesome!

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It truly is. Glad you like it bro :D

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Dawn Masterton was the one who was Horny towards Jenna Avid, but who couldn't resist Jenna? I mean she don't just look good, but her voice is what turn's the majority on. :) So it's a PLUS +

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True. I wish Jenna liked her too, but she only had eyes for Leigh. I swear Jenna has the hottest voice you did ever her. I can almost swear that she's the reason Phone sex was invented :D :D :D

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Any Man who Boned her are the luckiest man in the world, Hearing her Moaning would be nice. lol

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I couldn't possibly disagree bro, that is so true :D

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