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Bo Katan Kryze x Carasynthia Dune 2 [Commission]

Here's a milder version of these lovely two. Commission for my most awesome bro :iconarosto2019:

These two intensely badass and beautiful ladies are my favorite Waifus from the legendary series "The Mandalorian". :love: 

I'm open for Commissions! :D (Big Grin) 

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hot loving in a galaxy far far away with 2 hot babes

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The hottest ladies in the Star Wars universe in my humble opnion and eyes :love:

Wish it was Mando and Dune
Kaywest's avatar

Mando is awesome! :D

leavittman1's avatar

Shame one of them is played by a transphobic actress. Otherwise dis is hot!

Kaywest's avatar

Damn! This is why I never get to know anything about any celebrity. I just prefer to look at them portray characters I like and appreciate their beauty.

Getting to know them tends to ruin everything :facepalm:

leavittman1's avatar

Sorry 😞 . I do agree they are both beautiful 😻

Kaywest's avatar

No worries, you didn't know :D

And true dat, they are so beautiful. Gina is a smoking hot tank of a woman :love: :love: :love:

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The pose is so damn sexy man. You chose some amazing ways to draw these badass ladies
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Carasynthia is my waifu from Mando! Absolutely love her!

I don't like Bo Katan so much though. She comes off as a bit of a xenophobe to me. I mean, Darth Maul won that dual fair and square in the Clone Wars. He may be evil but at least he played by the rules.

Kaywest's avatar

Hell yeah bro, Carasynthia is just pure bae :heart:

I do not disagree with you there bro, I must admit she disappointed me there. I mean, I was like how could you let Darth Maul out Mandalorian you? Why? :D

Seeing all her actions from before that mess and after, I gotta say she's a woman full of terrible ideas. From working with Sith, to working with criminal scum, to working with Jedi and then the Empire. I'm like bruh, Bo is single handedly responsible for the complete decimation of Mandalor. Fuck!! :facepalm: :no:

I blame Katie Sackoff for my lust for this character. I tried but Katie makes her look so good :love:

Daviddv1202's avatar

Yeah, the actress is attractive but not enough to save the character for me. I didn't like her in Clone Wars. I didn't like her in Rebels. I didn't like her in The Mandalorian. Honestly, the only characters I was excited to see were Boba Fett and my girl Ahsoka.

Words can’t describe how much I love this!

Kaywest's avatar

Hell yeah :highfive: Same here bro. Same here :D

So glad you like it bro, cuz now I'm twice as happy I made it :D

honestly tho, all your work is awesome!

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Thank you so much :D

You’re welcome!

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I just couldn't agree more. Glad you like it Pri :D

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