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Edward Cullen

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I'm pretty much over the whole Twilight thing. Don't get me wrong - I don't hate it by any stretch of the imagination; I'm just not obsessed with it. And I still really like this picture. So I'm leaving it up in my gallery for all the people who enjoy it so much. Edward is still rather lovely, after all, no matter what I may think of the books he's in. ^^ Thank you so much to everyone who's faved and commented! :hug:

Art belongs to me, Edward belongs to Stephenie Meyer. :)
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JackieStarSisterProfessional General Artist
This is an excellent character design; he actually looks like a seventeen-year-old. Great artwork!
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ScatterpeltHobbyist General Artist
I Wish the made Edward look like this in the movie.
Great picture!
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please sign this petition and bring 3-year-old Logan Matson home!

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southpony98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i hate him but he looks so hot
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JDLuvaSQEEHobbyist General Artist
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Finally, an original Edward Cullen!! Love it! [link]
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I DON'T like Twilight, and I DON'T like Edward, but he still looks very cool. As long as I can block out of my mind that it's Edward I can appreciate it for the beautiful work that it is... :)
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BamaAngel34505Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This Edward is close to the Edward i pictured when reading the books..(so don't like Rob...)
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Still how I imagine Edward to this day. Fuck RPATZ!
CaseyLeigh23's avatar
I saw this when I first read Twilight YEARS ago...and to this very day, despite all the RPATZ hype this is how I still imagine Edward. To me, no guy will ever be good enough to play him. But I think you did perfectly! Still my dream Edward to this day. Well done!!!
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CharlottLeBronte General Artist
Wow! I saw this picture ages ago somewhere, and thought of Edward, not knowing that it actually was him! It looks just how I would like Edward to look,awesome job!!
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Mimzy24Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bought a print of this at MTAC!
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EroSempaiHobbyist Photographer
I still love the picture although the book and movie are terrible things. This is what I expected when I saw the first movie.
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AutumnRaindrop Photographer
Haha funny I just read your comment about how you aren't obsessed with Twilight anymore. I used to like the books too. Well at least I read the first three and thought: wow awesome. And then I just grew out of it. Never read the fourth book and heard sooo many bad things about it. Well I think it's kinda funny. How you can like something really much and then just grow out of it. :)
I really don't like it anymore. He's a bit a pathetic vampire. :aww:
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By far one of the best (original) Edward Cullen fanarts I've ever seen. He looks flawless and gorgeous in detail. Excellent job. :) :heart:
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I'm not crazy about the books either, but I love this picture. This is how he should've looked in the movies
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This is what I pictured Edward would look like while I was reading. This is actually almost exactly like what I pictured. Robert Pattinson does a good job "portraying" Edward in a sense that he captures the character, but his appearance is completely different. This is what I had in mind while reading.
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ive loved this since you put it up and im glad youve deicded to keep it up here ^_^. I understand how you feel though lol. My niece is 11 and her love of it makes me feel old and im only 21 >_>
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ThatGirlOverHereHobbyist Artist
He's much more handsome than the movie's Eddie. I loved it! Just the way I imagined him. xD
EvilKitten42's avatar
I like Edward. I guess I'm used to story's where the lead is a bit of a smarty-pants and awfully nice (can anyone say Agatha Cristie?). You did a fantastic job
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SasukiMimochiProfessional General Artist
Hey guess who figured out a way to find you on deviant art~! Its me, sarah from MTAC <3
i should've thought to look for this in the first place XD lol.
-happily goes to add you to my watch list-
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SovietMentalityHobbyist General Artist
u made him have a better face shape, hair, mouth, nose EVERYTHING! If Ed looked like this in the movie i would of bin a fan
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awesome! like this version hate film version
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TigerEye89Hobbyist Writer
I love this picture. It's what I always pictured Edward would look like before those lame movies came out. Thank you for this :)
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